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by Ann M. Martin

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Ann M. Martin
Growing Up & Facts of Life
Gareth Stevens Pub (September 1, 1996)
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Shelve Mary Anne Misses Logan. Book 73. Mary Anne and Miss Priss.

Shelve Mary Anne Misses Logan.

Mary Anne Misses Logan (Baby-sitters Club). Baby-Sitters Club Poor Mallory. Stacey's Emergency (Baby-Sitters Club, 43). Ann M. Martin. Claudia and the Middle School Mystery (Baby-Sitters Club, 40). Eventually, Mary Anne tells Logan she wants to cool off their relationship, but when that doesn't work she decides to break up with him. So read this book to find out more, and read Mary Anne misses Logan to find out if they get back together again. Martin Mary Ann and Logan's big breakup book. Mary Ann and Logan's big breakup book. Mary Ann thought that Logan was controlling her life.

Mary Anne Misses Logan is the 46th book in The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. It was good for Mary Anne and Logan to break up for a while. Mary Anne has some time to herself, and he's been having lots of fun with her friends. But now Mary Anne can't help it. She misses Logan. When she and Logan are both assigned to study their favourite author, Mary Anne thinks this is the perfect, most romantic way for them to get back together again.

In Mary Anne Misses Logan, Mary Anne and Logan have been apart for . Martin, Mary Anne Misses Logan. Thank you for reading books on BookFrom.

In Mary Anne Misses Logan, Mary Anne and Logan have been apart for some time. And while Mary Anne does miss Logan, she’s had plenty of time for herself and her friends. That was the good thing about breaking up with Logan.

This is the second book narrated by Mary Anne Spier. It used to be that Mary Anne had to wear her hair in braids and ask her dad before she did anything

This is the second book narrated by Mary Anne Spier. It used to be that Mary Anne had to wear her hair in braids and ask her dad before she did anything. But not anymore and the Baby-sitters Club members aren't the only ones who've noticed.

And Mary Anne thinks she's too shy for Logan. Life in the BSC has never been this complicated-or this fun!

The Baby-sitters aren't sure Logan will make a good club member. And Mary Anne thinks she's too shy for Logan. More by Ann M. Karen's Witch (Baby-sitters Little Sister Graphic Novel A Graphix Book.

But now Mary Anne can't help it. Until Cokie Mason, Mary Anne's mortal enemy, decides to steal Logan from her! The best friends you'll ever have-with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin! In this series.

I couldn't believe more than two months had sped by since the end of seventh grade. One day the weather had been fresh and cool with the promise of summer and fun, and now it was stale and hot with the promise of autumn and school. She had to stay in the hospital for a long time and she still has to have physical therapy, but she's getting better. She can walk and talk, and someday (maybe) she'll be able to use her right hand a little more.

Mary Anne begins to have second thoughts about having told Logan to cool their relationship
  • SupperDom
For real, I was expecting and left wanting for closure on why Cokie didn’t read the books and why her house was so out of step with her personality. I feel like a very special episode is forthcoming about rehabilitating Cokie.
  • Vareyma
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When I first read this book as a child, I absolutely adored Mary Anne and Logan as a couple. Even now, I haven’t read the later books that made Logan out to be a jerk and for me they were the “it” couple in the world of The Baby-sitters Club.

My feelings for Mary Anne as a character has always flip flopped. Especially since I can’t relate to her over the top shyness. I’ve met shy people before, but never have I met one as shy as Mary Anne is described.

However, the thing I liked about these books was the fact that despite it’s a never ending eight grade year, the girls do grow and mature in front of your eyes. For Mary Anne, she had the most to grow in terms of speaking up for herself and began the process in book four, Mary Anne Saves the Day. In this book, she takes the next big step towards becoming a teenager and gets her first crush, who winds up being her boyfriend. I thought the idea of making Logan interested in baby-sitting was also a great one, because it gave them some common ground.

My only criticism is, that while Mary Anne is growing up in these books, her shyness is bothersome. I don’t know of anyone who would have ran from a surprise birthday cake. Especially if they had already been at the party for quite some time and was enjoying themselves. But besides that, this is still one of my favorite books from this series and it was nice to relive Mary Anne’s first crush.
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Fast shipping and great product. Thank you.
  • Aver
I give this book a 5 star because I hate to say this but they get back together!!!:)
Ok I just gonna say that Cokie is really mean!!!??? She's Mary Ann's horribly bad person in this book. I thought that they should have told if the monster game went well????!!!!!!! But it was really good though!!!! Sorry for poor spelling:)
  • Ximathewi
Well, folks, this is the one! Introduction of Logan and Maryanne's relationship! Maryanne, boo, you DO need to dial back the sensitivity just a tad, girl. Someone throwing you a birthday party and showering you with gifts is a GOOD thing....not something to get offended by. BSC, ya'll is the best! After Maryanne's shoddy treatment, you go and throw her ANOTHER one! I probably would have woofed down that cake and told Maryann and Tigger to take a flying leap. Guest starring: Emily Bernstein and a male grasshopper named Elizabeth. P.S. This is from 1988 and I'm positive I had the exact same shirt in 1988 that Logan is wearing on the cover! (well, pretty close)
  • Nicearad
Another one whose title turned me off immediately because as much as I thought the characters were cool I didn't really care if they liked boys because I couldn't relate to it. On top of that, I always thought Logan was a Ken doll every single time he was introduced, and he has a Kentucky accent instead of a personality, and so I guess it makes sense that even though Mary Anne is a total dork around him, he falls for her. Because that's what boys are FOR in books for silly girls.

I was actually kind of annoyed at this book because it really made it clear that adults want to tell kids this age that boys and girls are different species. Since Logan is a boy--even though he likes babysitting--he's not allowed to join their babysitting club because there are girl things they cannot discuss while he is there and they want their girl time. Okay to girl time. Not okay to suggesting that it's obvious everything needs to be sex-segregated. And of course Mary Anne starts dating this clown and is "the sheltered girl who nevertheless has a boyfriend" for the rest of the series. It was nice that Logan was good with kids, though, and that they didn't act like it made him a sissy.

Oh, and there's a scene in here with a surprise party for Mary Anne that I relate to. I frigging hate surprise parties.
I bought a heck of a lot of BSC and Sweet Valley High books at the last library sale. Mostly for my niece, if she'll read them. But also for me.

Why, you may ask, would I re-read Babysitter's Club when I'm 28 years old and have hundreds of books waiting to be read?

Allow me to provide a quote:

"I thought we made a pretty good-looking group. Claudia was wearing short, tight-fitting black pants and a big white shirt that said BE-BOP all over it in between pictures of rock and roll dancers. She had fixed a floppy blue bow in her hair. Stacey was wearing a white T-shirt under a hot pink jumpsuit. Dawn and Kristy looked more casual. Dawn was wearing a green and white oversized sweater and stretchy green pants. Kristy was wearing a white turtleneck shirt under a pink sweater with jeans."


I'm having WAY too much fun re-reading these.