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by Claude K. Dubois,Carl Norac

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Claude K. Dubois,Carl Norac
Growing Up & Facts of Life
Doubleday Books for Young Readers; 1st American ed edition (January 12, 1998)
32 pages
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By Claude K. DuBois, Carl Norac. Other Books You Might Like

By Claude K. Other Books You Might Like.

by Carl Norac & illustrated by Claude K. DuBois. Lola feels words puffing out her cheeks, bursting inside her, but when she tries to express her special words, her father is leaving for work and her mother is too busy. The school bus, cafeteria, and playground are too noisy for the words to be heard, and the teacher is preoccupied.

Claude Dubois - Laisse. Artist: Claude Dubois. Album: L'intégrale Dubois Vo., 1995. Claude Dubois et Natasha St-Pier - Laisser L'Été Avoir 15 Ans. Has been played on. France 1. Radio Bonne Humeur. Unfortunately, the station stopped broadcasting.

Poor Lola gets more and more frustrated throughout the day as she can’t .

Poor Lola gets more and more frustrated throughout the day as she can’t say her special words. By the time she’s back at home with Mommy and Daddy, she’s too annoyed to say anything. But when prompted by her parents, Lola bursts out with I love you, I love you! I love you so much! The words work their magic and Lola receives hugs and kisses. Claude Dubois‘ charming illustrations clearly show the emotions in Lola’s face – everything from sleepiness, dismay and annoyance, right to utter glee. Nothing beats the scowling face of Lola as she is sulking though!)

Carl Norac, Claude K.

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I love you so much by Norac, Carl at AbeBooks. uk Passion for books. uk - ISBN 10: 0439173132 - ISBN 13: 9780439173131 - Scholastic Inc - 2000 - Hardcover. Sellers Start Selling Help Close. ISBN 10: 0439173132 ISBN 13: 9780439173131. Publisher: Scholastic Inc, 2000.

by Claude K. Dubois and Carl Norac. I purchased this book for my Kindergarten son to challenge his reading level

by Claude K. I purchased this book for my Kindergarten son to challenge his reading level. Before I could even show it to him, he found it and brought it to me and started to read it on his own. Then he asked me to read it to him before bed and he read it again the next morning. It is a cute story and a great read for early readers (K-2). Some times you just have to say it. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 16 years ago. This book is wonderful!

Lola the hamster wakes up with something important to say.  Special, tender words are on the tip of her tongue.  Are the words meant for Mommy and Daddy?  Or should she say them to her teacher?  Or maybe to her friend Frankie, the Skateboard King?  The day is frustrating indeed as the words puff out impatient Lola's cheeks.  But eventually her powerful, magical words are sure to burst forth.  They'll be worth the wait!Children and adults alike will cherish this universal story of the joy of saying the words "I love you."  This is a perfect gift for celebrating Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day, or any special occasion.  I Love You So Much is a Children's Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection.
  • Puchock
Great item!
  • ????????????????????????
I am a librarian who does story time for preschoolers and elementary students. This story is very cute. However the book was too small to view by a group of 50 preschoolers. So I ended up donating it to the library so patrons can enjoy reading it one-on-one.
  • Yanthyr
My 6 years old loves this book! We had it for almost 2 years now and read it at least ones a week. We have many books, but this particular one is one of my son's favorite. I would recommend this book to any age.
  • Shadowredeemer
Arrived on time, but it got stuck in the mail box (which wasn't Amazon`s fault) which made it a late Christmas gift. Wasn't the type of book I thought it was, but my niece still loved it and she's 4!
  • Neol
Super cute for any child! I read this as a bedtime book and they go to bed feeling loved and sweet.
  • Xarcondre
A friend gave me this book (in Spanish) for our daughter. I read it but have not read it to her and I don't think I ever will. I was curious as to what people were saying about this book in its English version. This poor little girl spends her entire day with no one telling her that they love her! No one, absolutely no one, will listen to her. Then she gets mad at dinner-time because she isn't given a chance to express her love (and the book supports her being mad) and then she blurts out to her parents that she loves them and they hug her. She goes to sleep with words of love, once again, in her cheeks. Geez, the next day will be more of the same as her surroundings have not changed. There is no moral here. The problem is that everyone else has a problem with listening and showing emotion and not the little girl with her words of love but that is not expressed in the book so a 4 year-old, if you don't explain this to them, won't understand a thing. How the little "girl" learned to love so much given the people who surround her is beyond me!
  • Ahieones
I just wanted to add that the illustrations rock...almost every page has a scene that is grime-encrusted and trash-filled! You can see flies buzzin' and food flyin' through the air, Lola sitting on the toilet- if you are dainty, this book is gonna shock ya somewhat. Other pics are so realistic- Lola's mom rushing here and there, her parents kissing goodbye, a little graffiti on the bus, her and her parents watching TV while they eat touches me because it's warm and real. I know that a previous reviewer was upset due to the fact that Lola "tries to tell everyone that she loves them" (something like that), but it is not that cut-and-dried. First off, this is a French hamster that we're talkin' about here; so passion rules in Lola's culture (if you look on the last page of this book, you will see that it was originally published in France). The people that Lola would have said "I love you" to seemed appropriate to me- her friends, her teacher, Frankie, the Skateboard King- it's not like she was going to state the big words to a random stranger. Lola did decide in one situation to not say her special words to the "annoying boy" next to her, so she knew that there were some rodents not worthy (of these words). Hey, at least Lola's heart is in the right place. And let's face it- we all have different levels of "I love you"; I think if Lola had gotten to say these words to a few others that it wouldn't have rocked the boat too much in either direction. In conclusion, a tempered book...not too overly sweet due to hamsters that eschew cleanliness.
Carl Norac's book, "I Love You So Much," is an excellent book that follows Lola, a young girl (hampster), through an entire day.

Lola's day begins with her waking up and having some "special words" on the tip of her tongue. She wants to say these special words to her mom and dad but the time isn't right and the rest of the day is spent trying to figure out the best time to let these words flow.

This book will help kids to feel comfortable with using their voice for expressing emotion. The anticipation in hearing these "special words" is well worth the wait for any parent.

I highly recommend "I Love You So Much."