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Zondervan; 1 edition (September 11, 2007)
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The NRSV has been grossly undermarketed and undersold.

The NRSV has been grossly undermarketed and undersold. The NRSV XL offers beautiful and hip styling with a wonderful reading experience

The NRSV XL makes the Bible easier for you to read with a uniquely square-shaped format and extra-large text.

The NRSV XL makes the Bible easier for you to read with a uniquely square-shaped format and extra-large text. These include books found in the Roman Catholic.

Zondervan published the full NIV Bible for the first time in 1978.

Zondervan quickly became an established and trusted source for Christian content, and in 1971, the company was approached by the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) to be the sole North American licensee for the New International Translation. Zondervan published the full NIV Bible for the first time in 1978.

by Zondervan, On Sale: 2007-09-11. The New Revised Standard Version is recognized in scholarly circles as the most accurate translation into English of the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

The Life With God Bible, New Revised Standard Version with Deuterocanonical Books, Imitation leather.

HarperOne, 2011, Bonded Leather. The Life With God Bible, New Revised Standard Version with Deuterocanonical Books, Imitation leather. Zondervan, 2009, Imitation Leather.

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Publisher: Zondervan. Read full description.

Bible: NRSV with the Apocrypha, Leather, fine binding, by Hendrickson Bibles.

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Accurate. Readable. Trusted.

The NRSV XL makes the Bible easier for you to read with a uniquely square-shaped format and extra-large text.

Renowned for its beautiful balance of scholarship and readability, the NRSV faithfully serves the church in personal spiritual formation, in the liturgy, and in the academy. The foremost Bible translation vetted by Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, and Jewish scholars invites you to deeply explore Scripture.


The text of the New Revised Standard Version (Protestant canon), vetted by an ecumenical pool of Christian academics and renowned for its beautiful balance of scholarship and readabilityExtra-large type for easy readingConcordance to help you find familiar biblical words and passagesDouble-column formatSatin ribbon marker
  • Lonesome Orange Kid
After 21 adult years of studying several versions of the Bible, comparing their translations to each other and to in-depth studies of topics, I decided to check out the NRSV for the first time. Getting the XL print was also important to me. The package arrived late this afternoon; and, since there has been limited time to glance at some passages, I can't really comment yet on what I think of the translation. However, I do have a number of observations to share, some very important in relationship to's ad and some more personal.
Regarding the ad: 1) It is NOT leather bound, but covered in a synthetic leather (the exact book found on other websites will confirm this);
2) Although the picture shows a tan cover, the one I received was actually dark brown; 3) Zondervan is posted on the website page as the author, but that name is nowhere listed in the Bible itself to support that (again, other websites not agreeing). While comparing to other websites to verify this information, I also saw it could be purchased for a bit less at some.
Personally, I have already seen things not to my preference. I would have preferred a "red-letter" edition, but hadn't been thinking about that when searching. Even much more important to me is that references to God (ie, "Him", "He", His) are NOT capitalized. Words like God and Lord ARE, but not the references to Him. Even if a reader is comfortable with the style, there are times when it is more difficult to distinguish who is saying/doing what when there is interplay or multiple speakers, especially in the absence of the red letters. Those very familiar with the readings may not have much trouble remembering who is saying/doing what, but newer Bible readers may not be able to follow well.
Based on what I've listed, I might have given a lower rating. But I want to give time to evaluating the actual translation itself. And on the positive side, I do find the print size comfortable for me. I'd been a bit concerned about one reviewer's statement about "ghosting" of print through the pages; but I've noticed that with all Bibles I've owned and don't find this one any worse than them. I don't think the extra width of the book will bother me, especially since the format is two columns per page.
Despite the negatives I shared (which I also called in to, I'm keeping this Bible as I am anxious to get started on exploring what it may offer in terms of translation, and it is probably worth what I paid by today's standards.
  • NI_Rak
Another gift for out of town person. I even contacted the church to see what version of the Bible they used, but haven't heard a word. I did have the Bible sent to me, so I did see it. I sort of liked the squareness of it, and found that because of it, the words weren't so close together, and while I hoped for a larger font, the white space between words made it easier to read. I read a large size font Bible, and find that reading the Old Testament with all the strange names just seems easier when the print is larger. Reading the small print Bibles was really reading the New Testament. I stayed away from the Old... now makes no difference. The font in MY bible is 14Pt.. bigger, but that's why I noticed the amount of horizontal space in this one sort of made up for the smaller font. Honestly, I can't remember now, but in some of the reviews, the actual font is listed. I think it might be 12, but I honestly don't remember.
  • Yozshujinn
The quality on this is not very good. The binding is awful, with some pages being bunched up. The print is larger than standard Bibles, but it's not as large as one would see in a typical large print book. The cover feels kind of flimsy. It does not come in its own box, so is left to slide around in the shipping box, somewhat bending/crunching the corners. The Amazon ad says its
"leather bound". I can't tell if it is or not. The cover is not like any leather I've ever seen, and the packaging does not mention it being leather.
  • in waiting
I am a pastor and was in need of a larger print NRSV Bible for use in the pulpit. For that purpose, this is an excellent Bible - larger print size, but not gigantic. For me, it is just right for public scripture reading and would be helpful for those who otherwise need a larger font size.

Several years ago, there was a large print NRSV Bible available in limited quantities, but it is no longer in print. AS far as I know, this is the only larger print NRSV available, which seems hard to believe.

As far as the shape of this Bible, it's almost square - much wider pages than typical. I'm still not exactly sure what I think of the shape and size, but this shape allows for the larger text size without making the Bible thicker. I kind of like that it doesn't look like every other Bible out there.

One issue: this is advertised on Amazon as leather. It is not leather but some kind of synthetic material. It is a decent cover, but it's not leather. (The Harper website simply calls it "hardcover," but it's not what I think of as hardcover, either.)
  • Shou
Print is extremely easy to read. The binding is flexible and appears to be durable. The imitation leather over is nice to handle. The square shape is taking a bit of getting used to...pages have a tendency to fold over upon themselves. The concordance was a nice touch, but I would rather have had a few maps. This volume was priced right and replaces an older NRSV that was literally falling apart.
  • Mataxe
The square shape makes this volume quite useful to carry to church despite the somewhat larger print and reasonable feel to the paper. The print is a perfect size for mild presbyopia so the combination with a good and slightly more literal than paraphrased translation make this my favorite so far of the 6 more conservative translations I have used on a regular basis. The translation of course is gender neutral politically correct but all instances are footnoted if one wishes to verify.
  • Keel
Product arrived with the first 20 pages folded over and wrinkled. Several pages near the back are not cut properly and hang out beyond the cover. I have paid less than $10 for paperback books that arrived in much better shape than this book. Definitely not worth the $23 I spent. Don't waste your money. Also, pages are very thin and bleed through from back of page is considerable. I will not purchase another Harper Collins publication.