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by Roy Lewicki,David Saunders,Bruce Barry

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Roy Lewicki,David Saunders,Bruce Barry
Management & Leadership
McGraw-Hill Education; 5 edition (February 17, 2010)
304 pages
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by McGraw-Hill Education, 2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121. Printed in the United States of America.

Roy J. Lewicki The Ohio State University Bruce Barry Vanderbilt University David M. Saunders Queen’s University.

McGraw-Hill Education. Roy J. Lewicki, Bruce Barry, David M. Saunders. Learning Objectives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Authors’ style and approach. Characteristics of a negotiation situation. Interdependence in negotiation. Mutual adjustment throughout negotiations and making and interpreting concessions.

Автор: Lewicki, Roy J. Saunders, David M. Barry, Bruce Название: Negotiation ISBN: 0071263640 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780071263641 Издательство: McGraw-Hill Рейтинг

Автор: Ross, George H. Название: Trump-style negotiation ISBN: 0470045868 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780470045862 Издательство: Wiley Рейтинг

It explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution

It explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution.

Bruce Barry’s most popular book is Essentials of Negotiation. Lewicki, Bruce Barry. Showing 22 distinct works. Essentials of Negotiation by.

by Roy J. Lewicki (Author), Bruce Barry (Author), David M. Saunders (Author) & 0 more. It is clearly written, succinct and yet clear, and covers all aspects one ought to consider when doing anything related to negotiations.

Essentials of Negotiation, 5e is a condensed version of the main text, Negotiation, Sixth Edition. It explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution. Twelve of the 20 chapters from the main text have been included in this edition, several chapters having been condensed for this volume. Those condensed chapters have shifted from a more research-oriented focus to a more fundamental focus on issues such as critical negotiation subprocesses, multiparty negotiations, and the influence of international and cross-cultural differences on the negotiation process.
  • Visonima
This is the first book that delivers on its promise to teach negotiation. I found that printed and online resources offered nonsense like "hot tips" and "fool-proof methods". Screw that. I needed to have someone explain negotiation to me from the ground up. That's what this book does.

Be forewarned, it has the formality of a textbook—which it literally seems to be. The amount of information presented borders on being too much, which is a refreshing change after being short-changed by every other book I have seen. Fortunately, the writing style is clear, concise, well organized, and makes excellent use of tables and diagrams.

For years, I had assumed that all of negotiation fell along a single axis running from "success" to "failure". Here, negotiation is shown to be a multi-dimensional process wherein traditional ploys are revealed to be the least effective of the available strategies.

I am no longer a clueless brawler and can now negotiate with ever increasing ease and effectiveness.
  • Whitebinder
This book is like the bible of negotiations. It is so full of info to the extent of confusing you (unless you know what you are looking for).
I had a problem with the exercises though, I expected a rather complete exercise with analysis of what the answers could be and a hint to to the best approach, etc.
Instead I saw some interesting exercises that spin around certain situations that require a lot of effort and that's it ! I would have loved if more info about the negotiation framework were provided and linked to the exercise.
  • Whitestone
Dumbest technical book ever written. Waste of time and hundreds of dollars. Gibberish with extraneous use of meandering nonsensical psychological theories and overuse of technical jargon. Seemed as if author wanted to sound pedantic but instead came out sounding ridiculous.
  • Yainai
I don't like this book simply because it is a text book for one of my classes, and I don't find the class interesting at all. The information in the text book is good, and it is useful, but I wish it was presented in a more interesting way. Then again, I am using this book for a masters class, so I don't expect the information to be interesting.
  • Low_Skill_But_Happy_Deagle
Arrived quickly and was very informative. This is a Masters level text book and has a lot of great exercises to work through to ensure understanding. Heck of a lot cheaper than campus book stores!
  • Browelali
Its an interesting book to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It gives a good perspective on negotiating tactics.
  • adventure time
This book came to me as advertised in Excellent condition. I bought this book for a college course I was taking and it served it's purpose. I returned the book when I was finished and received a gift card from Amazon for the return. College books are very pricey but I love ordering from Amazon because I get some money back and I am always shopping on Amazon!
The text was fine, everything that I needed for my class and more. However, I was frustrated by way the information was presented.

By and large I have been impressed with Kindle products and Amazon altogether. The publisher made this impossible to load onto the actual Kindle because sizes couldn't be changed at all, I'm not sure for the purpose of this. Also, I couldn't read it on my Kindle application on my PC because, in an effort to cut down on illicit copying, they made it impossible to change the size on the application.

All in all, it made the reading of the textbook nearly impossible. I'm certain that this is the beginning, not the end of textbooks via e-books but I was unimpressed and frustrated with the content restrictions. I will not purchase any more items from this publisher and would advise you to do likewise.