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by Gary Littman,Ridley Pearson

Download Disney After Dark (Kingdom Keepers) eBook
Gary Littman,Ridley Pearson
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Findaway World (August 1, 2009)
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The Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn Audible Audiobook. I got this book for free after seeing it on the Kindle Buffett list. I did not know the author or the series but chose it because the description made me feel like it could be like the Harry Potter series.

The Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn Audible Audiobook. The book does have some resemblance to Harry Potter.

Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark" was a great book. In The Kingdom Keepers book the five main characters take a job in the magic kingdom to make daylight holographic imaging of them selves to guide people around the park. In the story, five middle school students became a part of a new program that was promoted for the Disney parks. Soon they find, out after the holograms are finished, when they go to sleep they get transported into their holograms. through out the book they have a adventure that in some points puts their lives in danger. in the end can they defeat the evil characters that threaten the park or will these evil beings take over the park and shut it down.

Ridley Pearson is the award-winning author of the best-selling Kingdom Keepers series along with forty other novels for adults (suspense) and young readers (adventure) including cowriting Peter and the Starcatchers.

Also by ridley pearson. Kingdom Keepers II- Disney at Dawn

Also by ridley pearson. Kingdom Keepers II- Disney at Dawn. Steel Trapp- The Challenge. Cave of the Dark Wind. Escape from the Carnivale. Peter and the Secret of Rundoon. Railroad Disneyland®, Disney’s Hol ywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, Epcot®, Fantasyland® Area, FASTPASS® Service, Fort Wilderness, Frontierland® Area, Imagineering, Imagineers, it’s a smal world, Magic Kingdom® Park, Main Street, . Area, Mickey’s Toontown®, monorail, New Orleans Square, Space Mountain® Attraction, Splash Mountain® Attraction, Tomorrowland®.

Disney After Dark book. Ridley Pearson, Gary Littman (Narrator). The fact that Kingdom Keepers is set in Disney World in Florida will make this story more appealing to our students. Using a cutting-edge technology called DHI - which stands for. Most have been to the Magic Kingdom and are familiar with the attractions mentioned in the book. I was able to picture the two pirates playing a game of checkers, and the teepees on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

THE KINGDOM KEEPERS Using a cutting-edge technology called DHI - which stands for both Disney Host Interactive and Daylight Hologram Imaging - Finn Whitman has been added to your Cart.

Kingdom Keepers: Kingdom Keepers the Return by Ridley Pearson (2017, Hardcover). Okay, I absolutely love Walt Disney World, so when I found a blurb about this book, I jumped on it. It's not geared towards children so you don't feel like you're being talked down to, but it's not necessarily written for adults either (didn't go over my head)

Download Educator Guide. This gripping high-tech tale will thrill every kid who has ever dreamed of sneaking into Walt Disney World after hours and wondered what happens at night, when the park is closed.

Download Educator Guide.

Using a cutting-edge technology called DHI - which stands for both Disney Host Interactive and Daylight Hologram Imaging - Finn Whitman, an Orlando teen, and four other kids are transformed into hologram projections that guide guests through the park.
  • SupperDom
Disney after Dark is the story of 5 teens hired by Disney to become holograms that walk around the park as guides. However things aren’t as they seem when Finn wakes up in a dream or at least he thinks it’s a dream in Disney confronted by Wayne. Wayne explains it’s up to Finn to get the other four DHI to meet at the same time before he is willing to explain everything. The kids are local celebrities so it should be easy to figure out who they are but Finn is going to need help.

With the help of his Amanda from school Finn is able to track down the other DHI kids who all go to different schools. They need to solve the Stonecutters Quill before the pirates and the overlord figure it out. While the teens are thrust into a magical world they learn that when they sleep they take on the abilities of their hologram counter parts. Thus allowing them to move around the park and solve the clues faster.

I liked Finn right from the start he’s a good kid who is willing to risk it all to save the park. The other characters each have a role in the story but Finn is clearly the main character but I think the way the supporting characters are woven into the story is really well done. I also really liked the way the overlord who’s our bad guy plays out in the story.

I picked up Disney after Dark as a kindle freebie a while back with the intention of starting it right away but never seemed to get around to it. My hubby is the Disney world nut so when he saw the book on his kindle he had to read it and it’s all I’ve heard about for months. I typically try to stick with older characters because some get to young I can’t connect with them. However the characters in the book don’t come off as young but very mature which made it easy to connect with them. I love the way the author took the Disney concept adding their own unique twists to the story. Disney after Dark is one of those fast packed action packed novels that you just can’t put down. I enjoyed it and plan to read the next one in the near future.
  • Erienan
I was skeptical of this series at first because so many books have tackled Disney related stories.
But it wasn't long into this first book here that I realized that this was unique.
It had a bit of everything a YA book could and should have.
It has a good story line, good mystery, great characters, good versus evil, heroes versus villains, old and new technology, but mostly a sit on the edge of your chair excitement and expectations.
And it was all very relatable.
Good job Mr. Pearson, good job indeed!
Alan McDonald
  • Samardenob
As a long time fan of Ridley Pearson's novels geared to adults, I thought this series would be written with the same attention to detail. We are a family of Disney junkies, and I am always on the lookout for good books to share with my ten year old son.
I thought this series would be perfect. He had a very hard time reading the first 50 pages or so because they are filled with such awkward disjointed dialog, that is almost impossible to figure out what is going on. I started to read it out loud to him and had to keep stopping and rereading sentences to get them to make sense. It seems like this book went from author, to printing without a stop in editing. The characters are poorly developed, and the writing is excruciating to read at times.

That being said, we did stick with it until the end because we are such Disneyphiles. We liked the story, but not necessarily the book. We just started the second one, and it doesn't seem any better from a technical standpoint. I had purchased the whole series because of recommendations, and because I have always enjoyed Ridley Pearson in the past. I guess we will stick with it, and hope it improves. These books could have been SO much better.
  • Risky Strong Dromedary
2 1/2 Stars. I am giving this one an okay rating. The good: There are tons of fun references to the parks and the rides and other attractions in the park. I loved all those fun details. For instance the characters had a laser battle with the animatronic pirates from the Pirates or the Caribbean ride. That is pretty awesome...and then there is what happens on the Its a Small World ride. Really good stuff. Now I am an adult and well over the age range for this books. If you are looking for books for 5-8th graders, these would be a good bet. However there is no characterization whatsoever at all. The five main characters are described so briefly I couldn't picture them. Also we know of no motivations for these characters. Also the action wasn't described particularly well. One minute water was rushing up to them, the next minute they are in a boat and clear from trouble. How did they get out of the rushing water and into the boat? That stuff me up the wall and unfortunately I don't plan to read further tales of the Kingdom Keepers.
  • Shaktizragore
I got this book for free after seeing it on the Kindle Buffett list. I did not know the author or the series but chose it because the description made me feel like it could be like the Harry Potter series. The book does have some resemblance to Harry Potter. Similarities to Potter: (1) The book involves magic (good and bad); (2) the book involves kids befriending one another for a greater cause (instead of Harry, Ron and Hermione et al -- there is Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Willa, and Phillby) ; (3) This book involves one main boy being the leader (Instead of Harry it's Finn); (4) the book has a wise old man character who speaks in riddles of sorts and is never as direct as he should be who guides the kids ( Instead of Dumbledore it's Wayne).

13 year old Lawrence Finnegan Whitman (Finn) was chosen to become a Disney Interactive Host (DHI) along with 4 other kids. They all start having the same "dream" and then are pulled into a quest to solve a riddle and stop evil from taking over the Park and the World outside the park.

I am a Florida native and have visited Disney World more times than I care to remember but this book made me see it with new eyes and I appreciated that. The book also made me want to learn more about Disney - the park and the man. I am likely to read the rest of the books in the series and believe that if you are an adult who enjoyed the Harry Potter series then you will probably enjoy this book as well.