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by James Kaczman

Download Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey eBook
James Kaczman
HMH Books for Young Readers; First Edition edition (March 21, 2008)
32 pages
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Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey book.

Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey book. The story also states a unique perspective about animal characters found in Kaczman, James Lucky Monkey Unlucky Monkey, a story, 28 pgs. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company, c2008.

This story is about Ed and Ted, two thinking, speaking, fully clothed, house-dwelling monkeys. He is greeted by a bright, sunny day, with butterflies fluttering about and cute, friendly animals cheerfully hopping around.

Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey. 00 руб. EAN/UPC/ISBN Code 9780618631537. Author James Kaczman. Producer Houghton Mifflin Books for Children. Pages 32. Year of production 2008. RU. This story is about Ed and Ted, two thinking, speaking, fully clothed, house-dwelling monkeys.

Kaczman's flat, stylized illustrations are handsomely modern. The message that if today is unlucky, tomorrow could be lucky carries a certain satisfying verisimilitude, but beware, the contrary may not seem as pleasantly acceptable. Told in six short chapters and an epilogue, rich with symbols, words and pictures to compare and contrast and assisted by the humorous (lightly instructional) asides of tiny animals, this might puzzle those who believe you make your own luck.

An adorable book !!!!! My five year old enjoys it very much. We read it together and she enjoys reading the parts of the monkey.

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Are you sure you want to remove Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey from your list? Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey. Published March 21, 2008 by Houghton Mifflin.

Lucky Monkey, Kelowna, Britanya Kolumbiyası. Dang this is a lot of fun". 25 Kasım, 10:04 ·. Herkese Açık. 1 Yorum · Haberin Tam Boyutu.

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At the heart of Unlucky Monkey are the fated perambulations of small time crook Yamazaki, played by Shinichi Tsutsumi. Far from being 'lucky', after acquiring such a large windfall Yamazaki will eventually wish himself dead.

Tsutsumi is already an established member of Sabu's repertoire of actors, having previously appeared in Postman Blues, Posutoman burusu (1997), Dangan Runner, Dangan Ranna (1996) and perhaps most memorably, in the stylish Monday (2000). And, like a monkey on rope, he is obliged to go where his master - fate - leads him.

This story is about Ed and Ted, two thinking, speaking, fully clothed, house-dwelling monkeys. One day, Ed walks out of his just-the-right-size-for-a-monkey house. He is greeted by a bright, sunny day, with butterflies fluttering about and cute, friendly animals cheerfully hopping around.Meanwhile . . . Ted walks out of his just-the-right-size-for-a-monkey house and is met by a forbidding sky with dark clouds, large insects swarming about, and frightening vermin crawling around.
  • Dagdage
I love this book at least as much as my kids do. The weird humor and great footnotes and fine print asides are so much more clever and funny for me as an adult than most kids books. It's by far my favorite children's book since I became a parent!
  • Phallozs Dwarfs
I checked this book out from our local library & my daughter loved it so much that I ended up having to buy it. A cute little story about how every one has a bad day every now and again. Love the animation & the author's notes at the bottom about how it is NOT wise to go up to strange dogs and things like that. Also, great use of color.
  • Tiv
In this charming story, we witness the side-by-side day of two monkeys, Ed and Ted. Ed's day starts out rather splendid, while Ted's day, on the other hand, is not so splendid, indeed.

What follows is the day's adventures with Ed and Ted, with the nice and not so nice characters they meet, and the fun and not so fun predicaments they get themselves into.

My children enjoyed LUCKY MONKEY, UNLUCKY MONKEY, especially the humorous sidebars filled with such illuminating information as "it's difficult for monkeys to make everything they say rhyme all the time," and "it is an extremely bad idea to play with a strange dog that is growling and snarling so that its large, sharp white teeth show."

This is a fun book for kids of all ages, especially those who may feel that a bad day will never end. Trust Ed and Ted -- for every bad day, there's a good one. And sometimes, even good days end on a decidedly bad note!

Reviewed by: Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"
  • Qudanilyr
As someone who both reads, writes, and illustrates children's books, I highly recommend this book. "Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey" is a witty, entertaining look at the nature of luck. In facing page illustrations, it contrasts and compares a very good day and a very bad day in the lives of two well-dressed monkeys. Things go from good to better and bad to worse in an absurd, funny plot in which the two storylines briefly intersect in a clever visual gag.

By using two very similar characters doing very similar things and getting two very different results, the story amusingly explores the random, often unfair nature of luck. If there is any lesson to the story, it is that much of what happens during a day is a matter of chance... everybody has some good luck and some bad luck, and sometimes you have to persevere through the bad luck to get to the good luck. Younger children will enjoy the funny, entertaining adventure, while older children will also appreciate more of the references, humor and irony.

Both children and adults will giggle while searching for the subtle and silly details that enrich each page of this book.

This is a beautifully designed book with refreshing, clever illustrations. With a nod to traditional realism but enlivened with a modernist twist, the acrylic paintings have alternately brightly colored hues and muted tones. The book has also been crafted with unusual attention to detail, such as an elegantly designed silver foil hardcover beneath the dustjacket. With hilarious and ironic illustrated footnotes that children absolutely love, funny little diagrams, elegant typography, an exquisitely rendered printer's mark, and various symbols of good luck and bad luck, this book is a visual and literary keeper.

"Lucky Monkey, Unlucky Monkey" is a very funny book, beautifully illustrated and designed, that both children and adults will simply love to read together.
  • Frey
A great book to read as an adult and a great book to read to any child. I love this book and all of its delightful insights. We gave this book as teacher gifts at the end of the school year and will continue to give as gifts to others for years to come. James Kaczman is a brillant author and illustrator.