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Download Babysitters Club Collection 13: " Dawn and the Older Boy " , " Kristy's Mystery Admirer " , " Poor Mallory! " No. 13 (Babysitters Club Collection) eBook

by Ann M. Martin

Download Babysitters Club Collection 13: " Dawn and the Older Boy " , " Kristy's Mystery Admirer " , " Poor Mallory! " No. 13 (Babysitters Club Collection) eBook
Ann M. Martin
Literature & Fiction
Scholastic Hippo (October 15, 1999)
416 pages
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No. 13 (Babysitters Club Collection). This is a collection of three Babysitters adventures.

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Kristy's Mystery Admirer is the 38th book in The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin. Of all the Baby-sitters, Kristy's the last one anyone would expect to have a secret admirer. But someone is sending her mushy notes with hearts all over them! Kristy and Shannon are pretty sure the letters are from Bart, Kristy's rival softball coach.

Babysitters Club Collection book. 37. Dawn and the Older Boy 38. Kristy's Mystery Admirer 39. Poor Mallory!

Babysitters Club Collection book. Poor Mallory! Get A Copy.

ISBN 10: 0590638289 ISBN 13: 9780590638289. Destination, rates & speeds.

Sellers Start Selling Help Close. ISBN 10: 0590638289 ISBN 13: 9780590638289. Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks, 1991. 3. The Baby-Sitters Club: Dawn and the Older Boy, Kristy's Mystery Admirer, Poor Mallory and Claudia and the Middle School Mystery/Boxed Set. Martin, Ann M. Published by Scholastic Paperbacks (1991).

Baby-Sitters Club Poor Mallory. Dawn and the Older Boy (Baby-Sitters Club, No. 37). Ann Martin. A boy mystery again? I kinda liked Kristy most of the time because she wasn't as empty-headed and silly about boys as the rest tended to be, but this time Kristy's got a secret admirer. She's wondering for some of the book whether it's Bart, the guy who coaches Bart's Bashers (rivals to her Kristy's Krushers). Despite being opponents, they've been getting along well based on common interests (wow, refreshing-people who have something in common like each other?).

One of a series of stories that revolve around the babysitters club. Books related to The Baby-Sitters Club Kristy's Mystery Admirer. The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries Claudia and the Mystery Painting.

This is a list of the novels in The Baby-Sitters Club, a children's book series created by Ann M. The first 35 novels were written by Martin, after which some of the books were ghostwritten; 44 of these were written by Peter Lerangis.

Poor Mallory - she needs the Babysitters now more than ever! . Mallory Pike has always wanted to be a member of the Baby-sitters Club.

Poor Mallory - she needs the Babysitters now more than ever! Young Adult. The Baby-sitters are so much fun to be around, and so grown-up. Now the club members have invited Mallory to a meeting. This might be her big chance! But the Baby-sitters don't make it easy. Dawn has been hired to keep 12-year-old Whitney company while her parents are out. Whitney has Down's Syndrome and is delighted to have Dawn as a friend. What if Whitney finds out her parents are paying Dawn to be with her?

Jessi Ramsey and Mallory Pike are the junior officers of the Baby-sitters Club Kristy is the one who thought up the Babysitters Club.

Jessi Ramsey and Mallory Pike are the junior officers of the Baby-sitters Club. That's because they're the youngest in the club. Dawn and I were not the first to arrive at the meeting of the Baby-sitters Club, but we weren't the last, either. Kristy Thomas and Claudia Kishi were already there. Kristy is the one who thought up the Babysitters Club. That's the main reason she's the president.

The Baby Sitters Club Childrens Books, Ann M Martin .

The Baby Sitters Club Childrens Books, Ann M Martin - You Choose Which Ones - All the books are in good condition, all have shelf, edge and corner wear

  • Arthunter
i love all of these books everyone should read them.especially children.
  • Morlunn
ISBN 0590449656 - And it isn't non-fiction, so don't read it expecting to get educated on the topic of horses, riding lessons or shows. It isn't, in the end, even about horses - like all the BSC books I've read, Mallory and the Dream Horse is about friendships and family, with a touch of problem-solving thrown in. If you're looking for information, look elsewhere.

That said, this is a nice story, told (mostly) in the first person by Mallory Pike. She and Jessi Ramsey are best friends and both horse crazy, so it's obvious that fate is on their side when a brochure from Kendallwood Farm arrives in the mail, advertising riding lessons. When Jessi's parents say no, Mallory's excitement makes her blind to her best friend's feelings. And, since it seems that Jessi doesn't care at all, Mallory doesn't talk to her when the lessons don't go all that well. Her classmates are snobby and "properly" dressed for riding, while Mallory doesn't own the right clothes AND ends up taking a fall in front of everyone!

In the meantime, the BSC is dealing with Nina, whose habit of taking her "Blankie" everywhere she goes is not helping her make friends as she begins school, and Mallory's younger siblings organize a neighborhood talent show.

I did find it weird when the book slipped out of the first person in two chapters, but other than that, I enjoyed it and I think BSC fans will, as well.

- AnnaLovesBooks
  • Livina
I love these books because I babysit myself and this tells mewhat to look for and what to do if there is an accident. I am 13 and Ihave been reading these since I was probably 9. Before that I would read Karens story. I didn't really like those books but I love these! My favorite charecters are Kristy and Mary Anne. I like them because I'm like Kristy when I'm around people I know but I'm like Mary Anne when I'm around people I don't know. If Anne Martin is reading this I THINK YOUR BOOKS ARE GREAT!! I probably have about 40-45 books. END
  • Sti
Now, I may not be a horse nut or anything like that, but I felt this book was a good introduction to horseback riding. And also, may I say that the point of the book was not to be exact about things such as ribbon colors and such. It served the purpose of showing how Mallory feels that its better to adore horses than love riding them. I do recommend though, maybe checking this book out of a library or something to see what you personally think.
  • Molotok
This book is a very funny and interesting book to read. Also it is very easy to read, and understand also to finish in a very short amount of time. I really enjoyed reading this book, and finding more about each character, and their qualities. This book also made me want to go and ride a horse myself. If you enjoy reading short books on friendship, and horses you would prpbably enjoy this book as well!
  • Arabella V.
Mallory takes horse riding lessons and it doesn't go as well as she thought and the people in her class are snobby. I don't remember much of the book but it was nice to see a book that speaks of mallory's love for horses, since it was mentioned lots of times that she loves to read horse books.
  • Shaktiktilar
I think Mallory and the Dream Horse was a good idea for the BSC series, but it wasn't as detailed as other horse books. I should know that a white ribbon in a horse show is 4th- I have 2 of them! Still, good idea. ALSO- riding instructors should NOT let their riders pick what horse they want to ride; that could be bad for all 3, and maybe even cause fights. The horse and rider's bond wouldn't be as strong, either, and it takes at least a month to get to a canter.