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ORBIT (LITT); First Edition edition (2001)
426 pages
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Spirit Of The Stone book. From Maggie Furey comes this stunning new novel that continues the epic saga of Myrial.

Spirit Of The Stone book. From Maggie Furey comes this stunning new novel that continues. Here the survivors of a ravaged city attempt to save their fragile and miraculous world from apocalyptic doom. On the world of Myrial, the mysterious Curtain Walls have begun to fall and the realms and races that have been carefully separated from the beginning of time From Maggie Furey comes this stunning new novel that continues the epic saga of Myrial.

4 of 297) spirit of the stone - shadowleague 2 - maggie furey.

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SPIRIT OF STONE: BOOK 2 OF SHADOWLEAGUE By Maggie Furey BRAND NEW . Spirit of the Stone On the world of Myrial, the mysterious Curtain Walls have begun to fall and the realms and races that have been carefully separated from the beginning of time are now confronting each other, with terrible consequences.

From Maggie Furey comes this stunning new novel that continues the epic saga of Myrial.

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Furey was a qualified teacher. The Spirit of the Stone (2001), ISBN 1-85723-953-9 (UK)/0-553-57941-X (US).

British fantasy writer (1955-2016). Furey was a qualified teacher. In later life, she lived in County Wicklow in Ireland. She died in 2016, and after a funeral in the town of Wicklow was cremated at Mount Jerome Cemetery. The Eye of Eternity (UK) (2002)

Title: Spirit Of The Stone: Book Two of the Shadowleague Item Condition: used item in a good condition. Maggie Furey was born in North East England.

Title: Spirit Of The Stone: Book Two of the Shadowleague Item Condition: used item in a good condition. Will be clean, not soiled or stained. She now lives in County Wicklow, Ireland, with her husband and two cats. Country of Publication.

Spirit Of The Stone: Book Two Of The Shadowleague. Book appears to have hardly been read and is in Fine condition throughout. Maggie Furey was born in North East England

Spirit Of The Stone: Book Two Of The Shadowleague. The stunning sequel to The heart of Myrial. As the curtain Walls across Myrial continue to fail, the threat of war grows ever greater.

Beyond the forest of stone lay the spiral of basalt steps that took the Cailleach out of the cavern. Climbing up and up, driven by an. xiety, driven by need, she finally emerged through a portal in the rock, high up on the pinnacle of the island at the centre of the Timeless Lake.

As the Curtain Walls across Myrial continue to fail, the threat of war grows ever greater. But the Shadowleague, the council responsible for peace and order, is beginning to tear itself apart. If this occurs, any hope of avoiding the deepening crisis will be destroyed. And as the divisions spread, the ruthless and enigmatic Lord Blade rallies his supporters, waiting for his chance to take over.To prevent catastrophe, Loremaster Veldan must persuade Zavahl, the tortured former Hierarch, to open his mind and unlock the knowledge of Aethon the Dragon Seer. With the fate of the world hanging on a half-remembered tale from long ago, Veldan, the firedrake Kazairl and their companions must travel down a dark and dangerous road. One that will lead them beneath the beleaguered city of Tiarond, deep within the mountain's living core where the secrets of the past lie buried.Find out more about this title and others at
  • Dondallon
"Spirit of the Stone" is the second novel in the Shadowleague series. It picks up exactly where the last novel led off and is just as action and character packed as the first book was.

When we left them Veldan, Elion, Kaz, the Hierarch of Callisoria (who has the memories and spirit of Aethon, seer of the dragons in his head) and Toulac a telepathic middle aged female warrior that Kaz and Veldan stumbled upon where crossing the border back into the lands of the Shadowleague. The Humans in Callisoria's capital city Tiarond are besieged by flying blood suckers who came through the failing curtain walls-while some flee to the lowlands for safety. Lord Blade, now revealed as the reneged Loremaster Amaurn is also on his way back to the Shadowleague to try and take over to solve the crisis he is essentially responsible for. And in Tiarond a band of young thieves are trying to sneak their way into the only safety left-the great temple of Myrial.

All the while the curtain walls are crumbling, the ring needed to control the calamity has been stolen by one of the winged abominations and the weather is getting worse. Every species on the planet is having their little world disrupted by predators or terrible weather-and the only real hope of stopping it is to get to the knowledge of Aethon inside the Hierach's head.

But the head of the Shadowleague is resistant to believe such a thing could be possible-and grieving over his lost partner, a being that was supposedly impervious to harm. It just may come down to the strangest of partners-and the luckiest finds beneath the city of Tiarond, that gives any hope of saving this unique world.

Like the first book this novel takes place over the course of maybe two or three days-but those days are packed. There are at least five storylines at any given time, so it does get complicated. If you found the first book hard to follow, don't even try this one.

Furey struggles with the same over described emotion in this book and there's a new problem-role reversal. Some characters, for no reason at all, seem to have had total changes of heart about things that they had set in stone beliefs about. The good guys become bad, the bad guys become good. It's a little annoying.

But when it comes right down to it, this is a fun book to read. I'm allready started on the last book in the series and I'm starting to think that this series and Furey's other "Aurian" saga are connected-so maybe I'll check those out too.

Three stars.
  • Leyl
Purchased as a gift - recipient was reading the series and wanted other volumes to go with it . ..........
  • Majin
I love Maggie Furey's work and this book doesn't fall into the usual "middle book" morass. The story is great, the characters are well-presented, and the writing is wonderful. Furey deserves a lot of credit for her work and this series shows it.
  • Felolak
Let this review cover both SPIRIT OF THE STONE and THE HEART OF MYRIAL, since I will not find the time to review both separately.

This is a very good fantasy series. It reminds me a bit of the Rosemary Kirstein series of Steerswoman novels in that it is fantasy with a science-fiction world for a backdrop. It appears that the world of the novels was set up in a perfect balance countless ages before by some super race. Climate was perfect, and various different races and peoples were set on different islands with barriers between them called "curtain walls.' Now the balance of this world has gone way out of kilter and the world is headed for destruction. Even now the weather is so bad crops cannot be grown and starvation stalks some of the lands.

In this setting, we have several most interesting characters on a dire mission, related to an effort by the "Shadowleague" to save the world. Naturally, there's a quest element -- the world cannot be saved if the heroes of the Shadowleague cannot come to a greater understanding of how the world got the way it is, and how it is controlled. Ironically, there is a scientific, central control center for the world which is totally misunderstood by the superstitious and ignorant peasants who now run everything. So this science center is NOW used as a magical temple for the priest class. I mean, sometimes you just want to THROTTLE these fools.

The character that is SO MUCH FUN and really steals the show is Kaz, the firedrake. This character is a pint-sized dragon. Bright red, covered with scales, and with the toothy dragon's jaws and head. HOWEVER, the firedrake is only about the size of a rhinoceros. Big, yes. But not huge, if you get my drift. The firedrake is an intelligent character in the story who communicates with telepathy. He is also a magical creature and a fire creature -- he can launch jets of intense flame for 25 or thirty feet -- the heat is enough to even melt metal. He also has quite a personality, always sneaking off to eat a sheep or two. I mean, this firedrake is a big guy, and those fires need to be stoked, you know?

Just for the record, the books have a few REAL dragons -- and I mean, these guys are really huge. Like about the size of a small freight train. Fortunately, to avoid going too far overboard on dragons and their firedrake cousins, the real dragons take something of a background role in the novels.

Great fun, fast moving, very imaginative -- and Ms. Furey writes VERY well. Some of the other reviewers have complained there's not enough action, but action is a trade-off against characters. To build interesting characters you need lots of dialog, and to supply this the endless action occasionally has to be put on hold. For my part, I think the balance between action and characters is pretty well maintained in the book.

I recommend both Heart of Myrial and Spirit in the Stone. Am looking forward to reading the third one ASAP.
  • Wyameluna
Myrial is a place like no other; the ancients created this world as a refuge for species in danger of extinction. Impenetrable barriers known as the curtain walls separate the different realms from each other. The Shadow League led by Cergorn is the keeper of all knowledge both magical and mundane.
Amarun a Loremaster in the Shadow League is branded a traitor and flees the land, traveling through the curtain into the realm of Callisora. There in the capital city of Tiarond, he builds up a power base with his ultimate goal to march into Gendival and take control of his former associates, the Shadow League.

Through his machinations, the curtain is lowered and vicious flying creatures attack Tiarond, destroying the local army. Amarun travels back to his homeland intending to use whatever means necessary to take control of the Shadow League but to his surprise he finds unexpected allies who don't approve of Cergorn's rule.

Fans of the Shannara series by Terry Brooks and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy will definitely enjoy Book 2 of the Shadowleague, SPIRIT OF THE STONE, an epic sword and sorcery fantasy novel. Told from the viewpoint of many different characters, both human and magical, readers feel at all times as if they are in the middle of the action in spite of some problems keeping track of whose whom. Maggie Furey is a talented storyteller who captures and keeps the attention of her audience.

Harriet Klausner