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by Eric Flint

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Eric Flint
Science Fiction
Baen; Reprint edition (September 1, 1997)
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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

This is a work of fiction. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form. A Baen Books Original. Baen Publishing Enterprises.

Mother of Demons is a science-fiction novel by American author Eric Flint. His debut novel, it was published in paperback form in 1997 by Baen Books

Mother of Demons is a science-fiction novel by American author Eric Flint. His debut novel, it was published in paperback form in 1997 by Baen Books. It was one of the first books published freely on the web by its author and publisher, as part of an experiment by Eric Flint and Jim Baen which led to more active electronic publishing by both.

A battle-mother, possibly the greatest battle-mother who ever lived-if the rules of her tribe don't force her into a battle even she can't win. A keeper of the secrets of history who would control the tides of fate-if only she could. A paleobiologist with a terrible sense of humor. They are all revolutionaries, but none of them expected anything like what they're about to experience.

Eric Flint Mother of Demons PART I: The ThreadsChapter 1 As a young warrior, Nukurren had heard the demons come. Читать онлайн Mother of Demons. She herself had seen nothing. The sound had awakened her from an exhausted sleep, and by the time she raced out of the barracks there was nothing to be seen but a huge red splotch on the eastern horizon.

Mother of Demons by Eric Flint. This is a work of fiction. Box 1403 Riverdale, NY 10471. Cover art by Larry Elmore. First printing, September 1997. Distributed by Simon & Schuster 1230 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020.

Mother of Demons (1997) is a standalone SF novel. It is set on a planet in the Tau Ceti system. I already own this book in paperback and eBook but bought the Leatherbound version because I wanted a copy for my library. Humans had detected signs of breathable atmosphere on the planet named Ishtar.

Mother of Demons – e-kirja kirjailijoilta Eric Flint. Lue tämä kirja käyttämällä Google Play Kirjat ‑sovellusta tietokoneella tai Android- tai iOS-laitteella. Lataa offline-lukemista varten, korosta, lisää kirjanmerkkeihin tai kirjoita muistiinpanoja lukiessasi kohdetta Mother of Demons. A mercenary outcast with a perversion no one cared to think about. A holy leader, who knows her people are on the verge of great upheaval-and who wants to know more about this new tribe of demons. A battle-mother, possibly the greatest battle-mother who ever lived-if the rules of her tribe don't force her into a battle even she can't win.

Mother of Demons is the debut novel of science-fiction author Eric Flint.

Five revolutionaries--including a mercenary outcast, a holy leader, a battle-mother, a historical secret-keeper, and a paleobiologist--face a terror that none of them could have ever anticipated. Reissue.
  • Qumenalu
Mother of Demons (1997) is a standalone SF novel. It is set on a planet in the Tau Ceti system. Humans had detected signs of breathable atmosphere on the planet named Ishtar. In the twenty-third century, a slower-than-light ship was sent to Ishtar with colonists in coldsleep.

The Magellan took a century to reach the planet. It went into orbit and was about to transfer colonists down to the planet when something went wrong. The children and a few adults were crowded into the two landing craft and flown down to Ishtar.

Both landers crashed, but the passengers and a pilot survived. The Magellan was not designed to land on a planet, but Captain Knudsen tried to bring her down. He almost made it, but the ship exploded and the rest of the crew and passengers died.

Ishtar is habitable and even inhabited. The animals on Ishtar are equivalents of mollusks and worms. They are all invertebrates and they are all inedible.

The Ishtar biosphere is incompatible with humans. The animal flesh contains deadly poisons. Plants are not necessarily poisonous, but none can be assimilated by the human digestive system.

In the first two months on Ishtar, several passengers die of animal attacks and eating animal flesh. The humans also learn that some animals are intelligent. The owoc are timid herbivores who initially avoid the humans.

In this novel, Indira Toledo is an adult human on Ishtar. She is a specialist in Earth History.

Julius Cohen is an adult human on Ishtar. He is a vertebrate paleontologist and has a very different view of life than most humans.

Nurukken is a sterile female gukuy, a native of Ishtar. She is a very good soldier, attaining the equivalent rank of Sergeant Major in the Ansha Prevalate. She is the mate of Dhowifa.

Dhowifa is a fertile truemale gukuy, much smaller than the females. He is the mate of Nurukken.

Koppuru is a sterile female gukuy. She is a battle leader in the Kiktu tribe.

Guo is a fertile female gukuy. She is a battlemother among the Kiktu warriors.

Ushulubang is a sterile female gukuy. She is the only living acolyte of Goloku, the founder of a new gukuy religion. She is now the leader of the Pilgrims of the Way.

In this story, the human children convince the owoc that humans are not to be feared. Then a small child wanders off to the owoc grazing grounds and gets hungry. His crying leads an owoc to feed the child.

Then they discover that child food disgorged by the owocs is only known digestible food on the planet. The chewed and predigested plants are easily digested. Soon all the humans are eating child food. Indira never becomes used to the stuff; her imagination is much too aware of its origins.

The humans develop a symbiotic relationship with the owoc. They are fed by the creatures and they grow plants to feed the owoc. Humans explore the surrounding terrain and learn that they are in a valley on a plateau upon a great mountain called Chiton by the natives.

Then they find themselves protecting the owoc from slavers. Humans become known as demons to the natives. They attack every slave caravan in their territory and free the enslaved owocs.

Dhowifa was the husband of a Paramount Mother, but she was cruel to him. Nurukken and Dhowifa became friends and eventually lovers. They broke the sexual taboos and had to flee from the Anshac.

Nurukken is now a mercenary, guarding the chief slaver of a caravan.
She is initially taunted for her perversion, but the other guards have learned to fear her. Then she saves an owoc from a taunting slaver.

The demons attack at dawn. The tall and thin creatures run circles around the gukuy guards and slavers. Nurukken fights with fork and flail.

The demons are fast, but she is able to adjust and adapt. She injures several of them and they are impressed with her courage. So they don't immediately kill her, but they kill the rest of the caravan guards and slavers.

An owoc slave talks to the leader of the demons about Nurukken. The demons put the large gukuy and her mate on a litter carried by the owocs. They take her back to their camp on Chiton.

Meanwhile, Koppuru tries to convince the clan leaders to be flexible in defending against the invading Utuku. The leaders are prideful and decide to defend in the traditional ways. The Utuku are too strong and destroy the Kiktu forces.

Koppuru, however, takes the right wing into a swamp and sets an ambush. Guo and her flankers display their skill by devastating the Utuku. The surviving Kiktu withdraw through the swamp to avoid the remaining enemy and head toward Chiton.

Ushulubang and the Pilgrims of the Way flee from the Ansha Prevalate. They head toward Chiton, where other Pilgrims have reported friendly demons. Ushulubang has heard some interesting things about these ummun.

This tale develops an interesting biological and social pattern on Ishtar. The natives have achieved bronze age technology and have established empires. But the biology precludes hereditary rule.

Indira and Julius are the intellectual leaders of the human colony. He is a font of biological knowledge. She has the historical knowledge necessary to guide the colony, but is afraid of the pain and suffering that will inevitably ensue.

Highly recommended for Flint fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of social development, armed conflict, and wise aliens. Read and enjoy!

-Arthur W. Jordin
  • Thetalune
A colony ship sets out from earth with high hopes. When the colonists are awakened, though, those hopes are in tatters. There have been some major technical problems as the ship arrives and the captain of the ship must choose a few adults to send with all of the children he can pack into the shuttles and hope they will survive without the high tech resources from earth. Many do not. Those that do are face with the problem of trying to survive with a bronze age level of technology in an environment when much of the food is poisonous.

The demons in the title of this book are not the giant mollusks inhabiting the planet at the center of the action. Instead, they are the surviving humans from a colonization effort that ran into problems. They are not demons in the sense of being evil; they are demons because the humans are so utterly alien to the local life forms.

The locals too are at about the bronze age level and have all the problems attendant with that such as slavery, barbarism, occasional cannibalism and the odd attempt at empire. At first, the humans are only a legend but over time the humans take sides in an attempt to help themselves and the locals develop without all of the pitfalls that attended the birthing of civilization on earth. It makes for some tough choices.

This is a fun book. I enjoyed it.
  • Gralmeena
As an historian (and bless Flint for getting the article right!), it is a real pleasure to see this complex and sometimes painful area of study given some respect. Flint has an engaging style, even if he does condescend just a little. The situation is pretty typical SF, the main change being one of era -- these days, we're all for ethical treatment of and alliance with the natives rather than carving out a slice of territory and going out conquering from there. The way Flint ties his human colony into dependence is truly wonderful. I still regard this as being a matter of contemporary cultural fashion, but it's not one that I mind.
This book is a pleasure. There isn't a dull moment in the whole thing. But...
There's always a but. Eric Flint, most unfairly, hints at future events creating legends. Ok, where's the book?
As someone who kept being told that nothing I studied had any possible relevance to the real world, I couldn't help but rejoice to see the historian actually holding the keys.
Long live the Ivory Tower!
  • RuTGamer
I read this book long ago. It was unpredictable, violent, sex, and a touch of fantasy. I've never read another book more than once. I read my soft cover so many times it fell apart. Yep, I'm more than satisfied with my hard copy...
  • Mr.Champions
One of my all time favorite books. I already own this book in paperback and eBook but bought the Leatherbound version because I wanted a copy for my library.
  • Doomredeemer
This book was an all nighter - each alien and human have their "own" chapters, but in the end they are all tied together. Perhaps a little heavy on some facets of religion, but otherwise exciting story. Not your usual "castaway human colonists meet native aliens" storyline. Please, where is the sequel?
  • thrust
it was a good read... .
Nice presentation for a great tale!