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by Peter Spier

Download Noah's Ark eBook
Peter Spier
Demco Media (September 1, 1992)
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A translation of a seventeenth-century Dutch poem on Noah and his ark follows colorful illustrations of every stage of the ark's journey
  • Defolosk
This book is meant for kids, but I think I like it more than my almost-3-year old. The artwork in this book is so thoughtfully created and it really brings the story to life! It shows the reality of what Noah and his family really endured in preparing for the flood, living through the flood inside the ark with thousands of animals, and what all that must have looked like! We see all these beautiful, crisp, clean artistic drawings and paintings of noah's ark--so peaceful and every little thing perfect. Well, if you have to care for all those animals for several months inside a big boat, I doubt everything would "feel" perfect and beautiful. Yes, Noah was very devoted to God and following His instructions, but that doesn't mean it was easy. That's like our lives--we follow God's will for our lives, but that doesn't mean everything will always be perfect or without struggles. This book seems to depict the reality of the flood in the best illustration form I have every seen. You will not regret adding this book to your home library! It is beautifuly executed artwork and even includes some humor!
  • It's so easy
This was one of my favorite books as a child. I loved telling the story of Noah to my mother as well turned the pages. It made me feel like I could read long before I was able to do so. The text is spare, but Peter Spier's drawings are rich. This book had a huge impact on my adult life as a writer and storyteller. I buy it for all of my friend's children. I have ordered MANY copies for birthdays and baptisms.
  • Brol
What an adorable book! You have to know some of the of the details of the story of Noah and the Ark since this book has few, very few, words. So it's great for little children who do not read yet. The illustrations are detailed but not formal with just a touch of humor (when Noah releases the animals he ends up releasing a ton of rabbits!). You even see Noah cleaning up after the animals. Wonderful book to "read" to a child without actually reading words.
  • Black_Hawk_Down.
I ordered this book to put into my little granddaughters Easter Basket. I wanted something besides eggs and chocolate bunnies for her basket and this was perfect. She loves the pictures of the animals. The book keeps her attention and she loves to point out all the creatures in the story. I like it because it teaches her some bible stories as well.
  • INwhite
As with all the Spier Bible story books with no words, it gives children the opportunity to tell you what is going on in the story based on the picture clues. A wonderful way to first tell a story, but then to have it retold to you - in a hundred different ways - each time reflecting where the child is on his/her journey.
  • Blackworm
Beautiful book!!
  • Hilarious Kangaroo
We have a few favorite authors and Peter Spier is on the list. There is a poem to introduce the book, but there are few or no words in the book after that. It is a pictoral representation of the ark, and an extremely creative one. Lots of things are represented that I had never thought of! It's fun to look and could be used to let your children tell the story from the pictures or "find" certain things. Great picture book! We also like Peter Spier's "Jonah" which does have a writeen script, but the same WONDERFUL illustrations!
This is a wonderful book I have used as a teaching tool for many years. Without words, the kids interact by using their own words by looking at ALL of the animals and their surroundings, including the mess left when the animals and Noah leave the ark. The illustrations are not cookie cutter cute, but more realistic drawings...the kids I teach love it !