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by Tony Ross,Paula Danziger

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Tony Ross,Paula Danziger
Growing Up & Facts of Life
Putnam Juvenile (April 16, 1996)
128 pages
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Illustrated by Tony Ross. I, Amber Brown, being of sound mind and no money (I spent it all on a book, a computer game, and some junk food), do hereby give my mother five Amberino Certificates for her birthday.

Illustrated by Tony Ross. Amberino Certificates allow The Mother (Sarah Thompson) to ask her beloved only child (Amber Brown) to grant her five wishes.

and she has more disgusting things. The book makes me anxious. I had a cup full of fun because she gets all messy. Her mom is dating a boy named Max!

Upset about her parents' divorce and her mother's growing friendship with Max, Amber has trouble getting her schoolwork done. She wants to make delicious cupcakes!

Illustrated by Tony Ross. It's an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World. An Imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. Special acknowledgment to Scott Hirschfeld and his students at . Published by the Penguin Group. Penguin Young Readers Group, 345 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014, . I want to know why I, Amber Brown, bowl three times in a row, get low scores, and feel like a real turkey. I, Amber Brown, got a 42 in our first game-an imperfect score.

Author: Paula Danziger, Tony Ross ISBN 10: 0749732393. Will be clean, not soiled or stained. Read full description.

Danziger, Paula, 1944-2004; Ross, Tony, ill; Rogers, Jaqueline, il. Sequel to: Amber Brown goes fourth.

Danziger, Paula, 1944-2004; Ross, Tony, ill; Rogers, Jaqueline, ill. Publication date. Unhappy over her parents' divorce and her mother's boyfriend Max, nine-year-old Amber finds her schoolwork suffering.

Amber Brown is in deep trouble. Lately, no matter what she does, it isn?t enough. Amber Brown is in deep trouble.

Amber Brown's in deep trouble. No matter what she does, it's not enough. She straightens up her room, sort of . Her mother wants it clean and is willing to keep her "captive" until it is in order. Amber does her homework, well, some of it. Her teacher wants it all and on time. And as if that's not enough, Amber's got to meet Max the "Gorillaface," her mother's new boyfriend. Amber doesn't want to meet him. If he's around, she worries about how her parents will ever get back together.Can Amber get out of trouble, get her room clean, and manage not to meet Max?Give the girl a little credit. She really tries. But how will she succeed?
  • Umdwyn
The Amber Brown series has turned my son into a reader. He has severe ADHD, so keeping him interested long enough to read is a challenge. He also has issues with reading as it is a nonprefered activity and he will usually do anything to avoid it. Then he found Amber Brown! He loves these books and is actually asking for extra reading time!
  • Gianni_Giant
My daughter said it was a funny book. She is seven and liked it a lot.
  • lucky kitten
Generally I like Paula Danziger's books, but my granddaughter wasn't thrilled with this one. There is so much pressure on kids to conform in school that it's harder these days to appreciate that non-conforming has any value except to get you in trouble. The message isn't as cool as it used to be.
  • Shazel
My daughter is really enjoying the Amber Brown series.
  • Axebourne
Bought this book for my 8 year old 3rd grader as a part of his summer reading assignments. It was enjoyed by both my 8 and 6 year old.
  • Frei
Present for granddaughter, she loves to read and she really loves the Amber Brown books. She was very happy, and I was very pleased.
  • Whitestone
ISBN 0590947168 - Amber Brown is a character I've really come to like, but these books are marked for ages 7 to 10 which some parents might disagree with. If you have issues with a classmate of Amber's wearing a bra (and Amber mentioning it) or violence... although it's all aimed at Barbie dolls... this is not the book for your child.

Amber's struggling with her parents divorce and mother's new relationship and it's beginning to show in her grades. Faced with the threat of a letter home, she sets out to repair the damage and asks for extra credit. Her teacher refuses to allow her to get any, explaining that extra credit is for students who are obviously trying very hard - and Amber hasn't been. The only thing left to do is work very hard on her newest assignment.

Adding to her woes, Amber makes her mother cry when she continues to refuse to meet Max, her new boyfriend. Certain, or pretending to be, that her parents will get back together, Amber has no desire to meet - and worse, possibly like - the man who might want to try replacing her father.

These books are so authentic that I can't see why anyone would object to the topics. Divorce happens, children react badly, divorced parents date, fourth grade girls have been known to wear bras, siblings torment each other (sometimes through Barbie dolls!). That there is a book - even better, a series of books - that children in these situations can relate to is a great thing. Still, if you think your 7 year old isn't prepared for any of the content, you might want to hold off sharing this series for a couple years. I, for one, think kids will enjoy Amber every step of the way.

- AnnaLovesBooks
Book Review of Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit By:Paula Danziger Fiction
This review is by my 3rd grade student, Breanna.

Amber Brown is so hilarious! Today she wants extra credit! Not because she is tired of doing regular old homework. She wants to make delicious cupcakes! But with anything off the shelf... like gummy worms... and she has more disgusting things. The book makes me anxious. I had a cup full of fun because she gets all messy. Her mom is dating a boy named Max! Now instead of getting her homework in early, now its late. Instead of her room clean, it's dirty. She loves writing notes to her dad in France. You will get messy in this messy old book. I love this messy book because it's fun to find out about what she and Max and her mom are up to. This is so hilarious. I am so hyper active! I recommend this book to K-6 grade. You will dig into this book like you have a shovel.