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Download Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa (Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa (Prebound)) eBook

by Betsy Lewin,Erica Silverman

Download Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa (Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa (Prebound)) eBook
Betsy Lewin,Erica Silverman
Literature & Fiction
Perfection Learning (February 1, 2006)
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With its four interrelated stories, new readers and horse lovers everywhere will appreciate these tales of friendship, change and love. With its four interrelated stories, new readers and horse lovers everywhere will appreciate these tales of friendship, change and love.

ERICA SILVERMAN is the author of the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa early reader books, the first of which received a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor. Lana's World is her newest easy reader series. She has also written many picture books for children, including When the Chickens Went on Strike, Big Pumpkin, Hanukkah Hop, and Don't Fidget a Feather. Very fun to read out loud together- She is Cowgirl Kate, and I read Cocoa. One person found this helpful.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa have a lot to do to help these new friends feel at home. But Cocoa’s not sure he wants new friends, especially if they mean more work. With Cowgirl Kate’s gentle nudging-and snacks!-Cocoa’s happy to help out, and work is as fun as play. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa. Silverman, Erica; Lewin, Betsy, illustrator. no page number in the book. Cowgirls, Horses, Friendship, Girls and horses, Cowhands, Cowgirl Kate (Fictitious character), Cowhands, Cowgirl Kate (Fictitious character), Cowgirls, Horses. New York : Scholastic.

Enter Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa. The charming paintings by Betsy Lewin are complement the marriage of little girl and her fanciful horse, happy adventures for young readers. Exactly what was needed for a little girl who has dreamed of her own horse for 3 years!!!! We started slow, she would read a page, I would read a page. In one story, Cowgirl Kate offers Cocoa a surprise after he eats his morning oats. Too curious to bother with his boring breakfast, Cocoa rips open Kate's present and begins chewing it vigorously. Unfortunately, the present doesn't taste so good. The sprightly Cowgirl Kate is a girl with a love of the ranch she lives on and her horse, Cocoa. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa book. In this Geisel Honor book, Erica Silverman and Betsy Lewin have crafted a book perfect for a more advanced early reader with their short phrasing and beautiful illustrations that support the text. This easy reader includes four chapters, giving children the feeling that they are reading a real chapter book. Each chapter could be read as a humorous short story, or the book could be read in one sitting.

Cowgirl Kate is counting cows, but Cocoa is talking and messing her up. Cocoa is hungry so he leans down to eat some grass. Kate decides she will count the cows herself, but she is too short to see them on the ground. She climbs on the fence, but still can’t see all the cows. She starts to climb up the tallest tree, when Cocoa cries for her to come down. Cocoa is worried that Kate will fall and hurt herself. Kate climbs down and hops onto Cocoa. Together, they count the rest of the cows. Cowgirl Kate decides to sleep in the barn with Cocoa.

Target/Movies, Music & Books/Books/Kids' Books‎. product description page. Partners - (Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa (Prebound)) by Erica Silverman (Hardcover).

The first title in the fun and feisty new easy reader series is now in paperback. Together, Cowgirl Kate and her stubborn but devoted cowhorse, Cocoa, count the herd, ride the range, and argue until the cows come home. Full color.
  • Kirinaya
Every little cowgirl enjoys this perfect book.
  • ????????????????????????
My 5-year-old LOVES this book. It is warm, funny, and has good lessons in it.
  • Mamuro
  • Darksinger
This is my daughter's new favorite series. She's nine. Very fun to read out loud together- She is Cowgirl Kate, and I read Cocoa.
  • elektron
  • JoJogar
We started reading the Cowgirl Kate series with "Partners". Then we read "Rain or Shine". Each of those is top-notch, and we actually did buy Partners after renting it from the library over and over again. This one is a little too long and not as engaging. Where the others are very readable... easy to get into, do the voices, emote properly... this one seems duller. (Buy the other two -- at $7 it's worth it -- but try to get this one from the library before committing.)
  • Mozel
The book is written in 4 chapters that could be read individually at 4 different sessions. Each tells its own story. The illustrations are clear and concise using bright colors. Children that love horses would like this book. I used it as a read-aloud story at the library but a reader of about 1st grade level would have no trouble reading it.
Very cute books! Our almost 4 year old always grabs a Cowgirl Kate book for storytime