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by Garth Williams,Margaret Wise Brown

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Garth Williams,Margaret Wise Brown
HarperCollins (July 1, 1991)
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Brown, Margaret Wise, Illustrated by Garth Williams. Gift quality book with the most adorable color illustrations ever

Brown, Margaret Wise, Illustrated by Garth Williams. Published by NY: Scholastic Book Services, 1975 (1975). Gift quality book with the most adorable color illustrations ever. Follows the life of the little fur baby through a day in the woods and home again to the safe warm tree where he and his family live. Seller Inventory 46022. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Seller Image. Margaret Wise Brown,Garth Williams,Garth (ILT) Williams,Miniature Book Collection (Library of Congress), Published by HarperFestival.

GARTH WILLIAMS (American, 1912-1996). Really, this is completely endearing. good for wee little ones. GARTH WILLIAMS (American, 1912-1996).

Margaret Wise Brown was born in Brooklyn, NY. While working as a teacher at the Bank Street Experimental School, she started writing books for children. Margaret was a prolific writer, over a 100 of her stories were published as picture books during her lifetime. Posthumously several stories were at publishers ready for publication. During her life time she also wrote articles about writing for children, adapted classics, ghost wrote stories and many of her stories appear in anthologies.

Margaret Wise Brown, cherished for her unique ability to convey a child’s experience and perspective of the world . More than any book, it captures the magic of childhood. The illustrations are perfect.

Margaret Wise Brown, cherished for her unique ability to convey a child’s experience and perspective of the world, transformed the landscape of children’s literature with such beloved classics as Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny.

Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952; Williams, Garth. The experiences of the little fur child as he investigates some other creatures of the wild wood. no page numbers or contents page.

Full-color illustrations. Additional Product Features. Margaret Wise Brown, Garth Williams. Place of Publication. Short Title LITTLE FUR FAMILY-MINI.

illustrated by Garth Williams & by Margaret Wise Brown.

BOOK INFO - Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Garth Williams. Hardcover Some wear, fading to the cover - particularly around the edges and at the corners. Small stains, discolorations, scuff marks.

Little Fur Family (Board book). Garth William's soft illustrations join Margaret Wise Brown's rhythmic text to create a gentle lullaby

Little Fur Family (Board book). Margaret Wise Brown (author), Garth Williams (illustrator). Board book 32 Pages, Published: 27/02/2014. There was a little fur family warm as toast smaller than most in little fur coats and they lived in a warm wooden tree. The Little Fur Family tells the story of a little fur child's day in the woods. The day ends when his big fur parents tuck him in bed "all soft and warm," and sing him to sleep with a lovely bedtime song. Garth William's soft illustrations join Margaret Wise Brown's rhythmic text to create a gentle lullaby. Bound in imitation fur, Little Fur Family is sure to comfort and delight.

After his bath, the little fur child sets out to investigate the other creatures of the wild wood
  • Clodebd
Wow, what a cute book...I stumbled across this book on here, we have the requisite "Goodnight Moon", but I was never really blown away by it. This book had such good reviews and the story sounded intriguing, so I thought we would give it a try. The furry cover is so cute. My daughter and I always touch the furry belly before reading it. We read it several times a day, usually! The illustrations are just lovely, I honestly don't think Margaret Wise Brown wouldn't be held in such high esteem if she didn't align herself with such talented illustrators.

The story is just cute and curious, about a little "fur child" spending a day in the "wild wood". I just love how that sounds. He has a Mom and Dad that love him, he goes out by himself on an adventure, then returns home at sunset for a meal and to be tucked in and sang to by his furry parents. There is a little song at the end that is kind of hilarious, it doesn't really rhyme or make sense, I think that is what I love about it.

This book doesn't have the patronizing tone so many young children's books possess -this book doesn't talk down to your child- it's more like, of course after your Mom gives you breakfast, you go out in the world and explore all day. LOL, if only. I just love that notion. Very unique.
  • Original
I read a lot of books to my 4-year-old twins. Most of the books are okay to begin with but tire me quickly. The Little Fur Family, considered a classic, is easily my favorite. More than any book, it captures the magic of childhood. The illustrations are perfect. I'm 52 and there's a good chance I came across this as a kid, but honestly I don't have a specific memory of this little fur family child who wanders into the forest and finds enchantment before coming home. No plot in this book, but its depiction of the sacredness of life without being sanctimonious has a glowing effect on me, long after I read it to my girls. Highly recommended.
  • Quendant
I have purchased this little book for each one of my children and now I am buying this book for each one of my grandchildren. This little book is so dear to my heart as my father use to read it to my sisters and I each night before bed. The illustrations are adorable and I promise this will become one of your child's favorites as well.
  • Coiril
Same illustrator also I believe. The story is so little kid and family cozy. Simply told and rhythmic. I love the adorable colored illustrations. Especially the mother washing the little one's ears and he's kind of squirmy and impatient. What makes this edition especially holdable and especially in winter, is the soft fur on the cover. I was hoping this was the minature tiny fur edition, but it's regular size and still good. When I taught both boys and girls wanted to hold this book and read it.
  • Duzshura
This was my son's favorite book growing up. I have such sweet memories of cuddling up together and reading it countless times. He recently had his first child, and I wanted to get him a copy to have. I was a little hesitant about the book because the cover was not the same as the original, but it ended up being even better with the "fur" on it's tummy. It is a quality book that will last for many years!
  • skriper
I'm a huge fan of Margaret Wise Brown; her gentle prose/poetry children's books are just the thing for calming down a fidgety child at bedtime, and are a pleasure to read aloud. This special edition is out of print, but should be brought back. The book itself is covered in (fake) soft fur, and that detail gives it a magical quality that makes it even more special. I got this for my granddaughter, as my daughter wore her own childhood copy out and wanted one to share with her own baby. If you can find it, buy it.
  • Erennge
One of my favorites as a child. I was so happy when I saw it available. Such a cute story. I love reading it to my toddler and she loves feeling the new furry cover.
Great little book! My daughter had been talking about this book and really wanted a copy....she is almost 24 years old! But a very dear friend of hers used to read it to her when my daughter was younger, that friend is now deceased at the young age of 22 years old. R.I.P Jane. So it really meant a lot to my daughter when I saw it and purchased it.