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by Eve Bunting

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Eve Bunting
Literature & Fiction
HarperCollins (October 1, 1991)
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Bunting went to school in Ireland and grew up with storytelling

Eve Bunting has won several awards for her works. Bunting went to school in Ireland and grew up with storytelling. In Ireland, There used to be Shanachie. he shanachie was a storyteller who went from house to house telling his tales of ghosts and fairies, of old Irish heroes and battles still to be won.

Bunting is involved in many writer's organizations such as . The Authors Guild, the California Writer's Guild and the Society of Children's Book Writers.

Twelve-year-old Susan is shocked to find that she was switched with another baby in the hospital and that the parents who have raised her may have to give her up to her true biological parents. Bunting is involved in many writer's organizations such as . She has published stories in both Cricket, and Jack and Jill Magazines, and has written over 150 books in various genres such as children's books, contemporary, historic and realistic fiction, poetry, nonfiction and humor.

Sharing Susan By Eve Bunting. Published by Thriftbooks. Buntings use of practical detail is superb, there is absolutely no one who will not find this novel to be a pleasure. If you liked Buntings IF I Asked You, Would You Stay? or Spike Lee's film "Losing Issiah" you'll love this book. Guaranteed! Switched At Birth. com User, 17 years ago. In "Sharing Susan", twelve-year-old Susan Moretti is troubled by the "Big Worry", her name for any new issue in her life, which is currently her parents.

Eve Bunting (Author), Susan Meddaugh (Illustrator).

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Susan is upset by the strange atmosphere in her home until she discovers that, as a baby, she had been sent home from the hospital with the wrong set of parents and that her biological parents have come to reclaim her
  • Dianalmeena
This was a cute story that had feelings that young girls could really relate to. It was a heartwarming read.
  • Shaktizragore
Sharing Susan is about a twelve-year-old girl named Susan. Susan hears her mother and father crying a lot over the phone and their lawyers keep coming on over the house and are discussing things about the hospital where Susan was born. Susan talks to her best friend about the situation, but there is no help. Susan doesn't know what to do! Her mom and dad finally tell her that when she was born five other babies were born- two girls and three boys. Well, Susan was accidentally brought to the wrong room and was taken home by strangers she thought were her parents. Susan's biogical parents want to see Susan and take her home but, Susan doesn't want to go and her false parents want to take their real child home but they eventually find out that their real child died. Her name was Marlene and a truck hit her. Where will Susan live? Will she be happy leaving her home, family, and friends? Find out by reading this book.

I think that you should read this book because it is mysterious, and you can't take your eyes off the book. It sucks you right into the story and you can imagine what would be going on.
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Sharing Susan

The book I'm reading is about a 12 year old child and her names Susan and when she was born she got mixed with another baby the hospital was willing to pay 10,000 dollars. Susan biological parents want to see her and take her home. When Susan hears that she has been living with people that she wasn't related to. When she goes and sees her other mother and father they want to take their real child, but Susan's mom said that her name was Marlene. Susan's mom said that were child is dead a truck hit her. I think that this is a good book to read you must read this.

If you like to read this is a great book for you.
  • Qucid
There were elements of the story I loved, especially the relationship between Susan and her best friend Clemmie, but I had difficulty identifying with the Stobbels. I had trouble believing they would really uproot Susan from the only home and family she has known for all of her twelve years, and I felt Susan's adjustment to her new family seemed a bit premature and unrealistic. Ms. Bunting tackled a difficult issue and her book is still a very good read and should provoke some great discussions.
  • MisterQweene
Susan is a 12 year old girl who was switched at the hospital. She has lived her whole life as an only child with two really great parents. All of the sudden her life is rushing down hill. It turns out her real parents live in Laguna Niguel. They find out that the Stobbles are Susan's parents when the Stobble's daughter, Marlene, dies in a car accident. Susan might have to go live with the Stobbles and leave her parents and friends! I really recommend this book to people of all ages.
  • lets go baby
I always hated this book. I hated when it came out and I was Susan's age, and I still hate it now. For the sole fact that they spent so much time making it seem like it was the "right choice" for Susan to just get over the fact that her biological parents have busted into her life with little regard for her own feelings and plan on sharing her. Did those parents have any concern for their biological child? There's a difference between making eased contact and the route they took, which comes across as irresponsible and selfish. It makes having any sympathy for this side impossible - all mine was for Susan and the wretched situation these people put her through. Finding that the text was not on my side only made it worse.
  • Jeronashe
Sharing Susan is about a girl who was switched at the hospital when she was first born with another girl. The reason why Alice's biological parents came back to get her is because the other girl was hit by a truck and was killed. They found out because of the blood tests.Now Alice's real parents want her back,and Alicce doesn;tt want to go.
Sharing Susan is such a sweet and heart touching book. This story has made an impact on me. I wish they would make a movie based on the book!!!!