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by William R. Scott

Download Financial Accounting Theory (4th Edition) eBook
William R. Scott
Management & Leadership
Prentice Hall; 4 edition (May 11, 2006)
488 pages
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While the text discussion concentrates on relating standards to the theoretical framework of the book, the coverage provides students with exposure to the contents of the standards themselves.

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The key concepts and conclusions will be covered in class and though it is desirable for students to purchase the book, it is not considered mandatory.

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Appropriate for Financial Accounting Theory courses at both the senior undergraduate and professional master's levels.

This newly revised text provides a theoretical approach to financial accounting in Canada, without overlooking institutional structure and standard setting. Important research papers are selected for description and commentary, while extensive references to other research papers underlie the text discussion.

  • OwerSpeed
This book seems like it was written by undergrads trying to sound smart. I wouldn't recommend it. Rather than explain what's going on, they keep referring to other parts of the book and using unnecessary acronyms persistently. There is a difference between a research paper and a textbook. Albeit, there is some darn good information in it.
  • Wohald
It's a textbook....say what you will regarding the entertainment value but the content is good. Excellent theory content for masters or professional accountants seeking continuing education.

Not suitable for undergraduate students who are not advanced or unwilling to put in the time and effort to comprehend the material.
  • Winn
Great information for the CPA in your life. It goes into the theory behind the whys of accounting. Plus, the information in this book makes great small talk at parties, conferences, etc.
  • Thetahuginn
There are not many accounting books that deal with the conceptual aspects of accounting and that show alternative approaches.

These days, in a global world, accounting standards (namely US GAAPP and IASB) convergence is at hand but depending upon the way you describe the divergences you may frighten the reader or be overly optimistic. That is why I beleive it is important to go back to the basic reasoning that led to such or such standard.

This book will contribute to enhance unbiassed accounting theory and help the reader make his own opinion.

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  • Wetiwavas
Not a bad book. Boring but interesting at the same time. Used it for a Masters Level Accounting class.
  • Dukinos
The material is very interesting, yet it is overpriced and lack of illustrations and examples. There are very little difference between this edition and its previous edition.
  • Global Progression
Amazing! The book is like a totally new book.
late delivery. the book itself looked like having been kept in a bad way, with many wrinkle on the cover.