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by Timothy A.;Barlow David H. Brown

Download Casebook in Abnormal Psychology eBook
Timothy A.;Barlow David H. Brown
Psychology & Counseling
Wadsworth Pub Co; International Ed edition (2006)
362 pages
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Timothy A. Brown is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Boston University, and Director of. .

Casebook in Abnormal Psychology.

David H. Barlow (born April 30, 1942) is an American psychologist and Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry at Boston University. He is board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). by. Brown, Timothy . 1960-; Barlow, David H. Publication date.

Casebook in Abnormal Psychology book.

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  • Little Devil
I was actually kind of intimidated by this book because I thought it would be boring or hard to read. My class is required to read one section per week and honestly they are very interesting cases. They follow the same format each time: Background, clinical history, case formulation, treatment, discussion. This makes it easy to read and it is also easy to find specific pieces of information regarding the patient's case. Frankly, I can imagine reading this for fun because it actually does give you insight into what many common clinical disorders "look like" in the real world.
  • Halloween
Brown's book is good to help beginning psychology and counseling students to understand how the DSM can be used and applied to clients with specific presenting symptoms and histories. The only problem is that it is now somewhat outdated as the DSM 5 was recently released and this book goes off the DSM IV. Nevertheless, it is easy to take the presenting symptoms and apply that to the new manual.
  • Swiang
I used this in my Abnormal Psych course for undergrad and coupled with a fantastic professor this book gave me a wealth of knowledge beyond any expectation.

It is a small book, easy for travel and reference.

Most importantly, if you are looking for case studies, this is an endlessly entertaining book with challenges at the end of each case, as well as cases in the back for the reader/student to diagnose themselves.
  • Anayanis
Rad book. Extremely interesting as both a student when I bought it and later on as a professional these days. I recommend it to people all the time.
  • Vetalol
Love this book. A little expensive but contents will last a lifetime.
Fast shipping. Tons of highlights but it actually worked out for me as I needed them anyway.
  • Buridora
The book itself is a great general outline and provides the basics & intro material to abnormal psychology and psychiatric disorders.
  • Qulcelat
Class hasn't started yet, but looking through it there are no highlights nor markings, so it's great!
Annoying to read.