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Download 10,001 Food Facts, Chefs' Secrets & Household Hints eBook

by Myles Bader

Download 10,001 Food Facts, Chefs' Secrets & Household Hints eBook
Myles Bader
Home Improvement & Design
Friedman/Fairfax Pub (August 20, 1999)
628 pages
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I have found Bader's book to be very interesting and full of stuff I didn't know. Also, I'd like some idea whether his "hints" actually work or is he printing them to fill page space?

I have found Bader's book to be very interesting and full of stuff I didn't know. 56 people found this helpful.

Myles Bader has also authored 19 wildly successful books including 20,001 Kitchen Secrets, Grandmother's Kitchen wisdom Series, Club the Bugs & Scare the Critters, Cookbook's Companion, 1,001 Secret Money Saving Formulas, 10,001 Food Facts, Chef's Secrets & Household Hints, 5,001 Mysteries of Liquids & Cooking Secrets, 250 Future Food Facts & Predictions for the Millennium, To Supplement or Not. to Supplement and The Wellness Desk Reference

Bader, Myles; Reader's Digest Association.

Bader, Myles; Reader's Digest Association.

This is not a cookbook, but contains over 10,000 solutions to kitchen and cooking problems plus hundreds of household hints. More usable cooking and food information than any book ever published. It's fun information. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 19 years ago. This book is filled with fun information. com User, 20 years ago. I have found Bader's book to be very interesting and full of stuff I didn't know.

Some useful and little know tips for anything related to the home. Ten thousand one food facts, chefs' secrets & household hints, Ten thousand and one food facts, chefs' secrets & household hints.

Find nearly any book by Myles Bader. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. 10,001 Household Hints & Kitchen Secrets. ISBN 9781582099071 (978-1-58209-907-1) Softcover, Bader Publishing, 1998. Find signed collectible books: '10,001 Household Hints & Kitchen Secrets'.

10,001 Food Facts, Chefs' Secrets, and Household Hints.

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Like New Condition Author: D. yles H. Bader. Title: 6001 Facts and Chef's Secrets - More Usable Food Facts Than Any Book Ever Published. 6001 Food Facts & Chef's Secrets. A must for any kitchen. Contains tips, ideas, measurements, recipes, food origins, etc. Just a great book to have. I've already pulled it out about three times when looking for into and I haven't had it that long. I'm very glad I purchased this book and have recommended it to friends/family members that like to cook. takes you back in time.

A compilation of over 6,000 household hints, cooking secrets, and a number of health tips, this book took 15 years to compile. Included are grandmother's and great grandmother's cooking and food preparation secrets, but no recipes-therefore it is not a cookbook. This is a kitchen reference book containing more usable food information than any other book published. Mitä ihmiset sanovat - Kirjoita arvostelu. Yhtään arvostelua ei löytynyt. Fun Miscellaneous Facts.

The author, who has not been shy of the media, specializes in preventive care and wellness; he also markets a nutritional supplement. This book is a compendium of facts, opinions, and bits of advice on many subjects, including various kinds of food, personal grooming, stains, staying fit, vitamins, and consumer cautions, among other topics. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
  • Early Waffle
great read and a fact book for all that you forgot
  • Androwyn
has a lot of usefull tips.I should not have to write all this stuff just to say I was satisfied.
  • Nern
Really like this book. Agree with prior reviews of editing, and repeating of some items. Sure, it needs some updating, but there is so much information, it would be hard to utilize even a quarter of it. Examples inside are: 18 types of flour with descriptions; 3 most nutritious fruits; olive oil/butter have a low smoke point when cooking/sauteing, add another oil to it to extend it's life or breakdown; freezing intensifies flavor of certain spices listed. The tips go on and on. 33 Chapters devoted to food storage, baking, fats, sauces, potatoes, cheese, fish, sugar, additives, etc.
One thing that makes this book inconvenient to me was the indexing factor. If you remember reading something in the book and wanted to look it up later, you can (sometimes) find it in the index, but it lists about 20 pages where you can find that word. Then you have to read through a whole page to find the word. This can get laborious if 20 listings are mentioned. This reason makes it wise to highlight anything you think you may want to come back for - or mark your index.
This book is good for information though. I still recommend it (depending on the price), even with it's flaws.
  • Runeshaper
I found the information in this book to be minimally useful, and worse, marred by a lack of careful editing. Example: "more livilier" or "more fresher." Also, consistent use of "your" when the author meant "you're." Also, many repetitions of the same "facts," often under the same subheading.
I find such problems reduce my trust in what the author has said. Once or twice is understandable. Repeated over and over, such carelessness truly diminishes the validity of the material in the book.
Overall, this book has the look and feel of a low-quality, self-published book. That's not a comment on the quality of self-published tomes -- many are outstanding and professionally done. This one, alas, is not.
In addition, many of what the author purports to be "facts" are now proven to be old, questionable suppositions, many of which have already fallen out of favor. Many of these are fat and cholesterol related myths from the past 20 years, and which have been updated or questioned or rethought in the past few years, especially in the light of the efficacy of new theories of eating high protein/low carbohydrate diets, for example.
In sum: This book seems like a quickly thrown-together reworking of old material that the author has simply quoted from the popular press -- not a good source for hard facts. I'd like to know that, like good cookbook writers, he has tested each of these hypotheses for himself.
Definitely would like to get my money back for this book.
  • Cerekelv
Books are great gifts as this was to an old friend.
  • Longitude Temporary
I have found Bader's book to be very interesting and full of stuff I didn't know. However, the editing is none too good- things are repeated in the same category; there are plenty of typos and word omissions, etc. Also, I'd like some idea whether his "hints" actually work or is he printing them to fill page space?