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by Kevin Townley

Download Meditations on the Cube of Space eBook
Kevin Townley
Alternative Medicine
Archer Books; 1 edition (January 1, 2003)
297 pages
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Kevin Townley Archer Books. Published in 2003 in the United States Archer Books P. 0. 1254 Box Santa Maria, C A 93456 ww. rcher-books. com infoaarcher-books

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Kevin Townley the Cube of Space. Article covering the basics of confined space safety. Includes sections on OSHA 1910. 146(a) (23) standard, confined space ventilation, air monitoring, rescue and retrieval and other safety hazards. Kevin Townley the Cube of Space. Descripción completa. The secret of the cube. The Cube routineDescrição completa. 23837408 David Allen Hulse the Cube of Space. New Dimensions for the Cube of Space- David Allen Hulse. The Architecture of Virtual Space. Divine Space and the Space of the Divin.

Kevin Townley's Cube of Space is, as its cover says, a first for this area of study. In the study of the Qabalah there is no more important glyph than the Cube of Space with perhaps the exception of the Tree of Life. - Dr. Paul Foster Case. Townley's book is a major leap forward in an almost forgotten area of Qabalistic thought and practice . actual flows of energy.

The Cube of Space is an occult concept that was popularized by the prominent .

The Cube of Space is an occult concept that was popularized by the prominent occultist Paul Foster Case. The Cube of Space associates the three axes of the cube, the center point of the cube, the six sides of the cube, and the twelve edges of the cube, with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Cube of Space is based upon two verses in the proto-kabbala text called the Sepher Yetzirah. Sefer Yetzirah Page 203) While occult author Kevin Townley explains a cosmology with an octahedron within a cube.

container of creation Kevin Townley has been a student and teacher of the Western Mysteries and Ageless Wisdom for nearly 40 years.

container of creation. True secrets of Masonry are only revealed to those who enter the world of symbol. The Bromwell book may very well be the most important written document on the subject of Masonry and this work by Brother Townley will place into the hands of the general Craft some powerful insights into the carefully guarded secrets of Masonry. I’m sure that you will agree when you have completed this work and have a greater appreciation for our Craft. Charles G. Johnson – Grand Master. Kevin Townley has been a student and teacher of the Western Mysteries and Ageless Wisdom for nearly 40 years.

July 28, 2014 History. Published January 2003 by Archer Books. 74 tax deductible donation.

This work on the cube of space takes the reader from the information aspect of the cube to its practical application in the form of a series of meditations. Expanding on his earlier work, "The Cube of Space" (Archive Press), Townley has combined the fundamental principles of the cube of space with pictorial images of the Tarot to create a series of precise meditations for the serious student of this ancient wisdom.
  • Hiclerlsi
Kevin is an incredible writer. It does take time to consider and meditate on the concepts but he makes it as clear as can be.

These concepts are difficult to put into words, but Kevin gets you close enough you should be able to make the 'jump' into comprehension. It takes time and meditation, so don't move from one concept to another until you've really grasped the first.

Feelings don't always equate to concrete words. They don't fit into boxes that small . . .
  • Ffel
This is an excellent book that describes a subject that few have paid attention to. There are few works that even bother to describe the Cube of Space, let alone actually give information and exercises designed to utilize it for spiritual growth. The Cube of Space is an alternative view of the universe for those walking the path of the Western Mysteries. I like it because, unlike the Paths on the Tree of Life, there is little of the kind of "hierarchy" implied by the positions of the associated Tarot cards.

I must warn the potential buyer that this book is not for beginners. In order to get the greatest benefit from what is in this book, you should know your Kabbalah inside and out. It helps some to have the author's previous book on the Cube of Space, but even with that you will have to do some serious studying.

For me, this book has been very helpful and useful. I recommend it for anyone wishing to do any real work with the Cube of Space.
  • artman
Outstanding, but only for those who are intimately familiar with the Cube of Space. Not for a new comer.
  • Galanjov
IF you wish to KNOW ABOUT AND LEARN ABOUT "the Cube of Space" - read all tarot works by Paul Foster Case - Join the "Builders of the Adytum" [...]

I hope the sources I just listed are mentioned in his works.

Townley did not create this.