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by Leslie Sansone

Download Walk Away the Pounds [With Earbuds] eBook
Leslie Sansone
Exercise & Fitness
Center Street (2005)
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Losing weight has never been easier or more fun than with Leslie Sansone's. Books related to Walk Away the Pounds.

I first did Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds 16 years ago. I did them for about 3 years and stopped

I first did Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds 16 years ago. I did them for about 3 years and stopped. Just recently I decided I thought it would be fun to revisit my Walk Away the Pound Days and was really happy to have found this DVD. I've been doing it off and on for a few weeks now and love it just as much as I did all those years ago. Leslie's exercises are easy.

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Walk Away the Pounds book. It's never been easier. Women all across America have dropped between 20 and 150 pounds with Leslie Sansone.

It's never been easier. Now you can too! show more. Format Paperback 260 pages. Dimensions 17. x 22. x 1. mm 567g. Publication date 27 Dec 2005. Publisher Time Warner International.

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  • Vudojar
This CD is great! The packaging was very good. I would use this vendor again! I love Leslie Sansone and her exercise programs!

I am disappointed that the URL given in the CD Jacket where I should be able to download the .pdf of the Daily Walk Log and Weekly Walk Log is not accessible or no longer available. So, I have created some Daily Walk Logs and Weekly Walk Logs using the Logs printed on the CD Jacket Panels as templates; and from her book of the same name. :-D
  • Vichredag
I have read a few books on walking but they are always assuming you are going to walk outside. Leslie has made an empire based on the idea that you can do an indoor walking "workout" that is fun and easy. I like how she emphasizes the fact that our bodies are made to move, and by simply walking more we can maintain our weight and health because that is what we are designed to do. It doesn't have to be complicated or difficult, which is completely opposite what our culture is constantly teaching with the diet and fitness industries.

I appreciated the section she had on walking through pregnancy. I think you should probably combine this with another prenatal fitness book though, because she doesn't go into detail about any specific exercises you can do to tone up problem areas afterward (Leslie if you're reading this, I would love if you wrote a prenatal fitness book that got into more detail!).

She isn't pushy at all about diet, but provides some easy tips to help improve your diet. She explains tips on how to deal with the stresses of life, especially as women. The walking is helpful for men too, but be aware that the book is addressed more toward women. I enjoyed this book and recommend it for anyone looking to improve their life with exercise.
  • Still In Mind
Love the book! I purchased hardcover new and got the DVD But when you purchase the Kindle Edition, you do not get access to the DVD.
  • Garr
I have been walking outside for years, but have several friends in very poor health. I gave this book away as a gift because it starts off with just 15 minutes a day! This book also uses a "walk in place" idea where, when the weather is bad, you can still do your exercise, but out of the bad weather. The most dedicated couch potato can see themselves tackling this small bit of time and effort. Book is easy to read, without a lot of "gym" talk, i.e. abs, pecks, etc. She does a great job of showing how even small amounts of walking in place can lead to great benefits.

The author has a great website also, as well as more books and updated videos. The one that originally came with this book has been discontinued.
  • Velan
It is becoming harder to find unmarked used copies. I hope that Leslie Sansone will re-issue this book. The second edition should be printed on non-glossy paper (the ink smears when you write in the book), and correct her frequent mistakes in English.
  • Dagdardana
in the world of exercise, watching some of the programs out there. I KNOW I cannot do them and it is discouraging.. This I CAN do.....along with the Yoga without the Mat. I keep fit, keep my diabetic numbers in check and am better for this simple effective DVD.
  • ALAN
I have a few of Leslie's workouts and really enjoy them. This book was really good for actually seeing Leslie as a person. She shares the background of how she got started and the ways that she views exercise in the everyday. She also shares testimonials, she has exercises, she has a lot of great tips and the book comes with a dvd. If you want to know the instructor behind the videos, this is a good book. I like it!
I bought this book, expecting to find a detàiled description and step by step guidance to exercises. But unfortunately, this book is more like a diet and exercise journal, coupled with a few general articles.