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by G. Samuelsson-Brown,P. Gooding

Download Retentions: Why They Must Go eBook
G. Samuelsson-Brown,P. Gooding
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BSRIA (November 30, 2002)
23 pages
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I must admit I was a little bit skeptical opening this book, due to its reputation for intolerance. Anyone looking for an unbiased and realistic thought over the Israeli arab question must read this awesome book. 18 people found this helpful. But the very first page will make you realize just how important it is. This is a plea, a loud call to save Israel before it is to late.

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This title discusses the practice of assigning retentions in the construction industry. It presents findings of a survey to assess the views of mechanical and electrical contractors on retentions and possible alternatives. The book states that improvements in relationships are seen to negate the need for retentions or other alternatives and via case studies examines the use of bonds in place of cash retentions and a "no retentions" policy between an M&E contractor and their client. The book concludes that the abolishment of retentions would demonstrate clients' willingness to trust their suppliers and benefit suppliers by improving cash flow. Main section headings are - the background to retentions, attitudes and alternatives to retentions, alternative industry schemes, no retentions alliance, and retentions questionnaire.