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by Beth Pattillo

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Beth Pattillo
Literature & Fiction
Center Point Pub (February 1, 2007)
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com's Beth Pattillo Page and shop for all Beth Pattillo books Heavens to Betsy (Center Point Premier Romance).

com's Beth Pattillo Page and shop for all Beth Pattillo books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Beth Pattillo. Beth Pattillo's love for Jane Austen was born when she studied at the University of London, Westfield College, for one glorious semester. Her passion quickly became an obsession, necessitating regular trips to England over the past twenty years. When not dreaming of life 'across the pond,' Beth lives in Nashville with her husband and two children. Heavens to Betsy (Center Point Premier Romance).

Published February 2007 by Center Point Large Print. Largeprint Center Point Premier Romance.

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Betsy Blessing's dreams are coming true. She's been offered the job of senior minister of the Church of the Shepherd . . . and David Swenson her bestfriendturnedloveinterest is finally seeing her as a woman. But David's unexpected marriage proposal and a developer's surprise offer to buy the disintegrating downtown church building has Betsy in a tizzy. Betsy's future motherinlaw editor of Budget Bride wants to feature the nuptials in an upcoming issue of the magazine and not everyone at church likes the idea of moving to the suburbs. Factor in a homeless man named Booger a demanding parishioner with a broken hip and David's clandestine meetings with his former fiancée and Betsy has more than she can handle. Is happilyeverafter out of reach for the fabulous Reverend Betsy Blessing?
  • Went Tyu
Someone gave me the first in this seris, Heavens to Betsy. It was very easy read; finished in one night. Bought this because I love a true story and also always like to finish something started. The pretense is a good subject for today's Christian woman.The story is about the trials of a young woman assistant pastor that gets tossed into the senior position of a dying inner city church.This second book so far is just ok. The writting is not very good- my daughters could write better in high school. The story is cute but predictable and tedious. In fact I have a hard time finishing because of lost interest.
  • Malogamand
The item arrived very quickly and in great condition. My wife was very pleased.
If you've been wanting to give chick-lit a try but didn't know where to start, this is your book. EARTH TO BETSY, the follow-up to HEAVENS TO BETSY, is Beth Pattillo's fun yet thoughtful take on the perils of being female, single, and a clergywoman with all the attendant angst that makes for an enjoyable read.

In the first installment, Betsy struggled with her calling to the pastorate, her surprising sudden romantic sparks for her best guy friend David (also a minister), and her wardrobe, which went from frumpy to fashion-plate and now hovers somewhere in the normal range. The 30-something Reverend Betsy Blessing is back in full force here, this time contemplating a no-frills wedding with her best friend David Swenson and an offer to be senior minister of Church of the Shepherd in downtown Nashville. But chaos --- of course! --- is nipping at her heels. HEAVENS TO BETSY finds Pattillo digging a little deeper into the characters' lives, exploring their motivations and examining their sometimes misguided good intentions that go awry.

After a stint as interim minister at the dying downtown church, Betsy is on the brink of some big decisions. Moving the crumbling building's congregation to the suburbs could mean the chance to pastor a vibrant, growing congregation of young families with money, rather than the difficult declining group of mostly senior citizens who are the last hold-outs at Church of the Shepherd (not to mention the shabbiest member, "Booger," a homeless street person who frequents the services and serves as Betsy's conscience). Betsy has convinced herself --- and the church board --- that the move is all for the best of the congregation. But are her motives really pure? And the too-good-to-be-true offer for the church property has her wondering....

Meanwhile, Pattillo develops Betsy's romantic relationship with David, which goes from first date to a planned quickie wedding in almost no pages flat. David's demanding mother, the editor of Budget Bride magazine, has big plans for the wedding, which include spending the least amount of money possible. Chipped china, an eBay engagement ring that could double for an Easter basket, and styrofoam-packing peanuts standing in for snow at a summer wedding ceremony figure heavily in her mother-in-law's plans. And suddenly, David is overly busy with problems at his own church.

Or is he? When Betsy discovers David has been meeting with his old fiancée, Jennifer, her doubts about her upcoming nuptials begin to multiply. And David guards a secret that could jeopardize their relationship. But with two pastors juggling the demands of two different congregations, will they have a chance to work out their difficulties?

Pattillo is an ordained minister in the Christian Church, and her insider's view of the workings of church boards and quirky congregations lends authenticity to the words she writes. Readers are always fascinated by the lives of clergy (think of Susan Howatch's Starbridge series or Agatha Christie's vicar's wife), and although Pattillo handles her clergy with a lighter hand, they have the added cachet of her knowledge of the particular issues that go with being female and called by God to ministry.

This is the best sort of chick-lit: lightweight humor, thoughtful dilemmas, strong female characters who are still feminine, and some good soul-searching moments that keep the novel grounded. It's a smooth read from the first to last page. Yes, you'll have to suspend disbelief in a few places, but hey folks --- that's chick-lit! Kudos to Pattillo for creating a strong female pastor character. And double kudos for her inclusion of an interracial dating scenario in the novel, a plot element that rarely finds its way into the realm of Christian fiction. Chick-lit fans, don't miss this one!

--- Reviewed by Cindy Crosby
  • Mr.Bean
Though they have supported one another as they developed their ministries especially the socialization and are attracted to one another Reverends Betsy Blessing and David Swenson never went out on a date until now. However that first date turns into something much more as David proposes marriage. Before she can react, Betsy finds herself attending an engagement party, hers.

Still in shock and not even sure she said yes, Betsy soon is the center of whirlwind activity as David's mother takes charge of the ceremony. While her future mother-in-law, editor of Budget Bride magazine, places high demands on her time, Betsy also worries about the future of her "graying" downtown Church of the Shepard congregation that suffers major financial woes ; she has a bidder that she must consider, but that means relocating in the Nashville burbs.

This sequel to the terrific HEAVEN TO A BETSY is a fine character study that like its predecessor provides a spotlight on the life of a minister. Betsy is a wonderful person struggling between those in her congregation who insist the Promised Land is the suburbs and those who feel it is heresy to abandon their downtown church. As difficult and politicized the issue is dealing with her future mother-in-law is even harder as Betsy just can't say no, which makes her look indecisive and weak. Beth Pattillo provides a fine tale that her fans will enjoy though the plot lacks some of the uniqueness of the first novel.

Harriet Klausner
  • Malodora
If found Heaven's to Betsy a great read. It's a light and fun story. It's good to read about a strong female character in a ministry position other than a teacher. The story has very believable characters and moves along quickly. I recommend it for christian women of all ages.
  • Kelerana
The best followup story I've read in a long time. I would love to read a third in the series!
  • Ganthisc
This book show what it is like for all pastors. WE can learn to treat pastors with more kindness.