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Download Chanticleer and the Fox (Viking Kestrel Picture Books) eBook

by Geoffrey; Cooney Barbara [Editor] Chaucer

Download Chanticleer and the Fox (Viking Kestrel Picture Books) eBook
Geoffrey; Cooney Barbara [Editor] Chaucer
Viking Children's Books; New Ed edition (1980)
40 pages
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  • Steelcaster
We really enjoyed this book. It is easy to read and the illustrations are delightful. It is an abridgement of an important piece of history/literature or rather literature in history, it has some good discussion opportunities for talking about pride, "sneaky bad guys" and how to respond. It is fun teaching in a safe environment. I know some parents make their kids watch cop tv shows to "make them aware". Not my thing, but either way, if you want a book with teaching opportunities we are very pleased with this one.
  • Molace
Chanticleer and the Fox, an adaptation of the Nun's Priest's Tale, is a simple and delightful tale with a moral (or three) at the end. Chanticleer and the other characters learn about the dangers of failing to be watchful, talking when one should be silent, and trusting in flattery. Barbara Cooney's illustrations are simple and warm, yet she gives a glimpse of what life might have looked like for a family in the Middle Ages. The book is suitable for an early reader or for reading aloud to younger children, although older children and adults would enjoy it as well. If you want more Chaucer for older children, without the rhyme or Middle English, you might want to try The Canterbury Tales, Retold by Geraldine McCaughrean, Illustrated by Victor G. Ambrus. Some material in that book, however, might need some parental guidance for younger readers. Chanticleer and the Fox is appropriate for children of all ages.
  • Mmsa
Lovely illustrations for a story I remember reading as a kid. Slim hardcover book; I bought a used copy which is almost like new. The story is very simple, with the moral of not succumbing to flattery.
  • Delagamand
Childhood classic that should be in all little ones' libraries.
  • Zinnthi
Excellent classic book about pride and rescue, stupidity and cleverness. We used it as a teaching tool in homeschooling our three girls, not only for writing short stories but as an example of good stylistic technique.
  • hulk
Delightful copy, excellent condition for age.
  • Kanal
Beautifully illustrated and magical in its simplicity. The perfect antidote to our electronically, overstimulated youth. Will purchase additional books from this author.
Well put together with words and illustrations consistent with a Middle Ages look.