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by Holman Bible Staff

Download HCSB Ultrathin Reference Bible, Black/Gray Simulated Leather eBook
Holman Bible Staff
Holman Bible Publishers (January 1, 2011)
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HCSB Ultrathin Reference.

KJV Compact Ultrathin Bible, Black LeatherTouch. Nice Bible but I definitely would not consider this ultrathin. KJV Super Giant Print Reference Bible, Black Simulated Leather (King James Version). I have a Bible that is almost half the width. This has references so I think that's what takes up the extra room.

Nice, no, beautiful bible. It feels good in the hand, its text is large, and has nice references. The HCSB is the best translation in English now, IMHO.

HCSB Large Print Compact Bible, Charcoal LeatherTouch. Nice, no, beautiful bible.

HCSB Sailor’s Bible, Black Simulated Leather. Even though the leather is simulated, it looks quite realistic. The one drawback might be the lack of space to make notes. Our son took this with him to Marine Boot Camp.

HCSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible, Classic Mahogany LeatherTouch. HCSB Coast Guardsman's Bible, Blue Simulated Leather. Holman Bible Publishers, 2012, Imitation Leather. Holman Bible Publishers, 2015, Imitation Leather. HCSB Ultrathin Reference Bible, Saddle Brown LeatherTouch, Thumb-Indexed. Holman Bible Publishers, 2014, Imitation Leather.

Title: HCSB Large Print UltraThin Reference Bible, Black Simulated Leather Format: Imitation Leather Number of Pages: 1314 Vendor: Holman Bible Publishers Publication Date: 2012 Dimensions: . inches X . 0 X 1 inches (inches) Weight: 2 pounds 3 ounces ISBN: 1433602881 ISBN-13: 9781433602887.

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These slightly modified editions of the HCSB UltraThin Bible (with a reduced trim size and available here in black/gray and dark brown/light brown duotone simulated leathers as well as black genuine calfskin leather) boast increased portability, exceptional design, top quality binding, and the acclaimed accurate, readable text of the HCSB translation. Features include:

• Four-color presentation page • Eight page four-color map section

• Words of Christ in red

• Footnotes

• Topical subheads

• Table of weights and measures

• Plan of salvation

• Introduction to the HCSB

• Ribbon marker

• Two-piece die-cut gift box

  • MisterQweene
After using the ESV for several years, I was ready to consider a switch--either to the NKJV or the HCSB. I appreciate the ESV, and will continue to enjoy reading it, but I've become frustrated with its unnecessary abstruseness. It seems that the translators were over-committed to mirroring original language word order, and keeping an arbitrary sense of majesty.

The NKJV reads more naturally, and is still quite conservative, but it can be a bit archaic in places. The HCSB reads very naturally, is conservative and accurate, but I find the "freshness" occasionally jarring. I also don't like the capitalizing of deity pronouns. However, I wanted something faithful to the Word, conservative in translation, and open in the manuscripts it relied on. I especially like the transparent textual footnotes and the usage of Yahweh, rather than the ambiguous "Lord" of other translations.

After reading the HCSB on my phone for several months, with my ESV falling apart, I was ready to try the HCSB as a "real" Bible. Here's what I like about this edition:

1. It's inexpensive. This is really a great price for the Bible

2. The text is laid out very well and the font size is more than sufficient. It's very easy on the eyes, easy to find a reference, and the use of bold text to indicate OT references is great.

3. It's small. I'm used to using a large clunky Bible, and while I miss the wide margins, it's worth it for the "ease of transportation". I can throw this in my briefcase without thinking. It's easy to hold in one hand, or rest on a music stand while preaching. But it doesn't feel too small, and again, it's easy to read, even in a teaching context.

4. The pages are thick enough. There is some bleed-through, of course, but it's better than many.

5. It looks really nice. Handsome and contemporary, without screaming, "my Bible's cool!".

A few things I don't like:

1. The quality is far from top-notch. It's decent, but I don't expect this to last for more than a couple years. The "leather" will probably deteriorate like it did on my similarly-bound ESV Single Column Reference Bible (TruTone, Black). The silver gilding on the page edge is discolored (brownish at the corners.)The "threading" at the seams is already loose and fraying.

2. The lack of cross-references. I should have read the description more closely, and I think I got mixed up with another edition, but this one doesn't have cross-references. This can be really handy if you know a verse you want, but can't remember where it is.

3. The cover, while nice to the eye, is quite stiff. It feels like it will crease--as if it was cardboard.

This was a great purchase for me. If I find that I can commit to this translation long-term, I'll plan on buying a higher quality edition, with cross-references. But for now, the balance of quality and value is just right! If you'd like to try the HCSB, give it as a gift to an interested friend, or don't use your Bible that much, this handsome edition may be just what you are looking for.
  • Ygglune
I own many different translations but HCSB has earned first place in my home. Art Farstad's work on the translation team comes through with fresh wording of many familiar verses. The Hebrew wisdom books are especially vibrant--lovingly translated! Since I discovered HCSB two years ago, I have convinced many friends and family--from scholars to pietists--to get a copy too.
  • Mayno
This is my favorite edition of the HCSB so far. The cover is mostly black (back side and wraps around to the front) with a third of the front in pearl gray, though I'd call the color gun metal blue. The overall Bible is extremely flexible The paper is bright white and bleed through is not a problem. The type size if fine unless you're a senior citizen who needs "readers".

I would subtract half of a star for the material of the inside cover. It's made of paper and it could crease if mishandled. A faux leather material, which Holman has used in the past for editions in the same price range, would have been a better choice.
  • Very Old Chap
First, I'm a Pastor and am interested in Bibles for a number of purposes. I believe this one is an accurate translation as well as being very readable which is like combining the best of the new NIV and the ESV without the drawbacks of either. I used to read the ESV for translation accuracy and the new NIV for its smooth reading. Of course I still use both of those others as it's wise not to lean on only one translation, but I really like what the HCSB brings to the table. As for this edition, it's great. It's not too big, not too small. Goldilocks would be thrilled.
  • Insanity
I usually use the NASB as I love the word-for-word translation for accuracy. This HCSB seems to be the closest to the NASB (in my opinion) while phrasing in a slightly more readable form. I have started using this translation more and more and my initial impressions are just confirmed--great translation.

the only downside to THIS 'simulated leather" version, is that is is more like cardboard that simulated leather.
  • Reggy
This is a great starter bible, and very durable case. I actually bought this for myself as my carry around bible, and have had it for over a year, and it still looks great.
  • Marg
It's described as black/gray but the gray is more of a blue, which I love. I wasn't sure about the quality after reading other reviews, but I thought it was perfect. I like the softness of the cover; it didn't matter to me that it wasn't genuine leather. Price is a big factor when I make any purchase, and the price was right.
A great bible in terms of content. Also, looks and feels good.