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by Judy Knepp

Download Unite My Heart eBook
Judy Knepp
Christian Living
Tate Publishing (July 6, 2010)
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Can a Spirit-filled Christian have demons? What exactly are demons and how do they enter? How will we know if a demon is present? How can we rid ourselves or someone we know of this oppression? In Unite My Heart, author Judy Knepp answers these questions and more, using her almost four decades of experience dealing with those under demonic oppression. When utilized properly, these principles can cause believers to change their spiritual lifestyles from defeated to victorious. Mature believers need to understand that demons do exist and that they can and do attack believers. Learn more about how 'harmless' party games--hypnosis, tarot cards, Ouija board--can lead to demonic infestation. Gain insight into the subjects of personality segmentation, testing the spirits, demonic invasion, and calling out demons to send them into the pit. Learn the ways to unite your heart and find freedom.
  • Doriel
Very helpful resource. I purchased this book first in paperback and found it to be very helpful in many areas and extremely well grounded in scriptural truth. For reference purposes I have also purchased a kindle copy. I have read several authors on this topic in an attempt to help those in need. This book and those of Derek Prince are the two I have found most helpful. It is written in an easy to understand manner which I believe is key in this area.
  • Budar
In this book, Judy presents a good introduction to spiritual warfare for beginners. She has more than 20 years experience counseling people who are afflicted by demons, and her insights are very enlightening. I highly recommend it.