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by C.J. Heck

Download Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff eBook
C.J. Heck
Literature & Fiction
SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc.; 2nd edition (August 25, 2000)
64 pages
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CJ Heck, author of "Barking Spiders and other such stuff" has been able to reach into the child within all of us. Her poems lead us through the inquisitive minds of children everywhere! The imagination in her poems is enlightening.

CJ Heck, author of "Barking Spiders and other such stuff" has been able to reach into the child within all of us. Her poems lead us through the inquisitive minds of children everywhere! The imagination in her poems is enlightening, witty, funny and sometimes sa. What do they do? What adult wouldn't want to know either? I enjoy how CJ Heck is able to take a simple action such as a child brushing one's teeth and transpire it into a poem delivering a message of family, knowledge, and above all that ANY subject is worth noting! She has been able to go down to the level of a child without losing her adult perspective. Each poem has a simple message that tells a child that no question is silly.

Barking Spiders is a collection of children's poetry by CJ Heck. CJ is also a Vietnam War widow. Children's Books: Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff Barking Spiders 2, (the sequel) Me Too! Preschool Poetry. The majority of the poems are silly and would easily resonate with elementary-aged students. With poems about tree houses, piggy banks, stinky feet and whistling, I would imagine this collection would delight young readers. The majority of the poems are written in an XAXA rhyme scheme, which would help young readers with phonemic awareness.

CJ Heck, her books and writing . Barking Spiders 2, the sequel (2011) Me Too! Preschool Poetry (2011) Bits and Pieces from a Writer's Soul (2011) Anatomy of a Poet (2013).

Gwen Cline: "What a fun book! I can't think of a better book to give or read to a child

Gwen Cline: "What a fun book! I can't think of a better book to give or read to a child. In this delightful book C. J. Heck's lyrical poetry captures the world as seen through the eyes of a child. Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff evoked feelings of nostalgia in me. Although I enjoyed the entire book and its whimsical illustrations, I was particularly touched by "The Quarter", which teaches children to be thoughtful and considerate of those who are less fortunate.

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Barking Spiders Poetry - CJ Heck. Age: The domain is 16 years and 2 months old. Popular pages. Barking Spiders Poetry for kids. Barking Spiders Online Store Books or CD format CJ Heck. Barking Spiders, Too Poetry for Kids.

C. Heck wrote a delightful poem about pockets in her first book of children’s poetry, Barking Spiders (and Other Such Stuff). She gave me permission to print it here for you: Pockets.

Barking Spiders is a magnificent collection of poems that universally appeals to people from all walks of life. This delightful collection playfully examines the experiences of childhood and makes its readers feel like children again.
  • JoJosho
This is such a cute book. My granddaughter giggled and listened intently throughout! Funny
poems, reflective poems, and poems that will even take an adult down "Memory Lane" are all here! It is wonderful.
  • Ungall
Based on the positive reviews, we went to great lengths to locate this out-of-print book. But we think it is just so-so. My daughter does not read it much. It is good, but there are better books of this style.
We like the poems from "What Your First Grader Needs to Know."
  • Balladolbine
This collection of 59 brief poems by C.J. Heck and accompanying line drawings by Michelle Lenkner are destined to become standard reading for the 10 year old set. They magically capture the "lost youth" of these young people while also moving the gaze into the potential joy of the current moment. Each poem seems designed to come from a different specific childhood perspective that will fit your child perfectly in a number of cases. Beyond that, the pages will reopen your own mind and heart to your childhood memories and perspectives.
In fact, the book is designed to give the feel of being an anthology of children's verse. The poems can connect with your child both through their subject matter and by their simplicity. You have poems about barking spiders, belly buttons, lost teeth, Bandaids, hugs, the Boogie man, shadows, smelly feet, toe jam, new babies in the family, and prayer. These are almost universal subjects. Often the poems come from an obviously female or male perspective, and I liked that. Your child can pick the rhymes that fit his or her personality and experiences best.
Most children will probably relate well to somewhere between 20 and 40 of these poems, so there's plenty here to keep the 4th through 6th grader happily occupied.
Personally, I found some of the poems to be remarkably appealing and interesting. Among these are Ode to Being Five, To the Boogie Man:, Hugs, Jelly Beans, Bandaids, Baby's First Christmas, Colors, The Quarter, My Tooth, Our New Baby, "Special" Brother, Dear Santa, Mommie's Hands, Angel, and Bed Pages.
I would like to single out one poem, Night Night, for special praise. It is similar to the ending of Goodnight Moon, but has an even simpler way to descend into a cozy slumber.
Although this book is designed to be read at the 9-12 age level, the poems themselves will be enjoyed by much younger children when read aloud by you. As such, you can begin reading some of these to children as young as 1 or 2. Some are also simple enough that they could be easily learned by a beginning reader. So you will get plenty of benefit over the years from your investment in the book.
After you child shows signs of "outgrowing" this book, I suggest that you explain the reasons why you enjoy it. ... adopting an ageless perspective that combines the best of youth and maturity is a valuable goal. Keeping the best of childhood present is the way to begin that process. Encourage them to keep with them that which is always valuable about childhood's outlook, especially the optimism and simple sense of wonder.
Make sure your child's life is always more than "a hole that just goes nowhere."
  • Musical Aura Island
This enjoyable children's poetry book made me laugh and hold a smile the entire time I read this comical book to my three giggling children--until the very end.
The New Hampshire author, CJ Heck, originally from Ohio, has put together a spectacular collection of children's poetry into one skillfully written and charmingly illustrated book. Michelle Lenkner has drawn delightful characters in pencil drawings, which enhance and perfectly fits the adorable poetry on each and every page.
Do you know what a barking spider is? My children laughed hysterically as I read the poem titled: Barking Spiders and by the fourth time...they were holding their stomachs!
This honest, innocent, and appealing book transcends all age barriers and explores topics such as belly buttons, smelly feet, birthmarks, and chicken pox! Every child and parent a like is sure to fall in love with this funny, and unique book by a talented author who definitely knows and keeps in touch with the child within her.
My children and I enjoyed this book thoroughly and I plan to read a poem to them every day in the hopes of keeping their wonderful imaginations a live.
Get in touch with the child who is trapped inside you, make your little ones giggle and watch as their eyes light up as you read such poems as: Dancing Fairies, Playin' Cowboy, Toe Jam, My Brother's Feet, and many more delightful poems.
Visit the imaginative world of a child by getting your hands on CJ Heck's book BARKING SPIDERS and other such stuff as soon as possible.
Highly recommended!
--Reviewed by Jennifer L. B. Leese,
  • Shak
CJ Heck has really touched on the important issues that perplex and interest children from three to ninety-nine. Her concise but child-like style embodies much wisdom in her seemingly effortless story telling in the form of poetry. Her poems are geared to be understood by a child, yet the content reveals subjects that a child will wonder about, but not be able to be fully addressed by a child. The poem, Grandmother's Apron is especially pertinent. The poem is about death and explains the pain of losing someone close to you, but in such a reassuring way. Many of the other poems are whimsical and care-free like Barking Spiders, but addressing only the lighthearted things won't carry a child into adulthood. CJ Heck knew that, so she mixed all aspects of growing up into a wonderful blend of poems.

You cannot afford to pass this book by. It is well worth the cost and a must have in your child's library.
  • uspeh
C. J. Heck's Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff is a very special collection of poems told from a child's point of view. Where else can you explore such silly topics as belly buttons, toe jam and stinky feet, whistling, toothpaste or bandaids...and in the same book, heaven, a "special" brother, best friends and being an only child? Ms Heck is able to capture the essence of the innocent, inquisitive child in each of us. These delightful poems are filled with honesty, wisdom and humor, as youngsters take a peek at the world around them and try to make sense of it. This is a wonderful read aloud book, the entire family can enjoy together and a great addition to all home libraries.