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by James Stephenson

Download Ultimate Start-Up Directory eBook
James Stephenson
Job Hunting & Careers
Entrepreneur Press; 1 edition (December 1, 2002)
448 pages
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It provides 1500 great start-up ideas for you to cash in on the next great moneymaking opportunity.

It provides 1500 great start-up ideas for you to cash in on the next great moneymaking opportunity. DISCOVER: 1500 great business start-up ideas in more than 30 industries.

James Stephenson is an experienced homebased consultant with 15 years of business and marketing experience. Библиографические данные. Ultimate Homebased Business Handbook Ultimate Home-Based Business Handbook Ultimate Series.

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Details (if other): Cancel. Series: Ultimate Home-Based Business Handbook.

James Stephenson’s most popular book is Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide.

James Stephenson (Vancouver, BC) helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses with creative, results-based marketing techniques. Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide: 1500 Great Marketing Tricks That Will Drive Your Business Through the Roof Ultimate Series. Entrepreneur Press, 2007.

ISBN 9781891984334 (978-1-891984-33-4) Softcover, Entrepreneur Press, 2002. Founded in 1997, BookFinder.

Small business clients thrive on his creative, results-based marketing solutions.

The world's largest and most comprehensive collection of great business ideas.
  • Xinetan
Have not put this book down since I got it. The information is very useful and helpful with trying to come up with various business ideas. The book alone want help you get to that big idea that will make you a success but it is a starting point. I would recommend not only reading this book but reading a lot of books in order to be successful.
  • WOGY
There are indeed a lot of ideas in this book - but there are also a lot of repeats, the same concept showing up in different categories. There were a lot of typos, and there was a lot of outdated information, as well. Some listings had useful information, while others just described a concept. It was as if the author and all his friends sat down and brainstormed ideas, and then he fleshed out the ones he knew something about. And nobody bothered to run the spell-checker! The icons for cost made no sense - why would a drop-ship online business have more expense than an on-the-ground retail version of the same business that required buying merchandise?

If you are looking for an overview of potential directions and types of businesses you could start, this is a good book to kick-start your thinking. If you are looking for an overview that actually provides some information about where to go for more information on how to get started, this only does that for about 30% of the listings. Just don't count on the stars (potential) and $$ (cost icons) because they don't seem to be realistic.
  • Low_Skill_But_Happy_Deagle
This is a good thought-starter, I used this to get ideas and consider markets that wouldn't have otherwise occurred to me. It's a few years old so not everything is applicable, but it's a good starting place to think from.
  • Anayaron
This book is like sitting down with an experienced business man going, "I have little to none for start up costs. Can you give me suggestionS?" And then he goes off and explains a ton of ideas! Not just the subject, but giving you details to think about!

I liked it a lot.
  • Zeleence
Opportunities are endless.
  • Fek
Its been awhile since I made this purchase but it was helpful. I just wanted to write a review for you. Thank you.
  • Llallayue
I didn't like this book. Definetely not what I expected. Too many random ideas thrown together and not enough information to follow up on any of them. It was basically a paragraph or 2 on each idea.
This is a great book for someone looking for ideas for a new business. I'm planning on starting a new business in the next year and need a good idea so I can start the research and put together a business plan. I found 10+ possible ideas in the book. The only problem is that when I started doing the research for some of the businesses I found out that many of them were great ideas about 5 years ago. Many of the business ideas from the book are being franchised out.

I would recommend getting this book to get some more ideas about a business start up and then go from there. While I was researching an idea in the book, I found out about another opportunity and I'm now working on a business plan for that idea. This is a great place to start if you want to start a business of your own, but don't have an idea of what you want to start that business in.

This is not a book to tell you how to start a business or how to write a business plan.