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Download Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction eBook

by Paulette J. Keller,J. Mike Jacka

Download Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction eBook
Paulette J. Keller,J. Mike Jacka
Management & Leadership
Wiley; 2 edition (July 7, 2009)
322 pages
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From the Inside Flap.

From the Inside Flap. Whether you are looking for a way to create efficiencies, analyze the work that is being done, or provide better customer service or innovation, you are ultimately looking for a tool to better understand processes.

Скачать бесплатно книгу Business Process Mapping From the outset, this book will engage you and draw you into the worldof business process mapping.

Скачать бесплатно книгу Business Process Mapping. Improving Customer Satisfaction - J. Jacka Mike в форматах fb2, rtf, epub, pdf, txt или читать онлайн. Отзывы на книгу, похожие книги на Business Process Mapping. Improving Customer Satisfaction. From the outset, this book will engage you and draw you into the worldof business process mapping. Who would have thought that reading about business process mapping could make you smile? Well, Mike and Paulette can make it happen! Within each chapter, theauthors provide detailed examples and exhibits used to document a process.

Improving Customer Satisfaction. J. Mike Jacka and Paulette J. Keller. Learn business process mapping-step by step. If you want to build up your process-mapping skills, the bestway is by doing the mapping. Filled with essential tools for quick reference, BusinessProcess Mapping Workbook: Improving Customer Satisfactionenables you to not only read the solutions, but to also confidentlywork through the exercises with practical applications to lead youto process mapping success.

Mike Jacka, Paulette J. Keller This book provides that tool. Paulette J. Keller, CPA, CIA, MBA, has worked in the insurance industry for over twenty-five years. This book provides that tool. Providing a clear understanding of what process mapping can do for a company as well as practical applications for each step in process mapping, this useful guide outlines a proven method for assuring better processes and building a more customer-focused company.

Business process mapping : improving customer satisfacion, J. Mike Jacka, Paulette J. Keller-2nd ed. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 978-0-470-44458-0 (cloth). 1. Consumer satisfaction. 2. Customer relations. Management) I. Keller, Paulette J. II. Title. Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. For Kathy and Ralph.

Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction (Hardback). Mike Jacka (author), Paulette J. Keller (author).

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Business Process Mapping Workbook : Improving Customer Satisfaction. by Paulette J. Keller and J. Mike Jacka

Business Process Mapping Workbook : Improving Customer Satisfaction. Mike Jacka. Select Format: Hardcover. A holistic approach to harnessing a company's processes to achieve true customer satisfaction Every move that a corporation makes is a mixture of input, action, and output-in short, a process. These competing priorities result in conflicting processes.

Praise forBusiness Process MappingIMPROVING Customer Satisfaction


"A must-read for anyone performing business process mapping! This treasure shares step-by-step approaches and critical success factors, based on years of practical, customer-focused experience. A real winner!"—Timothy R. Holmes, CPA former General Auditor, American Red Cross

"Paulette and Mike make extensive use of anecdotes and real-life examples to bring alive the topic of business process mapping. From the outset, this book will engage you and draw you into the world of business process mapping. Who would have thought that reading about business process mapping could make you smile? Well, Mike and Paulette can make it happen! Within each chapter, the authors provide detailed examples and exhibits used to document a process. Each chapter also includes a 'Recap' and 'Key Analysis Points' which enable the reader to distill the highlights of the chapter."—Barbara J. Muller, CPA, CFE, Senior Lecturer, School of Accountancy W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

"Keller and Jacka cut through the drudgery of process mapping with a path-breaking approach that enables the reader to better understand processes, how they work and how they work together toward successful achievement of business objectives. With great style and flair, this book will provide you with a different way of thinking and new tools to assist you in process analysis and improvement. This book is a must-read for auditors, risk managers, quality improvement management, and business process engineers."—Dean Bahrman, VP and Internal Audit Director (Retired) Global Financial Services Companies

"Mike Jacka and Paulette Keller show their expertise with the application of business process mapping in increasing customer service and satisfaction in this updated and expanded edition of this popular book. With clear, practical examples and applications, this book shows the writing talents of both authors, and it will be used over and over by those from all lines of industries and professions. Kudos for a job well done!"—Joan Pastor, PhD, Founding Partner, Licensed Industrial-Organizational Psychologist JPA International, Inc., Beverly Hills, California

  • Arashitilar
I was so disappointed with this book. I map processes as the first step in an overall process review and was really hoping to glean some new knowledge or solidify exactly why things are done a certain way and this was a complete disappointment. Here's one example - including key controls in your process map is a critical element. It's important to somehow highlight or denote those steps. I was hoping there would be some discussion of what a key control is (as opposed to a non-key control) and there was... but it was so vague there wasn't even a good definition of what a control is (there is an actual definition of what makes something a control per COSO, which the book references in the end but didn't bother to include in the control discussion) let alone what's considered a key control. Also little discussion about types of process maps and why you might use each. The book overall is written at a very shallow level - I would not recommend this for anyone currently mapping processes and comfortable with their process. It might be good for someone who has never mapped a process. And the movie analogy was overdone to the point of being distracting. I would not recommend this book.
  • Daizil
This book provides all of the necessary tools to start mapping processes from either a customer-centric or project-centric perspective. The applications used help build confidence in mapping projects and the information is more applicable to real-world scenarios than most other process improvement analysis textbooks. This was much more reader-friendly as well in my opinion than other textbooks for this field of study.
  • LivingCross
I'm an educator in a midwest insurance company so I related easily to the author's examples which are based on Farmer's Insurance. It is easy to recognize the author's auditing background because their methods are precise and complete. I will use their written experience to conduct classes of my own. I have two observations from the book: 1. Entity types are identified as Process, Unit, Task, and Action. These correspond to Process, Subprocess, Activity, and Step which are somewhat better known; 2. The examples and case study of insurance applications will appeal to those in an identical or similar industry.
  • Kare
needed for school
  • Owomed
Good conversational style book about the details of developing your process designs. Worth the purchase and I recommend the book
  • Kirizan
This book, and it's Workbook companion, aim to impart process modelling knowledge to beginners and it does a good job at that. I have two criticisms of this text; 1) it aims are beginners using really "dumbed-down" language and examples and 2) it does not cover the business process standard notation BPMN.

In positioning this text for beginners the authors have probably identified a good potential market. That said I think this text could be easily understood by my 11 year old son - if he had the interest. It's communication language, examples and style are too low-ball and it does nothing to build the readers capability to enter texts aimed at business, especially management, and academic audiences. Consequently it becomes a laborious, boring read.

The modelling notation used is a basic flowchart approach. For a text to be written and published on this topic without reference to, or examples of, BPMN is doing a disservice to anyone learning modelling. The BPM profession has moved on and is now pervading general management; at both a professional and academic level. BPMN, while arguably imperfect, IS the standard adopted by the community. Choosing to ignore BPMN as the notation to teach process modelling makes this text less relevant to the new modeller as they then have to need to learn a new notation and somehow translate their newly found knowledge - a job I am sure would be much more effectively handled by the authors.

That all said this book does do a good job at helping new modeller understand modelling basics, especially interviewing, decomposition, and model validation.
  • Bynelad
I've been a BPM novice for my small company for many years. This book quickly normalized my approach and made me much more confident in setting out to BPM higher level functions rather than just workflows of specific processes / jobs.

This book is great for small business owners, department managers, and CRM / software developers. The latter because it's written as if the reader were an outside consultant. Developers can quickly wrap their minds around a clients needs by using a few basic exercises in this book.

Buy it.
I have been looking for an effective analytical tool that would help me make get a good understanding of my company's business processes. This book hit the mark by providing me with step by step guidance. Especially helpful was the expense payment process example as well as the hints it provides on what to avoid while performing a process mapping. Overall it was worth the money.