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by Enid Blyton

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Enid Blyton
Literature & Fiction
Red Fox; New Ed edition (September 3, 1987)
192 pages
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House at the Corner book.

House at the Corner book. kalo kalian belon pernah baca, buruaaaann cari di toko buku terdekat, walau gua ngga yakin masih ada yang jual versi terjemahannya, hihihi. Ini cerita tentang sebuah keluarga yang mempunyai 5 orang anak kalo ngga salah inget.

Enid Blyton, family story, children story. House-at-the-Corner is essentially a family story and the first chapter opens as Aunt Grace, a shrewd, sharp-tongued and rather interfering old lady, is on her way to stay with the Farrell family. Her memories of the five children are by no means favorable. Clearly the Farrell family is not a united one: apart from Lizzie, its members are all too selfish, too absorbed in their own concerns and too unsympathetic to one another to "pull together" as Aunt Grace expresses it. Identifier.

Curiously overlooked by critics, House-at-the-Corner must rank amongst Enid Blyton's finest books. Personally, although it is hard to make a decision, I should probably choose it as my own favourite. Her memories of the five children are by no means favourable - an impression confirmed when we meet them all in person.

You've always got your head in bird-books, or are collecting weeds, or hobnobbing with old Frost the gardener, pretending to help him 1 " " We don't pretend. We do help him," said David. You ought to see how our lettuces are coming on, under the cloches I You'll be having early salad soon, and when you do, you jolly well think of all the hard work Delia and I have done in the garden.

Enid Blyton (1897-1968) is the world's best-selling children's author and has sold 600 million books internationally. The family is changing a lot after disaster strikes! & at the Corner' is a not-so-famous Enid Blyton story. Her unique sense of fantasy and adventure, combined with unforgettable characters, has seen generation after generation have fall for her timeless appeal, and she was voted the nation's most loved writer at the 2008 Costa Book Awards. It is a paperback book and it is suitable for older children aged 8 - 11 who enjoy adventurous tales.

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Independent book shop. Back at the Corner House on Sat 18th for [email protected] A few new tunes on the backstage of dreams. 13 January at 09:55 ·. Thu, 16 jan at 21:30 utc. The BLUES HOUNDS. The Corner House · Cork, Ireland.

  • Kazigrel
The book was received in a completely torn condition. The cover fell apart as soon as I opened the book. Every time I turned a page to read, the page fell out of the binding. I can not believe someone would sell something in such a bad condition. That particular copy belongs to the recycle bin instead of being sold for money.
  • Dagdatus
I read this book as a child and remembered being incredibly moved and enthralled by it. Its about a family that has fallen into hard times and how the children in the family pitch together and help each other. Recently, I bought this book for my daughter from a used book store. I read it yesterday simply for the fun of it and could not put it down. It held the same appeal to me as 30 years ago.
I am on now a mission to collect as many Blyton books as I can and hand them over to my kids. Its a travesty that these books are going out of print and are not available anywhere. My daughter who is 9.5 years enjoys these books a lot, and is HOOKED on the St. Claires and mallory towers series. Despite being more than 75 years old, many of these stories..especially the fantasy ones--are very relatable to the kids of today. And very inspiring too, with sound values and moral lessons.
  • Shomeshet
What amazed me about this book was how there's a member in the family that anyone reading can relate to, in terms of personality and attitude. I personally connected instantly with the shy but kinder daughter. She was so much more interested in the grandmother visiting the family, and was the only one who went to get her at the train station upon arrival. Enid Blyton's depiction of a family going through ups and downs is excellently delivered in "House at the Corner," and I recommend that you read this book if you haven't cause trust me, you're definitely missing out.