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by DiAnn Mills

Download Leather and Lace (Texas Legacy, Book 1) eBook
DiAnn Mills
Literature & Fiction
Barbour Publishing, Incorporated (February 1, 2006)
320 pages
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Leather and Lace book.

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Similar books to Leather and Lace (Texas Legacy Book 1). Best-selling author DiAnn Mills combines adventure with unforgettable characters to create suspense-filled novels. In addition to publishing more than fifty books, DiAnn is also the Craftsman mentor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. She and her husband live in sunny Houston, Texas.

Leather and Lace/Lanterns and Lace/Lightning and Lace (Texas Legacy Series 1-3). Enjoy the acclaimed Texas Legacy series of three novels by award- winning author DiAnn Mills all under one value-priced cover. Kahlerville, Texas, is home to the Andrews family and three romantic adventures. Morgan Andrews is falling for a female outlaw who once rode with his wife's murderer. Dr. Grant Andrews takes in a parentless child and soon is battling to protect her aunt from evils lurking in the streets

The familiar jingle offered no comfort, but the events with Zack and the children warmed her to her toes rayed by a skunk.

The familiar jingle offered no comfort, but the events with Zack and the children warmed her to her toes rayed by a skunk. Inside her home and workplace, the aroma of Simeon’s roast beef dinner wafted through the air. Expectancy of Christmas filled her with sincere peace. Friends, good dear friends, always made the ups and downs of life a little easier to bear. She heard Miss Scott laugh, and Chloe ventured into the dining room

Diann mills complete FBI task force series pb books 1-3.

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Three more days and he’d head home to Texas, where he’d never complain about the heat again

Three more days and he’d head home to Texas, where he’d never complain about the heat again. Although he would miss the Broadway plays and a handful of fine restaurants, he would not miss the woman who expected him to spend his entire pay on her entertainment, frowned on his interest in church, and turned her affections to a wealthier man who carried an impressive name. Wait till I get my hands on you. All the frustration of the weather and Elizabeth’s discarding him culminated in the pursuit of the two imps scurrying down the street with his wallet.

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Award-winning author DiAnn Mills is the author of Nebraska Legacy, the Texas Legacy series, and many other novels. She is a founding board member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and lives in Houston, Texas. One fee. Stacks of books.

Leather and Lace" is a song performed by American singers Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. It was released on October 6, 1981 as the second single from Nicks' solo debut studio album Bella Donna (1981). Nicks wrote the song for Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter's duet album Leather and Lace, but the song was not included on that album. Nicks' version, a duet with Eagles singer Don Henley, peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks in January 1982.

Casey O'Hare forsakes life with an outlaw gang to start anew in 1884. WANTED posters across the country attribute various crimes to her of which she is innocent. The outlaw leader, Davis Jenkins, and her brother Tim ride in her pursuit, while a stranger by the name of Morgan enters her campsite in the snow-covered mountains of Utah. Under gunpoint, he leads her down the icy slopes to safety, but Casey learns Morgan is using her to get to Jenkins-and vows to escape him, too. Will Casey's past catch up with her, or will she find a place to rest in the arms of love?
  • Jarortr
Another great book by Diann Mills. I had read others by her in the past and enjoyed them. Casey was getting away from something she shouldn't have gotten into in the first place. It took her almost getting killed to see what she had really gotten herself into. Her brother should have gotten her out of the outlaw life before this. It took being with Morgan for her to see it all. Morgan even got shot defending her and it almost caused him his life. Casey and the Doc took care of him for awhile. But she felt she was putting him in danger by staying with him because Jenkins wanted her. So she left him with the Doc and went on to the next town and helped an older couple until she was found out again. Then she rode out again heading for Morgan home territory. Morgan followed her three weeks later. She came into Kahlerville Texas Morgan hometown. She found work with the reverend and his wife and also met Morgan mom,sister and brother. Before Morgan met up with Casey he made things right with God when he met with a pastor friend in Houston. Not knowing that Casey was in Kahlerville Morgan headed for home to make amends with his family. He decided to go visit the reverend with his mother and sister and met up with Casey. She had been going by her middle name with the reverend his wife and Morgan mom,sister and brother. He had fallen in love with Casey when he first came on her campfire in Utah. So he felt he needed to help her now with his lawyering skills to get free of the charges against her. Morgan went all out to help her get free of the charges. He even courted her during this time that had it's ups and downs because of her past. But it all turned around when Morgan told her about his wifes death at the hands of Jenkins the outlaw that she'd been with. She still also had Jenkins after her as well and that hurt the relationship she had with Morgan. When she had her meeting with the federal marshals with the help of Morgan and the prayers and trust of her friends. The meeting went well and she was cleared. But her trust level with Morgan still wasn't there and they ended up having a fight and went their seperate ways. But Casey thought about how much she loved Morgan and wanted to marry him and left him a note in town. She went back to his Mom place and in rides Jenkins takes her hostage along with Jocelyn and Bonnie Morgan sister and mother. Casey gets Jenkins to take her with him but before this Jenkins shoots Grant. By this time Casey had told Morgan family about her past. They still loved her. Jenkins takes her to Morgan old cabin in order to set a trap for Morgan. But before Morgan shows up Casey brother Tim shows up to get Casey away from Jenkins but Tim gets shot by Jenkins. In comes Morgan and fights with Jenkins almost killing him but instead turns him over to the law. He also shares with Casey that she's totally free. So this brings about their marriage. Casey and Morgan deserved each other they needed what the other had. The Lord also became a big part of their lives.
  • Shaktizragore
Casey O’Hare had been with Davis Jenkins’s outlaw band ever since she had followed her brother there at age fourteen. The longer she stayed, the more she hated it. Finally, she gets the opportunity and leaves, but she knows Jenkins will be hot on her trail. She runs into Morgan Andrews on the trail, but he’s intent on punishing Jenkins. This begins a rough relationship and constant danger with neither of them knowing where it may end.

I couldn’t see why Casey didn’t figure out what Morgan wouldn’t tell her earlier. It seemed so obvious to me. When talking to God in 1880, Christians would not have said “You” and “Your” but “Thee” and “Thy.” The parts where God spoke silently and where the characters talked in their minds needed to have be italicized to avoid confusion. There were some plot holes and quite a few errors, like “two” for “too” and “rife” for “rifle.” I though the main problem, however, was that the story was too drawn out with Casey and Morgan mainly causing conflict for each other.
  • Kefym
After reading Texas Legacy Christmas, I knew I had to read the other two books in this series. I was so excited when they were finally released on e-book! This story really touched my heart. This was my "listening while I'm driving book," so it took me a long time to get this read, but today I just had to finish it!

The problems Casey faced...ohmygosh, I cannot even imagine! I think I cried several times in the last 25% of this book! When Morgan's mother explained Casey to him, when a precious character went to the next world, and when a man lay dying in someone's arms, dying without Jesus...these were all heart-wrenching scenes that break your heart, but at the end of all this was love!

I'm thankful I got to read this book.
  • Arcanefist
I really wanted to like this book. The plot and story line were great, but I just could not connect with any of the characters. I'm about 50% of the way through the book and am seriously questioning if I'll finish it. I found the writing style a bit choppy and hard-to-follow at times. For instance, there were several paragraphs where the author switch from narration to Casey's thoughts and back again without anything to set Casey's thoughts apart. Italics would have been very helpful and made the writing less choppy. I also would have liked more description and a bit more creative dialogue. Several times the author glazes over some events that could have really been interesting. Like, tell me more about Morgan and the pastor he stayed with for a month in Houston. Or give me some anecdotal stories about Casey's travels. Don't just give me the initial encounter with Morgan and the pastor and then tell me he stayed there for a month before deciding to head out. And don't tell me that Casey really connected with people - I want to know how she connects with those people, and see it happen for myself.
This book seemed more like a draft of what the author planned to write plus a little bit of dialogue and development. I'd like to see more from this author because I like her creativity with the outline of the story, but ONLY if she gets past the draft stage next time.
  • Vareyma
Casey O'Hare, part of an outlaw gang yet innocent of their evil deeds, finally escapes and longs to live the life of a lady. God has plans for Casey that include Morgan, who has very different plans for Casey to begin with. DiAnn's story was beautifully intricate and I enjoyed reading it immensely. At times I felt it bogged down in what I call cogitations, when it should have stuck to the dialogue and action - but overall, a very good read.
  • Keel
This is not the kind of book I usually read and once I started it and found out what the storyline was, I tried skipping over parts of it because I just wanted to read enough to understand the ending but it was so action packed that I ended up reading most of it anyway. The main thing I like about it is that it does have a lot of Christian values mixed in.