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by Melissa Wright

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Melissa Wright
Publisher: (March 14, 2014)
250 pages
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Frey, I’m on my way to the ridge. We will be leaving in the morning. Ruby’s words confused me.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25. ~ Late last night, a servant brought a note from my father. Frey, I’m on my way to the ridge. I must have read through the night. You can stay with him or go with me. I’ll stay. I listened to her footsteps recede.

The Frey Saga Book II: Pieces of Eight. 3. The Frey Saga Book III: Rise of th. elissa Wright. 4. The Frey Saga Book IV: Venom and Steel.

Melissa Wright’s most popular book is Frey (The Frey Saga, #1).

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The walls were lined with vast libraries of the earliest books and between each shelf were ornate mirrors and ancient decorations. Across the empty space before me was an elaborate table that seated six leaders of High Council. The guards who had brought me here had released my arms and stood a few feet back on either side. Left of one were council members and as I glanced right, Chevelle walked in and stood at attention, facing the council table.

This collection includes The Frey Saga Book I: Frey, Book II: Pieces of Eight, the short story Molly, and Book III: Rise. Unaware she's been bound from using magic, Frey leads a small, miserable life in the village where she's sent after the death of her mother. But a tiny spark ignites a fury of changes and she's suddenly being hunted by council and forced to rely on strangers for protection. The Frey Saga Book III: Rise of the Seven.

Jul 27, 2019- The Frey Saga by Melissa Wright: Frey, Pieces of Eight, Molly, Rise of the Seven, Venom and Steel. The Frey Saga by Melissa Wright: Frey, Pieces of Eight, Molly, Rise of the Seven, Venom and Steel. Vestido Medieval Medieval Dress Medieval Clothing Medieval Fantasy Medieval Archer Medieval Girl Medieval Boots Medieval Witch Medieval Outfits. The Witcher 3 - Ciri.

Unaware she's been bound from using magic, Frey leads a small, miserable life in the village where she's sent after the death of her mother. But a tiny spark starts a fury of changes and she finds hersef running from everything she's ever known. Hunted by council for practicing dark magic, she is certain she's been wrongfully accused. She flees, and is forced to rely on strangers for protection. But the farther she strays from home, the more her magic and forgotten memories return and she begins to suspect all is not as it seems.
  • Maximilianishe
Wow, absolutely amazing job by the author.

There is alot of mixed reviews posted here so let me try to explain in a non-spoiler way.

The first book of this series was extremely frustrating to me because it is very confusing and fragmented with the main character disoriented due to regaining lost memories in little bits and pieces. I almost didn't bother reading the second book because I trumped it up to bad writing.

However, I decided to go ahead and start the second book and it was a few chapters into that book that I hit upon the idea that the confusion I had from the first book was actually on purpose by the author in order to bring readers into the state of mind of the main character. I kept reading, watching for evidence of this and saw how as Frey picks up more and more memories throughout the 2nd book, the author actually slowly brings the reader out of the confusion. It was absolutely awe inspiring! I can't think of any other author who has nailed bringing the reader through such an immersing experience.

Naturally the last book, in which Frey has all her memories is completely void of the fog and confusion of the first two books. She still needs to puzzle out and solve the problems presented but she has the full use of her brain to do it.

My advice: Read this, and when you get frustrated by the main character forgetting things and walking around, following blindly and being stuck with the same thoughts recycling through her mind over and over, realize what she must be feeling as she struggles to grasp memories that are just out of reach and use that to immerse yourself into the story. Stick with it and prepare to be amazed.
  • JoldGold
I gave the book a poor rating for a few very specific reasons but will start with the good. There are some very interesting characters traits I've never seen before and I liked them. Different in fantasy is normally a good thing! The characters are well drawn and I can see character development and story line are headed in a good direction. However, as much as I would like to buy the next book to continue I simply can't. I despise authors who "over" manipulate the reader to the extent you want to choke them. In this case, the author abuses and tortures the reader when it comes to answering the question about what is going on with the main character. Several characters know but, as usual, won't say. Worse, like a cheap soap opera, our protagonist frequently asks those in her company but they are "ALWAYS" interrupted before an answer is given. ALWAYS! And then when she clearly has time to follow up, she never does. This goes on-and-on to the end of the first book. Incredibly annoying. No author should drag something out like this for an entire book. Initially she also appears to be really slow-witted as she doesn't understand what's happening to her even after multiple occurrences. I guess I can live with this but in this department the reader is way ahead anyways which is natural. I will say she starts to understand by the end of the book regarding her "changes". In this first book, overall, nothing is happening other then her advancing changes, pointless discussions never answered, and a couple of run-ins with the council elders chasing her and her party...and of course, unanswered questions. For me, I can't stand a soap opera format consisting of lots of secrets and known questions that never get answered for one manipulated reason after another. Bottom line: I don't like soap operas or being endlessly manipulated by an author for the sole purpose of buying the next book. Even if the next book finally brings answers (I'm sure it will), the authors style of writing leads me to believe there will be more of the same tom-foolery. Maybe...if I get really bored...I'll take the leap...maybe.
  • Arador
Elfreda (Frey) has lived in a small village with her Aunt Frannie. Her aunt either ignores her or makes her life a living hell. But Frey's life begins to take a drastic turn when she uses magic she didn't know she had to start a vine growing from a thistle. Frey soon finds herself on the run from her village council after being sentence for practicing black magic. She relies on the kindness of an elf she meets on the run and the man who she's not sure she should trust as he tries to outrun the council that wants to make sure her powers stay bound.

I felt as confused as Frey when I finished this one. While the story moves along from Frey's life in the village to her running and then meeting up with the ragtag group who help her, it's the last 30 or so pages, where I was lost trying to figure out why Frey's powers were bound, who her grandfather is and just what is going on between Frey and Chevelle. It's obvious something is going on and this group is there to help Frey, but you have no idea why.

Frey was also a little hard to warm up to. When we first met her, there really wasn't anything about her that invested you into connecting with her. To be honest, I didn't really connect with her until she started reading the diary. Even then, it wasn't really connecting with her but to the writer of the diary. I will admit, that once Frey finished the diary and she understands who the writer is, I connected with her.

We don't know a lot about all the others in the group trying to help Frey, with the exception of Steed and Ruby, and that sometimes took away from the story because I kept wondering why they were helping this girl.

I'm hoping (since I already bought it) that questions that were left at the end of this story are answered. That said, it was a read that did keep me in engaged, for no other reason than to try and figure out just exactly what was going on.