by Robert Parker

Robert Parker
Beverages & Wine
Simon & Schuster; 4th edition (November 17, 1995)
1216 pages
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Read the new Robert Parker Wine Advocate January 2020 Week . Italy, Tuscany: Chianti Classico New Releases & A New Wave of Italian Icons Monica Larner, 19th Sep 2019, The Wine Advocate.

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Robert M. Parker Jr. (born July 23, 1947) is a . This made him the most widely known and influential wine critic in the world. Parker was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was a construction equipment salesman.

Подписчиков: 21 ты. себе: The world's most trusted authority in w. . себе: The world's most trusted authority in wine for over 30 years.

Author: Robert Parker ISBN 10: 0671676490.

by. Parker, Robert . 1947-. Wine and wine making. New York : Simon & Schuster.

May be Robert Parker should just stick to Bordeaux wines and not try to expand worldwide.

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Robert Parker, the leading . wine critic with his international influence. Included is Parker's favourite wines and vintages. The scale employs a 50-100 point quality scale ranging from unacceptable to extraordinary: 96-100 Extraordinary.

A revised and much expanded edition of a highly respected wine guide presents a fact-filled, comprehensive look at more than 7,500 wines from all major wine areas, evaluating wines according to the author's famous point system. 35,000 first printing.
  • Andriodtargeted
You can make up your mind whether you agree with Parker's tastes or not, but he is thorough, accepts no ads, ranks high in the integrity column, and is consistent. If you are looking for a guide, you should not just examine Parker's book. There are many wine viewpoints that are helpful in the world. But it is also hard to think of anyone that does such a comprehensive job with such talent and integrity. You don't have to agree with every opinion or every review to appreciate this unique resource.
  • Grari
I've been to wine merchants and often saw this book in the hands of customers and, at some shops, available for users. As I've started to enjoy wine (went to Napa for the first time in my life at 58 even though I have been up to San Francisco many times!!) I thought I'd invest in this book. There is so much knowledge here and a fair amount of sharing it that I am overwhelmed and pleased. This book is for anyone who is at all interested in wine. I feel he is very honest and not as much as a snob as I was expecting. I also purchased a copy of this book for one of my friends as a Xmas present. Also based on this book I purchased a bottle of Zin for the same friend.
  • Coidor
Excellent Book at a fair price.
  • Cointrius
Parker wine buyer's guide 7th edition is quite disappointing and shows that fame is no guarantee of consistent quality.
Compared to the 6th edition, the writings about the wineries and their wines are way shorter and most of the time of little if any interest.
Before buying the upcoming 8th edition I will check it out and if it has not improved, I will definitely skip it.
May be Robert Parker should just stick to Bordeaux wines and not try to expand worldwide.
  • Eayaroler
This book is a massive reference for wines from major regions of the world. It is relatively unequal in the space dedicated to the different regions and some are more up-to-date than others. Parker's ratings are mostly for Bordeaux and California wines, all other regions are handled by different people which can lead to variations in the notation.
There is a honest discussion on wine tasting and interesting comments on most wine makers.
  • HappyLove
Several of the small production wineries that I follow are included. Not too surprising, since the book is encyclopedic! Most discussions seem reasonable. Might be a bias against innovative wineries. Using it for trip planning. Will update after more research & after our return.

Might prefer something in a smaller format for traveling and wine shopping.
  • Nagis
As you can find out on his website, Parker only tastes / reviews a few of the wines himself.
The rest is reviewed by other people.
Also some people wonder if the high ethical standards Parker demands are still met:

One Wine expert writes on his website: >> "It is imperative for a wine critic to pay his own way. Gratuitous hospitality in the form of airline tickets, hotel rooms, guest houses, etc., should never be accepted either abroad or in this country...In order to pursue independence effectively, it is imperative to keep one's distance from the trade. While this attitude can be interpreted as aloofness, such independence guarantees hard-hitting, candid, and uninfluenced commentary."
The recent actions of Squires and Miller have left me wondering: Has there been a change in policy for The Wine Advocate reviewers? If so, have you disclosed that to your readers? What is now allowed? <<
As indicated from other reviews, the major drawback is that written descriptions of the wines are omitted, only the scores are provided. However, based on the size of the book, I realize you cannot have the best of both worlds. For those who may not subscribe to his website nor his newsletter, this is a nice book to have. I thought it was well worth the Amazon price.

Note: Also as indicated, nice essays are included prior to each section by the reviewer for that area.