by Sim (trans Melville & Delight Wallace). Kessel

Sim (trans Melville & Delight Wallace). Kessel
Coronet; New Ed edition (1975)
192 pages
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Sim Kessel, a young Jewish boxer, joined the French Resistance early in World War II, only to. .

Sim Kessel, a young Jewish boxer, joined the French Resistance early in World War II, only to be captured by the Nazis and placed in a sucession of concentration camps and death camps, most infamously Auschwitz. On at least two occasions, he managed to cheat death only with the aid of fellow boxers in the ranks of the camp guards.

A Jewish member of the French Resistance, Sim Kessel lived for almost three years in Nazi captivity. The bulk of his time was at the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he survived torture, starvation, and even his own public execution through extraordinary luck. His remarkable and terrifying story shows in knowing and intimate detail how guards and kapos under the Nazi system degenerated into conscienceless killers, and how the desperate scramble to survive dehumanized Kessel's fellow prisoners.

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The incredible story of Sim Kessel a French Jew that fought in the resistance and was arrested by the Nazi's in July . Author gives a lot of detailed information. Would highly recommend.

The incredible story of Sim Kessel a French Jew that fought in the resistance and was arrested by the Nazi's in July 1942. Sim was in his early 20's and a bit young and foolish. After nearly being caught by the Nazi's with a suitcase full of guns, he leaves the guns and is rescued by a French railroad worker. Going back to the same place he is almost arrested again.

Coronet MM paperback, 1975
  • Auridora
A journey so telling that you won't put it down
  • Agrainel
Like many, I've read my share of books on the individual experience of the Holocaust. This one shook my senses so profoundly that I've had trouble sleeping and woke recently in the wee hours after bad dreams!
Kessel was a member of the French Resistance who endured incredibly sadistic beatings, physical labor designed to slowly sap a person's lifeforce and two condemnations of death. He personally witnessed so many incidents of murder and unspeakable behavior by his captors and fellow inmates that they become, as he relates, almost normal in light of their daily occurence. He recounts his story at times with detachment but always the reader is struck by the overall unrelenting anguish of the time -- from January 1943 until liberation -- that he endured. The horror is real and, as he points out, the possibility of ANY human being succumbing to such animalistic, base behavior is utterly and completely real. One needs only to recall a couple of recent events such as "ethnic cleansing" in Eastern Europe, or the systematic murder of the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 to know that Kessel speaks a universal truth.
Elie Wiesel expounded on the importance of never forgetting man's inhumanity to man. Read this account and I promise you will not only be reminded but also amazed and awed at one man's capacity to survive against every single odd!