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by Jordan E. Goodman

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Jordan E. Goodman
Personal Finance
Kaplan Business; Subsequent edition (April 12, 2001)
992 pages
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Jordan E. Goodman is America’s Money Answers Man and a d expert on personal finance

Jordan E. Goodman is America’s Money Answers Man and a d expert on personal finance. n call-in shows across the country, answering questions on personal financial topics. Jordan is also a speaker and seminar leader on personal finance topics for business executives, students, associations, investment clubs, employees and others.

In Goodman's book, "Everyone's Money Book on Retirement Planning," consumers will learn how best to prepare for those expensive later years . Yinzadi marked it as to-read Sep 08, 2012.

Jordan E. Goodman is America’s Money Answers Man and a d . He is a regular guest on numerous radio and television call-in shows across the country, answering questions on personal financial topics, investments, global issues, politics, and other important events. Jordan Goodman is the author, co-author of 13 best-selling books on personal finance including Master Your Debt Fast Profits in Hard Times, Everyone’s Money Book, Master Your Money Type, Barron’s Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms and Barron’s Finance and Investment Handbook.

Includes bibliographical references and index

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Personal finance expert Jordan Goodman's new book Everyone's Money Book on Financial Planning helps you do just .

Personal finance expert Jordan Goodman's new book Everyone's Money Book on Financial Planning helps you do just that. Jordan Goodman's simple yet comprehensive advice has earned him the nickname ""America's Money Answers Man,"" and his new book is a primer for consumers who need those answers. In Everyone's Money Book on Financial Planning, Goodman shows readers not only how to give themselves a financial checkup, but what they should do with the results.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. GOODMAN is a nationaly recognized expert on personal finance. He is the author of the bestselling Everyone's Money Book and twelve other books

JORDAN E. He is the author of the bestselling Everyone's Money Book and twelve other books. Today, Goodman appears regularly on many radio shows, including public radio's Marketplace as well as on TV programs on Fox, CNN, CBS, CNBC, and MSNBC. He also speaks regularly to large groups such as the Harv Eker wealth seminars

Here are money answers for a dynamic financial world. When you want straight answers about money, and 6,000 resources for more details, grab Everyone's Money Book. It is the most comprehensive, accessible, and user friendly financial reference available. This practical dollars and sense know-how gives the highest investment returns in self education. So take charge of your money!
  • Helo
This book might be used as a reference tool, but don't even try to use it to manage your own finances. Trying to cover everything, it leaves you with little advice about the right thing to do.

For example, take chapter 3 - "Picking Winning Stocks". A lot has been written about the false premise that you can actually pick winners from losers (a great introduction is Bogle's "Common Sense Investing"). But even if you think this is possible, what kind of advice do you get from here? You should become a professional analyst, read companies financial reports, analyze the ratios on the balance sheet, check their growth etc. etc. Trust me, you won't be able to do it better than the professionals, and even they get only average (or below average) results. Then, when you need to select a broker, pages 142-150 give you an endless list of options. I could copy this from the phone book - what I needed was a solid advice, not a list of all the licensed brokers in the US.

Talking about investing in the index, it is covered in this book - like everything else, from mutual funds to day trading. Yes, unbelievably, this guy discusses how to do day trading, perhaps the easiest way for financial ruin for novices and experts alike. What's next? How to maximal your gains from gambling? It could go on something like this: Divide your savings into 10 portions, pick a reputable casino (from a list of all the casinos in Las Vegas), and gamble every night on 10%. This would be perfectly in line with the rest of the book.

  • AfinaS
great thus far
  • Jerinovir
Very, very good source of advice and information. Only drawback is that the last edition was 2001. Despite this it is an excellent source of timeless guidance and references as to where to look for additional guidance (through the Internet and through existing organizations).
  • Sardleem
I've followed Jordan Goodman's advice for a number of years on television and recently bought this book. If he missed anything in money matters, it probably isn't worth mentioning. It is invaluable for the contacts he listed on how to save money....and frankly, it is loaded with lots of common sense. If couples would agree to read this book and adhere to his advice, the divorce rate would probably plummet (well, that may be extreme)
  • Zetadda
Everyone's Money Book is the most comprehensive,useful book on the market if you want to improve your personal finances. The book not only tells you how to invest, cut your taxes, get the best deal on insurance, etc, but gives specific resources like websites, associations, publications, government agencies that can help you put the advice into action. If you want even more detail on all these topics, check out Goodman's Everyone's Money Book Series by the same publisher on Credit, College, Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Investing and Real Estate.
  • Zehaffy
I came across this book while reporting on credit card usage in college, and it still amazes me to this day how wrong I was in assuming a financial future without education on it. Topics like loans, how to properly finance college endeavors, and "maximizing your investment options" may sound like typical paths you cross when dealing with adulthood, but I learned far too late. I couldn't have found this book sooner. Pick it up quick. Used copies are $6 in paperback (as of the date I wrote this)! Just get it!
  • Gholbimand
The book is thick. It consists if rich information in different topics in personal finance and investment.
Jordon has done an excellent job in illustrating some complicated concepts (e.g. stock and bond exchanges) in concise and clear wording.
The writer also produces some useful log sheets or records helping readers to work out their financial status. However, a drawback is that these sheets are put in-between main texts, interrupting readers from finishing reading pieces of writing. I am sure readers would find it more convenient if these stuffs were put at the end of each chapter.
As the author, I want you to know that this newly updated Third Edition of Everyone's Money Book is the most comprehensive personal finance book on the market. It has about 5000 websites, mutual funds, newsletters, government agencies,newsletters and helpful products and services that will save and makes you lots of money. It also tells you how to get the best deal on a car, save money when buying life insurance,get the lowest interest credit card, produce a valid will for about $30, allocate your 401k correctly, get the best mortgage and much more. Give it a try!