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by Irmgard Kneissler

Download Super Simple Origami eBook
Irmgard Kneissler
Crafts & Hobbies
Sterling (June 30, 2001)
64 pages
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Super simple origami. by. Irmgard Kneissler.

Super simple origami.

Try these super simple origami techniques

Try these super simple origami techniques. Using just five basic forms, you can make amazing figures and objects, from a duck, a cat, and a penguin to a rose and a tulip to a windmill and masks. More than 150 diagrams and color photographs show how.

Super Simple Origami book.

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Who says that simple cannot also be awe-inspiring? Try folding a square of paper into an amazing origami animal or shape - colour photographs and drawings show you how - and that is all you need - not even glue, unless you want to attach your origami creations to a gift box or invitation

Super Simple Origami. The Super Simple Origami book is a good book, but some of the designs are too simple. Like the heart for example only needed 7 steps. Some designs are also too hard.

Ships from the UK. Former Library books. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Sterling, 1999 - 64 sivua. Who says origami can't be simple and that simple can't be awesome? Try these super-easy techniques and see how, with just five basic forms, you can make the most amazing figures and objects. This satisfying Asian handicraft offers the ultimate in paperfolding pleasure because it's so rich in possibility - only your own imagination limits what you can do.

Who says simple can’t be awesome? Try these super simple origami techniques. Using just five basic forms, you can make amazing figures and objects, from a duck, a cat, and a penguin to a rose and a tulip to a windmill and masks. More than 150 diagrams and color photographs show how. “The diagrams that accompany the text are excellent and quite easy to follow.”—Somerset Studio.
  • Shakar
This is another beginning origami book that makes things sound simple, but not everything in the book is as simple as it describes. While the book does describe a number of the different types of folds used in a multitude of origami projects, the descriptions and diagrams don't always help. Some of the projects in the book are fairly simple but there are others that aren't as simple as one thinks. Overall it's a basic guide to learning origami and if one takes each step slowly and practices each step over and over, the illustrations will make sense. Not the greatest 'simple' book for beginning origami students but it's worth having in one's collection.
  • Yozshubei
My grandkids use this all the time. Even the younger one.
  • Mullador
nice simple pattern, good for kids
  • Kage
This has some neat looking models, but the title is very wrong. Nothing in this book is simple. I've not done origami for years, so I'm a little rusty, but not a total beginner. I had a hard time following these instructions, and I didn't even try to do them with my kids. It would be way too hard for them. The instructions are very hard to follow. Each page has a bunch of pictures of the steps labelled with a number, while all the written instructions go down the side of the page, but not next to it's matching picture. It easy to loose track of which set of written instructions go to which pictures as you look back and forth even though the matching number is at the end of each set of instructions. The written instructions are often times not very clear, so you have to rely on the pictures. The problem with that is that each picture is often combining two to three steps at once. I was not impressed with this book.
  • Sharpbringer
I have this book, I like the models, and they are presented well,even showing how to use them, and I am a folder! BUT... the instructions are not simple. A folder who has folded a moderate amount can figure out the instructions and complete the models without too much stress. But a beginner adult or child will have trouble!

An adult who has never folded trying to fold with a child might have trouble and it is certainly not the book for children to pickup to use first time. You'll be frustrated and not fold!

So get some experience, be prepared to think it through, you'll need patience, but the models are good.
  • Grotilar
I'm six years old and I'm in first grade. I found this Super Simple Origami book in the first grade section of the library at my school. The title said super simple origami. It was not simple at all! It was too hard. Never buy or borrow this book.

From the mom: I helped my son type this review. He was so excited to try out folding, and got so frustrated. We tried several of the designs. I will also be speaking to the librarian about a more appropriate section for the book. Unfortunately, the school only goes up to fourth grade.
  • Zargelynd
OK- I am very new to Origami,and need detailed instructions in ENGLISH. I did not find this book to be super simple as the title promised. The book uses the complicated origami language throughout. If you do not understand the international origami code, then you will find this book to be super difficult.
Terrible instructions, for something that is super simple my students could not figure these out. I found the details terrible and the pictures could be confusing.