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by Theresa M. Grant,Michelle Valigursky

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Theresa M. Grant,Michelle Valigursky
Home Improvement & Design
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; 1st edition (June 28, 2009)
144 pages
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Creating Curb Appeal book.

Creating Curb Appeal book. This guide helps you create personality and presence for your home  .

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Michelle Valigursky has won multiple awards and the grand prize in the . This book is even better than Michelle's "Curb Appeal" book. Chef's Open, written several cookbooks, and is featured regularly on television throughout the Southeast. Fabulous photographs, organized beautifully, and a "must" for any coffee table or cook's kitchen. Well-written, entertaining, and practical.

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This guide helps you create personality and presence for your home. Take a visual tour of architectural styles and design schemes with vitality and impact.

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This guide helps you create personality and presence for your home. Take a visual tour of architectural styles and design schemes with vitality and impact. 300 full-color photographs and well-researched text explore design elements from lighting, color, and landscaping, to doors, windows, paths, driveways, and accessories. Take cues from the country's foremost residential design professionals that demystify design terminology, expose trade secrets, and offer expert advice, ideas, and solutions. Get information on the professionals and products essential to your successful front-of-the-home transformation.Discover and magnify the design impact of your home's front spaces.
  • FailCrew
With over 30 years of residential real estate sales experience, I've counseled hundreds of sellers in preparation for presenting their houses to the home-buying public. This book provides beautiful visual images and text to reinforce perhaps the most important component of residential marketing - curb appeal. First impressions set either a positive or negative foundation for a prospective buyer's willingness to continue through the front door. The photographs and descriptions in the book will easily assist any agent and seller in this crucial pre-marketing preparation process.

Creating Curb Appeal is also an affordable tool I plan to purchase for not only prospective sellers but to present to buyers as closing gifts. The timeless tips and hints will help homeowners "decorate" the exterior of their properties and set a welcoming tone for all visitors.

This book is a winner!
  • Usanner
I am looking for exterior paint color ideas, so I purchased this book for my research. It is OK, but really didn't offer much for what I was looking for. Beautiful photography.
  • bass
I am hooked on HGTV and their various shows on how to improve my home and garden. Unfortunately, after viewing these shows, I forget many of those great ideas they presented. So when I found this book, it blew me away. It is so well written and the photos are fabulous! The ideas are great and so inspiring, and they are there when I want to remind myself of an idea! The book has become my favorite coffee table book and is admired by everyone who looks through it. We all are inspired and becoming "copy cats". It is my favorite book for a house warming gift. Every real estate agent should give one to their client home buyers. It beats a plant and the ideas keep on giving!
Karin Murdock
  • Rigiot
This book seemed dated and had some questionable designs, like suggesting to add really tacky miniature sculptures or figurines to add interest to a home. I didn't find most of the photos to be particularly appealing.
  • Ydely
My wife ordered CREATING CURB APPEAL because we're thinking of doing some remodeling. While the entire book is filled with very practical suggestions on how to best MARKET any home for a quick sale, I was happy to learn it is also a terrific design reference book for any homeowner. It's extremely well-organized and easy to read. I loved the little quick capsule "Real Estate Tips" throughout the book and the almost "three dimensional" manner in which the photographs are displayed. The gorgeous photographs alone are worth the price of the book. ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, eat your heart out! This book is GREAT for coffee tables, and it's filled with amazingly practical and inexpensive design ideas for any home, whether you intend to sell or simply wish to maximize your home's appeal using some of these imaginative design effects. I highly recommend this book for any homeowner!
  • Saimath
This is an Excellent addition to any library. 144 pages of Clear Explanations and Large Color Photos on "How to get the Most Appeal out of your house". This book is fantastic for people wanting to give their house a "new & fresh" look and feel. I am an Architectural Designer, and I found this book to be a good summary of things commonly taken for granted in good designs and craftsmanship. The Author does an excellent job of reminding the reader where he/she can get the biggest bang for the buck, always staying conscious of the vision and the budget. The chapters cover: exterior Facade Color selections, special Architectural touches, Landscaping Tips, ideas for Bold Lighting Tips, DriveWay Ideas and several other ideas/tips for establishing your home as having high market value, and strong personal flare and comfort as well.
I am re-reading my copy now, which is helping me to focus on creating appealing aesthetics on my newest designs.

Whether you are a designer, homeowner, or just remodeling, I would highly recommend you get a copy of this book.
-Andrew Telker
  • superstar
I was thoroughly impressed by the presentation of this book and the amount of photos/ideas for all regions in the US. It's not only a relaxing, interesting read, but it's packed with unique, fabulous ideas and TONS of photos! This is a great reference for anyone that wants to give their home a boost, and it is a MUST for anyone thinking about putting their home on the market in this climate.

I don't usually take the time to write a review of a book, but I was so impressed with the quality of this publication. Best of all, it gives step by step instructions to take the stress out of making those well-needed changes! Great gift for any homeowner to have and keep always to refer to whenever the "itch" arises to create some curb appeal!

Hoped to see more theory/principles and less intuitive picture exhibition.