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by Rick Cook

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Rick Cook
Science Fiction
Baen Books,U.S. (February 25, 1994)
352 pages
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Mall Purchase Night Mass Market Paperback – December 1, 1993. I always enjoy Rick Cook's style.

Mall Purchase Night Mass Market Paperback – December 1, 1993. by. Rick Cook (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. He's a pretty fun author, and where this is a stand along book that's not part of a series, and deals with his usual cross pollination of fantasy creatures and monsters crossing over and clashing with us regular ordinary 20th century suburban mall types. I don't recall any parts that lag, but I do recall that the book is more oriented towards regular everyday working class folks who struggle to make ends meet, as opposed to the usual heroic talented types who save the day.

Mall Purchase Night book. Rick Cook is a journalist, computer hacker, and fantasy author best known for his "Wiz" series of books. Since his hospitalization in 2000 he has not resumed fiction writing. Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. See this thread for more information. Mor. rivia About Mall Purchase Night.

This book is suitable for reluctant readers of 8-13 with a reading age of below eight years

This book is suitable for reluctant readers of 8-13 with a reading age of below eight years. It is printed on cream paper, which is proven to be more restful on the eye. The font is specially designed to encourage a smo oth and easy read. There are frequent page breaks, short, headed chapters and illustrations on almost every page.

Rick Cook (born 1944) is a light fantasy author from the United States, best known for his Wizardry series of books. His writing includes many jokes that are hard to appreciate without having a background in systems-level programming, though the books themselves can easily be enjoyed by readers without such a background. What "Wiz" Zumwalt could do with computers was magic on Earth.

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Baen Books By Rick Cook. This is a work of fiction. The Wizardry Compiled. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form. A Baen Books Original.

ISBN 10: 1555940250 ISBN 13: 9781555940256. Publisher: Baen Books,U. Andy Westin, the new security guard at Black Oak Mall, has no idea that the mall is built on a gateway between Elfland and Earth and that a long-standing conflict may threaten innocent shoppers.

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Rick Cook (born 1944) is an American author of light fantasy novels. His writing includes many computer jokes, and is best enjoyed by those who have a background in computers. Wiz thought about what it would be like to work with a computer that killed the programmer every time it crashed and shuddered. It is a pity the universe doesn't use a segmented architecture with a protected mode! Murphy said, 'Constants aren't', and Murphy was apparently one of the gods of this universe.

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  • Lanadrta
This reads like something from the 1950's -- an old-fashioned story with a plot, interesting (and individual) characters, and plenty of color. I really appreciated that there was no gratuitous sex, the violence wasn't unnecessarily explicit, and there was very little foul language -- just one instance of the F word. I'm not a prude (I know, all prudes say that) but it seems that since the 1980's, writers of supernatural fiction have often gone overboard with sex and violence, perhaps believing that readers aren't interested in PG-rated stories.

There's a lot going on in this book. The subplots involve drug dealing, mall employees planning a major heist, and the mall owner courting a Japanese buyer. Cook builds these subplots expertly, and includes scenes with peripheral characters that add color and keep the pages turning. The book never feels too busy, and all the characters are given time for their stories to conclude -- there are no loose threads.

I'd love to see this filmed.
  • Inabel
When eerie events at the Black Oak Mall create a vacancy in the security guards, ex-cop Andy Westin shows up. Andy is a good guy, who has left the L.A. Police force because of the corruption and the violence. Being a mall guard doesn't pay a lot, but he is looking forward to being more at peace than he has in a long time. What Andy doesn't know is that the Mall is sitting right on top of an entrance to Faerie and his troubles are just about to begin.
Judy Cohen is a shop owner at the mall. She runs a little place called 'BellBookand' which, naturally, is a candle store. Business isn't great, but Judy is a positive thinker, and besides, she is also a practicing witch. Andy meets Judy, they really like each other, but Andy gets the whim-whams every time Judy mentions witchcraft. He also gets discomfited when little critters start to appear and disappear at the mall and when a ghost driven skateboard takes a shot at him. He really gets uptight when a beautiful elf woman appears and lays a spell on him. Even more so when Judy removes the spell and gives the elf a rash.
Kemper Cogswell owns the mall and is determined to sell it. He has visions of running for office and needs the profits from the mall to fund his race. He has a Japanese firm almost ready to buy the Mall, but is beginning to realize that these conservative clients may find mysterious rats that eat plastic coat hangers a little too strange. Kemper issues orders that the weird has to stop and Andy finds himself messing with elves, brownies, drug dealers, air guitarists, thieves, a crazy news reporter, and even an ice troll. Even with Judy helping, this is not the job of his dreams.
Rick Cook has been writing light fantasy for some time now, and has a solid reputation. While he is no Tom Holt or Terry Pratchett, he is a good writer with the ability to pull off a nifty sight gag and the occasional over the top pun (this book's masterpiece, outside of the title, is 'I think it was a chocolate covered brownie"). Humor is a precious commodity at any time, and Rick Cook adds to the world's balance with a quirky story of magic that is half in the world and half out of it. Just avoid the fur safe and stay out of the way of the skateboards.
  • Thordibandis
See my review of his other books, Wizards Bane and Limbo System, great writer.
  • Thabel
What is odd about this book is how much fun it is to read. The plot is clever but basic, the characters are ordinary but likable...and yet, it goes by so delightfully you are disappointed when it ends.

The little bits about mall social dynamics are quite amusing and one could almost wish there was more there. It's something Rick Cook does quite well in his "Wiz" books as well; this sense of getting a glimpse of insider knowledge. In the latter, it is coding. In this one, it is mall operations!

Oh, and the terrible pun in the title....I have to ashamedly admit I didn't get it until I was half-way through the book.
  • Winenama
hard to believe that no one else read and reviewed this book. i'm buying a second copy for a friend that needs a good laugh and this is right up on the list. magic invades the mall just as the japanese are trying to buy it, and the bad magic is trying to take over for it's own purposes. prepare to laugh until your stomuch hurts!
  • Kagalkree
Not highbrow, but a good fun read when you're in the mood for something light.
  • LØV€ YØỮ
This is a review of the kindle version from another vendor. If I read this in 1993, I would have rated higher! But I have seen the both the various plot lines and characters done better in various media. Get it to complete your collection.