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by J. G. Hertzler,Jeffrey Lang

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J. G. Hertzler,Jeffrey Lang
Science Fiction
San Val (May 2003)
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Jeffrey Lang has authored or coauthored several Star Trek novels and short stories, including Immortal Coil, Section 31: Abyss, The Left Hand of Destiny, Foundlings (in the anthology Prophecy and Change), and Mirror Eyes (with Heather Jarman, in the anthology Tales of the Dominion War). He lives in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, with his partner Helen, his son Andrew, an irascible cat named Samuel and a fearful hamster named Scritchy.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Left Hand of Destiny Book Two. J. Hertzler. The leader of destiny, Worf had called him. What kind of leader could Martok be now?One with half a tongue to speak and one eye to see? Martok laughed aloud at the thought and spat blood into the pile of dirt beneath him.

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STAR TREK: DS9 - The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

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Hertzler co-authored with novelist Jeffrey Lang two Star Trek novels, Left Hand of Destiny, Book 1, and Left Hand of Destiny, Book 2. which were published by Simon & Schuster

Hertzler co-authored with novelist Jeffrey Lang two Star Trek novels, Left Hand of Destiny, Book 1, and Left Hand of Destiny, Book 2. which were published by Simon & Schuster. The novels follow Martok's and Worf's adventures following Deep Space Nine as they return to Q'onos, with much of the focus on Martok's life.

  • Damdyagab
As with Book 1, Book 2 of "The Left Hand of Destiny" is more like a Klingon space fantasy than your typical Star Trek book. Much of what I wrote in my review of Book 1 applies to Book 2. J.G. Hertzler and Jeffrey Lang do a great job telling the story. The writing is much better than your typical Star Trek novel. The characters feel real and given the time to really develop and breath.

There are a few additional points I wanted to add about Book 2. First, the plotting is a bit less smooth. The first 20% or so essentially fills the reader in on essential background. It's not an exciting beginning, but as the middle of the two-book series it's OK and probably necessary. Then, the rest of the book focuses on various parts of the Battle of Boreth. At this point, there are elements in the story that seem a bit too "fantasy", including mystical warriors and a magical sword. It works in the overall story, but again feels more like Klingon opera than Trek.

As the conclusion to the series, some characters die. I was shocked to see which die. The book treated each of these deaths respectfully. I found each major death moving, much more emotional than anything I'd read in other media tie-in novels. It's wonderful that the books set up these characters with such depth that I ended up caring about them, and even more so that the authors weren't afraid of killing them off without some Star Trek-style "reset button" that resurrected them (at one point, the authors even seem to poke fun at reset buttons).

I think this novel concludes Martok's epic story in a very satisfactory manner. It's not perfect, but definitely recommended. Overall, 4.5 stars.
  • Sorryyy
Great read! I'd actually finished these books before realizing JG Hertzler, aka Martok, wrote these himself. I was absolutely thrilled to be taken back to Deep Space Nine for a personal history of Martok and his life after the Dominion War. I found myself rewatching episodes with new enthusiasm for the Martok-Worf relationship & dynamic. Interesting to me that 2 of my top 5 DS9 books were written by the actors themselves, Heltzler & Andrew Robinson with his Stich in Time story of ElimGarak. If youre a fan of DS9 you'll enjoy the forward progression of Martok's life and an exciting trip to Qo'noS.
  • Innadril
It's a Trek novel with Martok and Worf. Does it get any better than that? Plenty of action, fun, Klingon stuff, and some fun Ferengi comic relief. I loved it.
  • Kefrannan
On the one hand, it was pretty cool that J.G. Hertzler took this opportunity to further explore the character of Martok, featuring him in this two-part adventure. The writing is all right but not spectacular. The authors do well in picking up on some of the events from DS9 episodes, so it does feel like a continuation of the series, and legitimate as one of the books included in the "relaunch" novels according the Star Trek's Memory Alpha website. I'd probably give this 2.5 stars, but I'm rounding up to 3 here because of a great scene with Ezri Dax in an EVA suit (I won't reveal more in order to avoid a spoiler).

The book does have its weaknesses. For one, a few of the ideas are ripped off from other science fiction stories a little too closely, including the use of "Voice." That is too specific to the universe of Dune to appropriate it here, in my opinion. There are some slow patches, too, in which I felt like time was being wasted in order to make this long enough. In the end, I feel this two-part story could have better been told in one book, or it could have been improved by including more about Worf, who I think got a bit short-changed.

So, it's not the best Star Trek novel I've ever read, but it's a decent entry, and it's nice to pay a visit to the Klingons every once in a while.
  • Perilanim
The second part of one of the best stories I've ever read. Perfectly captures the Klingon perspective. The writing is superb. Visualization is exceptionally well written. I've recommended it to every single one of my Star Trek friends and many others who should read a well written story.
  • Ishnsius
The positives in this series are probably directly related to Hertzler's experience as a Klingon. Unfortunatley most of the action and battle scenes were just ... so ... drawn ... out ... that they became monotonous. I found myself skimming through these sections as they contributed little to nothing to the overall plot.