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by Billy Graham

Download Peace with God eBook
Billy Graham
Imprint unknown; New edition edition (June 1982)
214 pages
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Billy Graham wrote Peace with God: The Secret of Happiness in 1953, a time that is often remembered today for its innocence and simplicity.

Billy Graham wrote Peace with God: The Secret of Happiness in 1953, a time that is often remembered today for its innocence and simplicity. Yet Graham's book, which is essentially an explanation of Christian grace, reminds readers that the stress and anxiety we face today are abiding aspects of the human condition, as challenging in the 21st century as they were in the Eisenhower era. "You are not alone," Graham writes. All mankind is traveling with you, for all mankind is on same quest.

men, women, and young people everywhere thirst for peace with God. In spite of a life drenched with responsibilities and rewards, are you thirsting?

In Peace with God Dr. Billy Graham asks God to help this book find its way into the hands and hearts of a lost . Peace with God - Billy Graham.

Peace with God - Billy Graham.

Billy Graham once explained how people's hearts can be at rest in the . Prayer for the day: Almighty God, to know You are unchanging gives me peace in a frighteningly changing world.

Billy Graham once explained how people's hearts can be at rest in the midst of a storm: In Christ, we are relaxed and at peace in the midst of the confusion, bewilderments, and perplexities of life. Less than an hour from where Billy Graham went to college in Trinity, Florida, another small town, Plant City, hosted more than 9,600 at the Strawberry Festival Soundstage. Read how God used a Gospel message to reach a woman who came to Plant City with the thought: "I need help.

85 results for billy graham, peace with go. PEACE WITH GOD PAPERBACK BOOK Billy Graham Library Religion & Beliefs Pre-Owned.

PEACE WITH GOD PAPERBACK BOOK Billy Graham Library Religion & Beliefs Pre-Owned.

Graham wrote numerous books including Peace with God, World Aflame, Just As I Am, The Reason for My Hope: Salvation, and Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well. He won several awards including the ECPA Platinum Book Award for Angels: God's Secret Agents, the ECPA Gold Book Award for The Holy Spirit, and the ECPA Gold Book Award for Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Peace With God. By: Billy Graham. With quiet confidence and surefooted faith, Billy Graham points unerringly toward the One who is the only dependable source of the peace that passes understanding.

Peace With God. Both comforting and challenging, this classic explanation of the human predicament and the divine answer has been changing lives for generations. ▲. Title: Peace With God By: Billy Graham Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 290. Vendor: Thomas Nelson ISBN: 084991013 ISBN-13: 9780849910135 Stock No: WW910135.

Billy Graham once explained how people can have peace with the heavenly Father. Thousands of people can witness that they have actually experienced the peace of God and have found it wonderfully adequate for this present day. For He is our peace. You can have peace with God today. Prayer for the day. Father, I thank You for the peace You have given to me, which does not depend on feelings or circumstances. Give to Where Most Needed. Your gift helps equip the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association with the resources to fulfill our mission of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • FireWater
I bought my first copy of this book in the mid-sixties, and have read and re-read many times. If someone had told me back then that I would read a religious book - I would have laughed! It really registers a reader, and you find yourself remembering parts or a phrase in the beginning, but you will go back for more. I bought this Kindle Edition, for now I can sit and read it while waiting fora ton of Dr's appointments!. The Title is spot on, you can have a true peace, and this book guides you to it. This book is timeless, and so very important to those that are looking for help in finding a true and lasting peace.
  • Rexfire
"All humanity is seeking the answer to the confusion, the moral sickness, the spiritual emptiness that oppresses the world. All mankind is crying out for guidance, for comfort, for peace."

For over half a century, Billy Graham has been the leading evangelist in the entire world. He has preached to more people anyone else in history. He is a man of great faith, devotion, and character. In his book Peace with God, Graham walks us through the Christian conversion. He communicates why we need salvation, how we are saved, and who is our Savior. He explains the message of Christ in simple terms, answering typical questions one may have about Christ and salvation.

If you have been a Christian for a long a time, nothing in this book will surprise you - which is good. This book is a great tool for anyone who is struggling with their faith or anyone confused about faith actually is.
  • Dalallador
His words are just as timely today as they were when he wrote the first version of this book. He described himself as a presenter of information, not a preacher, and that is how the book is written. No preaching, hell fire and damnation revival talk, but basic "here's what the Bible says". He suggests that if you are just beginning an interest in the Bible, what books to start with, etc.
  • Domarivip
Love whatever is attached Billy Graham, and this one is a collectible. In great condition and worth keeping in the family for years to come.
  • Elizabeth
Wonderful and reassuring that God will answer my prayers.....
  • Dobpota
Billy Graham has shown the kind of wolrd we leave in. Peace with God makes us stronger spiritually and have the peace of mind that God grants to face all problems in life. I read the book 5 times and bought some to have ready to give to those who felt something was not right in their lives. I sent one to my son in prison and his friend read it and said: " Your father must love you very much to send you this book. Very powerful." I gave one each to my 4 daughters. I worked hard all my life and don't have much materially so I gave them their inheritance. One Bible, the book Peace with God by Billy Graham, and "What the Bible is all about" by Henrietta C. Mears with a beautiful introduction by Billy Graham. All the raw materials needed to build character and help all people to be God's friend. We can be God's friend like Abraham was. Peace with God by Billy Graham will help us do so. I loved it and highly recommend it to all those searching for God and who want to be a better person.
  • Todal
is what you want to do when you are reading this. You feel like Billy Graham is right there talking to you. Personally giving you comfort through the words of God he has used all of his adult life. Comfort and truth to find peace thru God and happiness. Billy Graham knows all people,including himself are human beings who have dreams,and sadnesses and need peace and happiness in their lives and also God. This book and every other book he has ever written is so sincere, because you know his love for God,and you know when you are done reading this one or any of them,you will be at peace and that much closer to figuring yourself out. And always remembering God Loves You .
One of my favorite Billy Graham books. Unfortunately Zondervan dropped the ball as this ebook version has sloppy proof-reading and copy-editing. I expected better from Zondervan. But don't let this stop you from purchasing this book. It is a life-changer.