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by Raymond E. Feist

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Raymond E. Feist
Voyager; 2nd edition (February 1, 2005)
480 pages
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PRAISE FOR RAYMOND E. FEIST Praise for the Riftwar Novels MAGICIAN: APPRENTICE MAGICIAN: MASTER Totally . A lively tale where engaging characters inhabit a well-rounded fantasy land.

PRAISE FOR RAYMOND E. FEIST Praise for the Riftwar Novels MAGICIAN: APPRENTICE MAGICIAN: MASTER Totally grippin. fantasy of epic scope, fast-moving action and vivid imagination.

In the mountains of Midkemia, a boy came brutally of age in blood and in terror. And now he lives for one purpose alone.

Evil has come to a distant land high among the snow-capped mountains of Midkemia, as an exterminating army wearing the colors of the Duke of Olasko razes village after village, slaughtering men, women, and children without mercy. And when the carnage is done, only one survivor remains: a young boy named Kieli. Long recovered from the ravages of the Riftwar, the land and people of the kingdom of the Isles thrive. Nicholas, the youngest son of Prince Arutha, is intelligent and gifted but vastly inexperienced. In the mountains of Midkemia, a boy came brutally of age in blood and in terror.

Prince of the Blood book. I say more or less because this book was published between the first and second books in the previous subseries.

Название книги: Prince of the Blood. Автор: Raymond E. Feist. This book is dedicated. with love to my wife

Название книги: Prince of the Blood. with love to my wife. Arutha, Prince of Krondor, Knight-Marshal of the Western Realm, and Royal Heir to the throne of the Kingdom of the Isles, sat quietly attentive to the business of the court being conducted before him. A slender man in his youth, he had not gained the bulk commonly associated with middle age, but rather had become harder, more angular in features, losing what little softening effects youth had given his lanky appearance.

Raymond E. Feist Prince of the Blood. Would you? she asked. Arutha’s smile broadened, to what James could swear was almost a grin, something he had never seen his Prince do before. B. Bathurst The Bicycle Book. S. McKay Ramble On: The story of our love for walking Britain. Most promising,’ he intoned in mock-seriousness as he returned his attention to Pug. ‘He stands to be a duke someday if his more impetuous nature doesn’t get him killed along the way, or banished by an angry monarch to the Salt Marsh Islands. Glaister The Museum of Things Left Behind.

Fantasy writer Raymond E. Feist was born in Southern California. His first novel, Magician, published in 1982 is the first book of The Riftwar Saga. in Communication Arts with honors from the University of California at San Diego in 1977. Feist (/faɪst/; born Raymond Elias Gonzales III; December 21, 1945) is an American fantasy fiction author who wrote The Riftwar Cycle, a series of novels and short stories

Raymond E. Feist (/faɪst/; born Raymond Elias Gonzales III; December 21, 1945) is an American fantasy fiction author who wrote The Riftwar Cycle, a series of novels and short stories. Raymond E. Gonzales III was born in 1945 in Los Angeles and was raised in Southern California. When his mother remarried, he took the surname of his adoptive stepfather, Felix E. He graduated with a .

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Raymond Elias Feist (born 1945, Los Angeles, California) is an American author who primarily writes fantasy fiction. He is best known for The Riftwar Cycle series of novels and short stories. Feist was born in 1945 in Los Angeles, and was raised in Southern California. He was born with the surname Gonzales, but was subsequently adopted by Felix E. Feist when his mother remarried. in Communication Arts with Honors in 1977 from the University of California at San Diego. During that year Feist had some ideas for a novel about a boy who would be a magician.

A newly revised edition of Raymond E. Feist' s continuation of his classic Riftwar series. Set twenty years after the events of the Riftwar, Prince of the Blood follows the adventures of Prince Arutha's sons in the dangerously unstable Great Empire of Kesh. Set twenty years after the events in The Riftwar Saga, Prince of the Blood follows the adventures that erupt when a group of powerful nobles attempt to overthrow the Empress of Kesh, bitterly dividing the court. In the centre of the conflict are the two princes of Krondor, Borric and Erland. When Borric escapes and makes a desperate journey back tothe court to warn of the traitor's plans -- which if they were to succeed, would start a war that would twar the Empire apart. From the author of the phenomally successful novels in The Riftwar series comes the newly revised tale of swashbuckling adventure in one of the most popular fantasy worlds ever created. Prince of the Blood is the classic, action-packed saga of conflict and love, magic and legend, from the master of epic fantasy.
  • Amerikan_Volga
While somewhat of a side-story to the main sequence of Feist's Midkemia-based books, PRINCE OF THE BLOOD is nonetheless a great book, full of all the things that keep readers coming back to Feist time and again. Great characters lead the list, but this book also has an intriguing plot, lots of action, and a wonderful (and new) setting to explore. The book picks up 20 years after the close of A Darkness at Sethanon, with Arutha's twin sons, Borric and Erland, having grown into typical adventure-seeking young men. As a diplomatic gesture, these future rulers of the realm are sent as envoys to the Empire of Kesh, where they are to participate in the ceremonies given for the 75th birthday of the Empress of Kesh herself. Needless to say, they quickly become entangled in Keshian politics and other serious matters, and soon learn to be careful what they wish for.

Besides Borric and Erland, who are both believable and fun to read about, this book is full of other great characters, both old and new. Jimmy the Hand and Gamina, from previous books play a significant role, and we meet Suli Abul, Nakor the Blue Rider, a mercenary named (?), and a few very exciting Keshian ladies. As usual for Feist novels, this one is really driven by the characters, as he does such a good job of developing them over time, but also of making them interesting and enjoyable to read about.

While more mundane than most of the Riftwar Saga (with very little magic and more politics), PRINCE OF THE BLOOD actually reminded me a little of Magician: Apprentice, as it is really a story about two young people coming of age. Instead of Pug and Tomas, we have Borric and Erland, who are great fun to read about as they mature through the course of this book. Exploring the land of Great Kesh is also lots of fun, as Feist continues to expand his cash-cow of a fantasy setting.

While less epic than some of his other works, this is still a very enjoyable book. Recommended.
  • Bynelad
While not Feist's best writing, it wasn't his worst either. Feist may not be the most eloquent writer on earth, but in my opinion, he is one of the most intriguing. Prince Arutha and his brothers are heros, and while I wish Feist had written more books about Arutha's exploits, I enjoyed reading about the coming of age of his sons. Erland and Borric, the king's spoiled brats, are sent as ambassadors to the country of Great Kesh mainly to teach them a lesson -- grow up! As usual, things go very wrong and the boys are separated, and then they find themselves fighting for their lives. In Prince of the Blood, Feist introduces Nakor, a new character of questionable character in the series, and with his help, Arutha's sons come out all grown up and smelling like a rose. Not to spoil it by mentioning names, but one character I loved loses his life in Kesh. Feist certainly is good about killing off characters when they've reached a dead end -- and sometimes before I am ready to say goodbye.
  • Atineda
This is my first book written by Feist. It was well enough done to make me want to read more.
It is written in the classic style of fantasy and reminded me of the Sword of Shannara series.
I will recommend it to my friends.
  • Akirg
I have been a big Raymond Fiest fan, but I started a little backwards with the Serpent War Saga. I have since gone back through his other books all set within the same basic universe. Mr. Fiest has a wonderful ability to create rich characters and a intriguing environment and this book is no exception. The story tells of the two sons of the Prince of Krondor and their "punishment" and coming of age. Although this book is not as good as some of his other works, it is a worth while read. There is always a sense of fun and adventure is these books and this is another of the series. However, as you read more and more of his books, you start noticing the reoccuring emergence of character traits, but in the end it is just a great fantasy "spaghetti western".

In the end, this is a ripping yarn (as quoted by Raymond is the foreword for Magician: Apprentice) but this just isn't as ripping as the others.
  • Ximinon
This is the first Feist book I’ve read and I enjoyed it immensely. The characters were engaging and lovable, and the story carried me along. I didn’t read the original but this rewrite succeeded in making the Twins lovable and with a lot of depth.
  • Blueshaper
This is entertaining. It's also, as are Feist's other tales in this unverse, realistic in that, in the adventure, as everyone grows and some things are won, everyone also suffers loses. Feist's and Janny Wurts's books feature intricate political intrigue the likes of which are hypothesized about powerful organizations today more than ever, thanks to the internet.
  • Oveley
Wether you are a fantasy reader or mystery reader this book has it all. I highly recommend it. Occasionally I had trouble keeping up with who was who but all in all it was a pleasure to read
This book was the continuation of a very good series. It has likeable caraeters and a very good story line. Fiest does something that few authors do, he ends each book so that you can walk away from the story and not be left hanging. I highly recommend this entire series and all spinoffs, Feist connects this series and related series together to give a continuing story that, if your a fantasy fan will enjoy.