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Download All About Pineapple: History ~ Fun Facts ~ Recipes eBook

by Carrol Swanson

Download All About Pineapple: History ~ Fun Facts ~ Recipes eBook
Carrol Swanson
Cooking Education & Reference
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 3, 2009)
100 pages
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A light and easy to read history of pineapple from the time of Columbus to today. How did the pineapple become the symbol of hospitality? Why would you rent a pineapple? How did pineapple end up growing in the Hawaiian Islands? All About Pineapple answers these questions and more! The book also includes a collection of 67 recipes featuring pineapple.
  • Irostamore
Wonderful book with great history recap of how the pineapple has become what it is today. Wonderful recipes too. Beautifully written and actually helped me out with a project I was working on at college. Great resource and easy to follow writing. Not the usual book you'd find at home on my shelf but certainly an interesting talking-piece. Thanks for a good read!
  • SoSok
All About Pineapple was a pleasant surprise. I grew up enjoying pineapple but had never before stopped to consider what a rare, royal delicacy it was in the recent past. The examples and stories are numerous and well written in a timeline sort of style. I was especially interested to learn the details of the formation and rise of the Dole empire. My only complaint is that it could have been longer than 100 pages to cover a few thousand years of history. The book can probably be read by adults and young teens, or read to even younger ages. I didn't think I would even look at the recipes , but by the time I finished the book I went out to get some canned pineapple and made a dessert and an entree on the same night!
  • Kefym
Hi to the publisher; Carrol !

Thanks Carrol, your book is GREAT and really informative about a fruit that has been lingering in our food chain for eons ! I really never knew how long they've been around or where they came from, so again, I thank you for the detailed journey of the evolution of the Pineapple ! Wow, what a great book !

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is into knowing the facts of one of our favorite fruits !

Enjoy !

  • Deodorant for your language
I didn't read this personally, bought it for my daughter, who said it was a very good read & enjoyed the book