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by Barbara Guggenheim

Download Decorating on eBay : Fast & Stylish on a Budget eBook
Barbara Guggenheim
Home Improvement & Design
Harper Design (November 1, 2005)
224 pages
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Author Barbara Guggenheim is an art consultant who needed vintage items to decorate her Malibu beach house .

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Acclaimed art consultant and style writer Barbara Guggenheim shows how. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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by Barbara Guggenheim.

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Barbara Guggenheim is an American partner in the art consultancy firm Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc . The company, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, has been in business for more than 25 years. Barbara and her partner, Abigail Asher, have built collections for corporations including Coca-Cola and Sony, and numerous individuals, including celebrities Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. She currently lectures widely on all aspects of art and collecting as well as investing in art.

This book follows Barbara on her personal journey, from looking for inspiration, to planning a concept for each room–from the Tiki Loft to the Adirondack–style guest room.

Barbara Guggenheim at Marmont Lane Books.

Author Barbara Guggenheim in Malibu, California. The cover of "Art World" by Barbara Guggenheim. Guggenheim has also contributed to W Magazine, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. Barbara Guggenheim at Marmont Lane Books.

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Acclaimed art consultant and style writer Barbara Guggenheim shows how she decorated a home using eBay, and provides all the information you need to create your own unique home.

When art consultant Barbara Guggenheim took on the project of decorating a sample house for KB Home, a premier builder of home development, she wondered how she (or anyone else) could juggle the project with her full–time job and other daily duties. EBay offered the perfect solution–all–hours convenience and an easy and affordable tool for finding just the right thing–and some unexpected things, as well! The result was a fantastic four–bedroom home, completely decorated on a budget using eBay.

This book follows Barbara on her personal journey, from looking for inspiration, to planning a concept for each room–from the Tiki Loft to the Adirondack–style guest room. It also shows how she navigated the pitfalls of eBay and learned to maximize its advantages, from search and bidding tips to transforming imperfect items. Filled with creative and practical ideas, Decorating on eBay is certain to appeal to the wide audience of young people on a budget–many of whom are already familiar with eBay. This lush four–color book will come alive through the glorious photographs of Jim McHugh of Architectural Digest, and through Barbara's warm, accessible, pithy tone, which will encourage readers everywhere that they, too, can achieve their dream home without the outrageous price tag.

  • Whitegrove
This book had such good reviews so as an ebay aficionado and interior decorating devotee, I felt that I had to have it. It would be a find for someone new to either but if you are an experienced ebayer and have done a reasonable amount of your own decorating, there's nothing new here. Talking about collections and carrying out a beach house theme is not revealing. So for those with experience, I'd suggest you pass...
  • Rose Of Winds
After reading this book, I ordered two more for holiday gift-giving. Decorating on eBay is not only beautiful, but it's a hoot to read. Guggenheim's breezy style is thoroughly entertaining, and the book is informative and funny. The tips are really valuable (both in the text and the photographs), and I really enjoyed her offbeat choices and whimsical personal asides. It springs from such an original idea, and it in turn inspired me to do a little more thinking outside the box when it comes to decorating my own home.
I buy a fair amount of things on e-Bay. But it never occurred to me that this would be the place to look for furniture and other decorating ideas on e-Bay. But when art historian Barbara Guggenheim got a commission and a budget to completely decorate a model home for a developer she turned to e-Bay as a source.

While working on the house, she kept good notes and in this books describes not only the big concept of what she was doing but also the minor details like what search words she used to find what items. There's a detailed price report, broken down by each room in the house.

The project was extremely successful, but she does go into several things to watch for. And she did have some troubles with late shipping, bogus shipping costs (there seems to be a tendency lately for sellers on e-Bay to put down a rather high shipping charge on the items as a way of getting a guaranteed additional income to the bid price), and just a few plain duds that didn't work out as well as she planned. So, of course, she plans to re-list them on e-Bay, so there's also a quick primer on using the site to sell items.
  • Kirimath
You can decorate on a budget and stay in the range without even going to thrift stores and flea markets - not if you have a computer at home and DECORATING ON EBAY FAST AND STYLISH - ON A BUDGET in hand. Author Barbara Guggenheim is an art consultant who needed vintage items to decorate her Malibu beach house: she decided to try decorating an entire house using eBay and DECORATING ON EBAY chronicles her experiences. Tips include how and where to search within the sight, from locating furniture and fabrics to obtaining collectibles, and how to develop a personal decorating style on a budget. Her course in mastering ebay goes all the way from basic site navigation to winning bids and understanding the entire process. A 'must' for any decorating on a budget who wants to take full advantage of ebay listings; especially for those new to the auction/bidding process.
  • Rishason
Description: Affordable and fun decorating, by shopping at the biggest flea market in the world.

Pros: Well-written, with fabulous illustrations

Cons: eBay buying may be addictive

Every few years I run across a book I can give to almost anyone, and be sure the recipient will enjoy it. This year it's Barbara Guggenheim's Decorating on eBay. Some of my friends already swear by eBay as a decorating source, and will treasure this book as a validation of what they're doing, and an expansion of their knowledge of what's available at bargain prices. For others, the book will open up a new way to shop, and perhaps point out lots of new things to buy.

Guggenheim makes the process sound great - even for those (like me) who hate to shop. A simple quotation sums it up: "I could go online at home on a Saturday morning in my pajamas with a cup of coffee...or I could be bidding after work with a martini in my hand." Everyone will love the ravishing photographs of the newly decorated rooms, the objects discovered, and the art consultant-author-decorator at work.

Recommendation: Buy.
  • Karon
I have returned again and again to this book for new ideas. I feel I now have a new way of looking at decorating! Using eBay is such a great way to grab some bargains to get the look you're after! You'll be glad you have this book, it's fun to see how she did an entire house! Great detail shows how she did it step by step! You can plan your own house project or just get quick update ideas for a room. Enjoy!
  • Micelhorav
This is a book to pick up and kick back with, to scheme and dream effortlessly with, to have fun reading, giving, sharing, talking about. Ultimately, it will lead you to having a house embellished by your hobby, thanks to tips, hints and fun how-to's from Dr. Guggenheim, who is one of the few true art history scholars around who not only actually writes in readable English, but shares easy to use practical advice that can enable ordinary mortals to enjoy a good, rich slice of culture pie, anytime they feel like it. Having attended her art history lectures in the past, I always hoped she would start writing this kind of book, which like her teaching, makes us all not only believe, but know, that we can be true art collectors: that it's not about the size of our pocketbooks, it's about each of us giving freedom to our own very individual, very powerful imaginations.
I know the artist who was commissioned to design the cover of this book. She was never paid for it and this is almost the same exact design as what she sent to the publishers originally. The author may be very good at what she does and it may be a good book, but the publishers have a responsibility to keep to ethical business practices and stealing a concept is not an ethical business practice. If you buy this book you may be supporting a publisher who thinks nothing of stealing ideas from artists and not paying them for their work.