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by Lori L. Lake

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Lori L. Lake
Literature & Fiction
Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC (August 5, 2003)
360 pages
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Different Dress book.

Different Dress book. Her crime fiction stories have been featured in "Silence of the Loons," "Once Upon a Crime," and "Women of the Mean Streets.

Different Dress is the story of three women on a cross-country music tour. The headliner, Lacey Leigh Jaxon, is a fast-living, heavy drinking prima donna with intimacy problems.

Lori L. Lake (born February 9, 1960) is an Oregon writer, teacher, speaker, and author of mystery, drama, romance, and general fiction, most of which . Under the Gun: Book 2 in The Gun Series (2002). Different Dress (2003). Lake (born February 9, 1960) is an Oregon writer, teacher, speaker, and author of mystery, drama, romance, and general fiction, most of which is about lesbian protagonists. Her work includes The Gun Series police quadrology, The Public Eye Mystery Series, four standalone drama/romances, two short story collections, the Lambda Literary finalist anthology The Milk of Human Kindness, and the World War II novel Snow Moon Rising, which won the 2007 Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award, a Golden Crown Literary Award, and The Alice B Readers Award. Lake's books: ROMANCES Eight Dates (2014) Like Lovers Do (2011) Different Dress (2003) Ricochet in Time (2001) Adventures Unlimited (forthcoming). THE GUN SERIES Gun Shy (2001) Under The Gun (2002) Have Gun We'll Travel (2005) Jump The Gun (2013) Gunpoint (forthcoming). Lake Enterprises, Portland, Oregon. Lori L. Lake is the award-winning author of many novels, stories, and anthologies  . graphedLesficBooks/ Time's a-wastin'! Get on it ASAP! bookfetti.

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Different Dress is the story of three women on a cross-country music tour. Jaime Esperanza is the assistant production manager in charge of both stage and stars. The headliner, Lacey Leigh Jaxon, is a fast-living, heavy drinking prima donna with intimacy problems. Shes had a brief relationship with Jaime, then dumped her for a series of new band mates. Lacey still comes back to Jaime in between conquests, and Jaime hasn't gotten her entirely out of her heart.

Lacey Leigh steamrolls yet another opening act and, in desperation, the tour manager brings on board a folksinger from Minnesota named Kip Galvin, who wrote one of Laceys biggest songs. Kip has true talent, she loves people and they respond to her, and she has a pleasant stage presence. A friendship springs up between Jaime and Kipbut what about Lacey Leigh?

It's a honky-tonk, bluesy, pop, country EXPLOSION of emotion as these three women duke it out. Who will win Jaime's heart and soul?

  • Globus
Kip Galvin is a teacher in Minnesota. Genuinely fascinated by music, she is a songwriter and folksinger, and every summer plays to packed houses around her home town. Early one summer she has a chance to be the opening act to a well known singer who is on tour around the country. Kip realises that this could be her big break, and after being dumped by her girlfriend of many years, decides to join the tour.

Jaime Esperanza, electrician, and assistant production manager for the tour is the one who takes Kip under her wing, and introduces her to life on the road. Jaime is still in love with the star of the show, the troubled but effervescent Lacey Leigh Jaxon.

This sets the scene for what would normally be a fairly standard romance. But in such capable hands, the characterisations and romance really blossom into something genuinely heart-warming to read. It is quite a long book, but it never felt slow. The author obviously has a great passion herself for the music she is referencing, and there are quite a lot of song lyrics throughout the book which adds meaning and a lyricism to the work which was unexpected. The plot is fairly simple, but what has stayed with me to days afterwards are the characters. Even the small players are rounded enough to be interesting, and I loved that none of the main characters were super-wealthy or fabulously brilliant, but more genuine and easy to relate to as a reader. I was really sorry to reach the end of the book. Enjoy.
  • Grinin
Different Dress is a great book. I loved following Jamie and Kip thru a summer music tour. This is a great lesbian romance mixed with a back stage look at a concert tour.
  • Inabel
Lake never disappoints. Different Dress is a gentle love story taking place during a country music tour. Gives the readers a feel for the ups and downs of life on the road and the interplay of the various talents and egos of the cast of characters. A most enjoyable read.
  • ladushka
Wow!! I love this book! It has stayed in my mind, weeks after reading it, causing me to reflect again and again on various points of the story. As usual with a Lori Lake book, it's a wonderful, well-written tale, full of real life people and real life dilemmas. Did you know Lori spent some time with the Indigo Gilrs and their tour show, garnering research material for the stage set-ups and techno-detail? Ms. Lake is developing into a master (or should I say Mistress?) of what she does best--producing great lesbian novels. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Agagamand
Read it!
  • Frosha
The author of such great books as Gun Shy, Under The Gun, Have Gun We'll Travel, Ricochet in Time and Stepping Out: Short Stories introduces readers to two new favorite characters to take to heart.

Kip Galvin, school teacher, songwriter and singer is asked to join the summer tour of popular singer Lacey Leigh Jaxon, It seems Lacey Leigh has, once again, run off another opening act. Assigned the task of picking her up at the airport, is Jaime Esperanza, electrician extraordinaire who handles and oversees several aspects of the tour, one of which is Lacey Leigh when she's `under the weather.'

As Kip spends more time on the tour, she begins to form questions: Exactly what does Lacey's being `under the weather' mean? And why are so many of her opening acts quitting? As the tour progresses, Kip is `adopted' by members of Lacey's band who surprise Kip one night on stage by playing back-up on one of her songs. When Lacey objects to this and throws a fit, Kip literally scolds Lacey as if she were a small child, shocking both Lacey and the people around her.

As Jaime and Kip begin spending a lot of their down time together, they form an easy friendship. As time passes, Kip realizes her feelings towards Jaime are changing and she is completely blind-sided when Jaime, who has a history with Lacey, "dumps" her and goes running when Lacey calls. When Lacey's "under the weather' condition surfaces as a serious drinking problem, more questions arise. How will this affect the tour? The band? The fans? Even Lacey herself? Will it take Lacey all the way down to rock bottom? What happens to Jaime if it does? Could Kip and Jaime's friendship survive the fall? And which of them would give all they have for ONE true chance at love?

Lori L. Lake is an extremely talented writer who once again snares the reader with skilled telling of an extremely entertaining, event-filled, decidedly well-written tale of a journey by three women as they experience life, love, heartbreak, drama and adventure in the behind the scenes action of touring, and the complicated world of country music.