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by Michele Stanten

Download Prevention's Firm Up In 3 Weeks eBook
Michele Stanten
Diets & Weight Loss
Rodale Pr; 1 edition (August 1, 2004)
433 pages
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From "Prevention" magazine's fitness expert, the personalized workout that melts fat and builds muscle "As fitness director of "Prevention" magazine, Michele Stanten routinely hears from people who feel trapped in workouts that are too hard or too easy, that have become boring, or that fail to produce measurable results.

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MICHELE STANTEN, is a certified fitness instructor and fitness director for Prevention magazine . I love the fact that the book presents a set workout (complete with pictures) and a diet menu for every day of the 3 weeks that your body is transformed.

MICHELE STANTEN, is a certified fitness instructor and fitness director for Prevention magazine; she has made numerous television appearances. She resides in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. It also includes a weekly grocery shopping list of foods that are included in the daily menus. I definitely feel more toned and trim after 2 weeks.

The firm up focus - Firm up in 3 weeks: the premise, the promise, the program - The firm up action plan - Let's get started - Week 1 - Get a winning attitude - Week 2 - Keep your motivation strong - Week 3 - The firm up diet - The. Science behind the diet - Mix-and-match meals - The firm up components - Strength training: the firm up secret weapon - Walk off pounds and inches - Stretching: the gentle way to feel good and look great - Firm up and beyond - The stay firm plan - Stay firm forever -. Stay firm moves.

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Check out Michelle Stanten's latest book, Walk Your Way To Better Health, for new and improved walking workouts - and 140+ recipes!) It's guaranteed to work: Ask the nearly 2 dozen women, ages 34 to 63, who walked in heat and rain to test this revolutionary program. Michele Stanten Michele Stanten is the author of Firm Up in 3 Weeks and Walk Off Weight, creator of mywalkingcoach. com, and an ACE-certified fitness instructor.

Walking Coach + Journalist . Michele Stanten’s Twitter Feed. Walking is not for wimps! Michele is the former Fitness Director of Prevention magazine, who’s written for Real Simple, Shape, MORE and Self magazines about health and fitness. Michele has coached thousands of people across the country to walk full and half marathons. She’s written five books, including Firm Up in 3 Weeks, Walk Off Weight, and her latest, The Walking Solution.

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Michele Stanten is the fitness director of Prevention, the nation's healthy lifestyle magazine. Stanten is also the author of Firm Up in 3 Weeks. She lives in Coopersburg, PA. One fee. Stacks of books. Read whenever, wherever. Your phone is always with you, so your books are too – even when you’re offline.

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Prevention's Firm Up In 3 Weeks gives you all the tools you need to get the body you want - without the wait. In just 3 short weeks, you'll firm up your arms, your abs, your butt and thighs....and you'll firm up your attitude about getting, and staying, in shape - so this time, the results will last!
  • Diredefender
This is the most well written nutritional and diet book I have ever seen! Diets can be so confusing and difficult to understand but the author has written this in a way that ANYONE can follow - if you CAN'T follow her plan and firm up, you don't WANT to! I have now lost 12 pounds after following her program for 6 weeks.

The diet is easy to understand and food preparation is not complicated- even if you're only cooking for one. The diet consists of a high fiber, low calorie (around 1700 a day) diet and even allows you to make selections based on your preferences if you don't like what is suggested. For those of us who have a sweet tooth, she alllows a satisfying daily "indulgent treat" that is around 200 calories!

She clearly describes the exercise program that should be done daily and there are at least two photos for each move with suggestions for doing the move properly. She includes a chart for what to do if you can't do daily exercises and you can select the 5-day or 3-day program for the week. If you are expecially zealous, you can do the "must-do moves" and also additional ones daily to help you tone up more quickly. The exercise program consists of strength training (no equipment required other than 5, 8, 10 pound dumbbells) and daily walking. The strength training tones muscles while the walking burns calories.

Throughout the book, she throws in lots of interesting facts and sites many research studies that help you in your "training." I have been so impressed with this book that I have told many friends about the plan and my success with toning up... 6-7 of them purchased the book for themselves - even my 62 year old mom is loosing weight! After applying the plan to my daily lifestyle for the last few weeks, I am now in the chapter for "advanced" moves to continue my workouts. I am very greatful to this author who has found a way to educate me on a topic that once seemed so complicated. Now, I have a better understanding of how food consumption and exercise work together and have committed to make lifestyle changes that I will apply for the rest of my life... I can't recommend this book highly enough!
  • zmejka
Awesome book!!!! You will like it. Helps you to encourage the importance of exercise, eating healthy.
  • Skiletus
this book is great, it is a true step by step guide, broken down into days and weeks with three levels of intensity. With this book, you can't go wrong.
  • Carrot
I'm having a hard time getting into this program. Too many pages to flip through to find my level and food suggestions.
  • Vichredag
If you are just learning about excercise and diet then this book might be for you. Anyone else should just do what they know to do for three weeks. The book offers no new insight on diet and excersise as it promises. I thought that since it was tied with the Prevention name I would learn more than what the book offers.
  • GawelleN
I had previously owned this book but it was lost in the last couple of years. I was glad to find it on your website. I am very pleased to have this book again. I would rate it very high for getting in shape.
  • Doomwarden
I used this book after my son was born and found it to be informative, motivating and user friendly. Like most weight loss books, I assumed I had to read over 200 pages before I would lose a pound but that is not the case with this book.
Basically they give you some great information in the front of the book and tons of meals to choose from in the back of the book. The middle of the book is what to eat and what to do (exercise) on that particular day and for the next 3 weeks. So it is a day by day plan for both eating and exercise. It does not get any easier then this. I lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks and most importantly felt great. The menu will give you 1700 calories a day but I felt better with 1500, so the choice is yours.
I gave it to two people to jump start a healthy life style and the last person lost it on me (or refuses to give it back)....I let me self go in the past year and Im running to the book store now for another copy. This one I will not let go of!!!
This is something I looked for for years.. an all-in-one, sensible, reasonable method for weight loss. It includes three weeks of menu plans, with options for variety, plus three weeks of workouts - walking and weights - set out with advice and encouragement. You could make this into a nine-week program by starting at exercise level 1, then 2, then 3.

I tried it and actually lost weight by eating all the time. (You have three meals and two snacks, plus a treat, every day). If I slacked off on either the food or the weightlifting, though, my weight loss did too.
Some of the meal suggestions are a bit too processed for my taste - prepared bread crumbs, frozen meals, more meat than I like to eat... but there are enough options to keep me happy.