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by Kevin Yarbrough

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Kevin Yarbrough
PublishAmerica (July 8, 2003)
224 pages
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The Fire Within is a 2001 children's fantasy novel written by Chris d'Lacey. It is the first novel of The Last Dragon Chronicles, a low fantasy series about dragons in the modern world. The series continues with Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, Dark Fire, Fire World, and The Fire Ascending. The Fire Within takes place at Wayward Crescent, and it is about a 20-year-old man named David Rain, who tries to find out the mystery behind Liz and Lucy Pennykettle's relationship with dragons.

The Fire Within is a 1963 French drama film directed by Louis Malle. It is based on the novel Will O' the Wisp by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle which itself was inspired by the life of Jacques Rigaut. The score features the music of Erik Satie.

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Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within

The national reckoning that we now know as The Fire Next Time begins with Baldwin’s salvation. At 14, he found himself writhing on his church’s floor, experiencing a pain like one of those floods that devastate counties, tearing everything down. Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. And it is perhaps here that we realize that the boy Baldwin overcomes is not just the teenage zealot on the church floor but the younger boy popping up in other essays, the one pulling his mother toward the window to see a drunken woman outside.

In her thirty years of life Elysia Reeves has endured a lot from her mothereverything from physical and mental abuse to the forced rape that she endured routinely under her mothers watchful eye. But her mother isnt truly a woman. She is a demon that has walked this planet since the time of Adam and Eve. She is the Phoenixa ruthless creature that doesnt age. But Elysia knows her fatal flaw. Her immortality comes at a price. One that Elysia is no longer willing to accept. When Kaleb McCallister comes into her life, she knows there is something about him, something special. Fearing for her safety, Elysia sneaks away in order to save herself and the one thing her mother desperately wants: her unborn child. She cant run forever, and in the end she knows there is only one thing she can do. She must face her mother, and this time only one of them will walk away.
  • Oparae
The opening chapter of The Fire Within is like a kick in the gut and is perfect for making the reader empathize with Elysia Reeves, the daughter of a monster known as the Phoenix. Elysia is beaten and forced to have sex with strangers to satisfy her mother's need for babies she sacrifices to fuel her immortality. Elysia's tortured existence is encapsulated in an opening sequence that details her repeated rape by a sweating fat man her mother paid to assault her, but the real horror is symbolized by two little words she must say to her mother after each episode of cruelty: "Thank you."

The rest of the story isn't nearly as graphic as Elysia attempts to escape her torture with the help of Kaleb, one of the men her mother brings to rape her. She manages to get away, but her mother is able to track her down and wreaks havoc and death on everyone Elysia comes in contact with. Elysia and Kaleb are able to escape again and try to rebuild their lives with each other and their baby on the way, but Elysia knows her torment will never end unless she faces her mother for a final showdown.

Kevin Yarbrough writes brutal scenes in unflinching detail, but he also portrays the closeness and the depth of feeling between Elysia and Kaleb with a sincerity that exposes him as a caring, sensitive person. His characters are real--sometimes terrifyingly so--and his story never drags, right up to the end that sets the stage for the sequel I look forward to reading.
  • Ganthisc
Move over Stephen King! Kevin Yarbrough's, "THE FIRE WITHIN", is without question one of the most horrifying books I have ever read and it left me looking over my back to see if a fire wall was raging my way. The characters, evil mother Kacia, surfaces as the demonized Phoenix who deliberately kills hundreds of people to keep her youthful appearance. Elysia, the daughter who is forcefully raped and held captive in order to produce offspring for Kacia's gluttonnous passion for youth, tries to escape the years of torture and abuse. After living a life of hate, grief and physical conflicts, Elysia bolts and finds herself in the middle of even more terrifying pain. Josh, who befriends Elsyia is eventually caught up in the raging terror and is literally burned to death by the vicious Kacia. Kacia leaves her burning wrath by dogging Elysia with fire walls. Will Elysia live to raise her unborn child? Will her lover die a horrid death? Does Elysia live to become the Phoenix? Read the book! Once I started reading Kevin's book it captured me to such a degree that I found myself desperately wanting to know the ending. Great job, Kevin. You did well with your first book and I hope there is a sequel to "THE FIRE WITHIN."
  • Jorad
I found 'The Fire Within' to be a gripping, suspenseful read; a harrowing tale that cannot be pigeon-holed as simply horror, but also fits into the thriller/drama genres equally well. The characters are well drawn and the story itself eerily believeable.
The evil entity that fuels the plot is one of the most vile ever put to pen (or keyboard), and was never less than fascinating as the centerpiece of conflict.
Kevin's prose draws the reader into the story with ease, then shocks them with graphic scenes of abuse and expertly weaves the darkest of tapestries, all woven with an expertise and style all his own.
I highly recommend this white-knuckle thriller to any and all horror/suspense readers!
Kevin Yarbrough is definitely a name to watch amoung fans of the genre.
  • watchman
The opening pages of this spellbinding book set the stage for the brutal terror that kills wantonly in order to maintain immortality. The graphic, repeated rape of Elysia may turn some off in its savagery, but rest assured, this is not pornographic, but rather, realistic. Her struggle to find freedom and love tears at your heart, only to be snapped back to trepidation with the onslaught of the demon's murderous fury. The demon who is her very own mother.
This book is written in a style very reminiscent of the master, Stephen King. It could be said that it is Fire Starter, Carrie, and Misery all rolled into one. Very recommended for fans of the horror/suspense genre.
  • Topmen
Crafted in a manner that will hold the reader in suspense, Mr. Yarbrough's first book, "The Fire Within" is guaranteed to keep you on edge as it inexorably narrows your breathing space.
An unusual twist on the mythology of the Phoenix, the story line showcases this new author's extensive imagination, from rare moments of tenderness to gut wrenching revulsion.
We are sure to see more of Yarbrough's work as he continues his avowed goal of mastering the difficult craft of putting words to paper.
For all dedicated horror readers, this one is recommended!
Henry Custer, Author "Concept of Justice"
  • Ndlaitha
"The Fire Within" is a disturbing read that had me thinking about when I could get back to it when I couldn't read it, it had me hooked. The disturbing imagery at times made me wonder about abused people and how they live in fear on a daily basis. It made me understand, and that's a good thing. And yet, Author Yarbrough is not writing a book based in reality, it's horror, fantasy. But...and this is big, it has so many parallels to real life, you get lost in the plot and forget for a while that it can't be real. Or can it? Excellent.
  • Xal
Wow! Kevin Yarbrough's debut novel is sure to scare with fiery flare. In 'The Fire Within', Kevin brings the legendary Phoenix to life with his original writing style and a blazing mix of sex, gore, twists and turns. This book is a not-to-miss.
~ Stephanie S. Woods
Author of I.M. Internet Message and reviewer for
Midwest Book Review