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by Angela Elwell Hunt,Tim Jonke

Download The Tale of Three Trees eBook
Angela Elwell Hunt,Tim Jonke
Fairy Tales Folk Tales & Myths
Lion Pub Plc (July 31, 2002)
32 pages
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This retelling of a popular folk tale is suitable for any time of the year, but has particular links to Christmas and Easter. It tells of the hopes and dreams of the three little trees.
  • Funny duck
I had first borrowed this book from the library to read to my 5 year old at bed time. I had never heard of it before and had just picked it up by chance. As I read it to my daughter I had tears in my eyes. I have never read a children's book that brought emotions the way this one did. I immediately got on amazon and ordered it, we had to have it in our personal library. I highly recommend this. It is great for helping your child know Jesus on a different level than just a sunday morning. Also, it will spark questions about His life from your child. Awesome learning opportunities!
  • Gavirgas
As an adult I love the story. But our children haven't been that interested until our oldest daughter now nine has really taken an interest in reading it herself.
  • Faell
Such a beautiful story to read. The preschoolers were hooked and a couple of them almost cried but then there is a good ending to it. I would use it as a Christmas story book or at church for children time at Christmas. It could be made a small play.
  • Ziena
Love this book! Describes trees that have big dreams. Their dreams don't come true as they expected but God made what was meant for good into something even better than what they dreamed originally.
  • caif
I remember reading this book as a child and the feeling in my heart. The Tale of the Three Trees is inspiring and wonderful. I purchased it for my children for Christmas and I know they will love it. This captures the spirit of Christ perfectly.
  • Fomand
This story is a Christian allegory illustrating, in a simple, yet clear, manner, God's power to use our lives for His purposes in ways that surpass even our biggest dreams.

The story begins by introducing three trees, each with its own grand dream. As the story progresses, the trees begin to question their purposes and wonder whether their dreams will come true. By the end, each tree realizes that not only are their dreams fulfilled, but they are fulfilled in unexpected ways.

While the book may be intended for children, the story's message appeals to readers of all ages. I purchased the board book version so that it would withstand the handling of my two toddlers. Because the pictures are not as bright and baby-friendly as what you would find in other books, and the story is an allegory, my then 18-month-old wasn't very interested in my reading it to her. Now that she is 2 1/2 and is familiar with stories about Jesus, she now asks questions about the pictures and listens as I explain that God created each of us for a special purpose and can use us in ways we never expected.
  • Wizer
We used this for our Christmas Eve service at church. The children came up to the front and sat on the floor with the ministry director as she read it out loud to them and showed them the illustrations. We scanned the illustrations, put them in a PowerPoint, and projected them on the screen so the adults could see them as she was reading to the kids. Not only did the kids like it, many adults told us they had never heard the story and that it was very meaningful to them, as well. We will do this again.
This is a re-order book I bought this book for my granddaughter who is now 16 years ago she has read the book so much but the pages are all taped together she asked if I would purchase her another one great investment