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by The Editors of LIFE

Download Life: Picture Puzzle Animals eBook
The Editors of LIFE
Puzzles & Games
Life (August 19, 2008)
144 pages
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Life: Picture Puzzle Animals. Life: Picture Puzzle" is a fun challenging puzzle book. I thought that with 90 puzzles in the book, the more puzzles I solved there would be repetition of the differences and it would be easier to solve the puzzles but that wasn't true.

Life: Picture Puzzle Animals. Some of the puzzles did have obvious changes including obvious color changes, but there were many puzzles in which I couldn't find all the changes.

LIFE Wild & Wacky Picture Puzzle. There are several different levels of puzzles including Novice, Master, Expert, and Genius as well as a section featuring photos of animals and a section with classic photos from Life Magazine. At the very end of the book is a Guinness World record photo featuring 80 changes. Life: The Amazing Picture Puzzle" is Life's fourth picture puzzle book and is even more challenging than the first three. The answer section should be checked for a couple of reasons even if you find all the changes - for one thing many of the explanations of the changes are humorous. Also, ten of the puzzles have an extra bonus change and the answer section lets you know which puzzles have the additional change.

Life: Picture Puzzle. The most popular feature in Life magazine every weekpe. т 1061. Life: Picture Puzzle Animals. Life: Picture Puzzle Animals от 958. LibRing - система поиска книг в интернет-магазинах. Возможен поиск книг по названию, по автору, по ISBN.

LIFE Picture Puzzle Series: The Ultimate Picture Puzzle Across America Picture Puzzle Holidays Animals Mysteries The Original Around the World The Amazing Box Set The Holiday Gift Box. LIFE Great Photographers Series: Remembering Marilyn Remembering Audrey Remembering Jackie Martin Luther King. LIFE With Dogs LIFE With Mother LIFE With Father.

Great book, grandson who loves nature and animals loved it. The pictures are bright with great color.

Phenomenally Successful Pp. Publisher. Great book, grandson who loves nature and animals loved it. Liked the 4 levels of difficulty, great activity book. hilltopgram, December 25, 2014.

Drawing from "Life Magazine& archives, this work chronicles in pictures and text Elvis& transformation from shy teenager to superstar

Drawing from "Life Magazine& archives, this work chronicles in pictures and text Elvis& transformation from shy teenager to superstar.

Life: The Amazing Picture Puzzle: Can You Spot the Differences? [Life [Life Book.

Life: The Original Picture Puzzle. Life: The Amazing Picture Puzzle: Can You Spot the Differences? [Life [Life Book. Customs services and international tracking provided.

Dogs — and cats, and hamsters, and even monkeys and tigers — are our best friends. And so, with the sixth book in the phenomenally successful 'Life Picture Puzzle' book series, we offer a menagerie of animal puzzles — 176 pages of them — that will challenge even as they delight. Animal pictures are always the cutest and most heartwarming, and when you play with those pictures (an extra whisker here on Puss, one fewer fish in a school of Nemos, a longer or shorter neck on Mr. Giraffe), the 'awww' factor is off the charts. This book will appeal not only to our dedicated Puzzle fans, but to animal lovers of every stripe (or pattern of spots). By focusing on Animals, LIFE's editors are producing the most smile-inducing Picture Puzzle book yet. Once again, the puzzle in these themed books will be organized according to level of difficulty: novice, master, expert, and genius, with a suggested completion time included for serious puzzlers.
  • Mavivasa
This book has nice and funny animal pictures!
The problem I bought a used copy, and the person that used it before me, marked the answers with pen on each page! Half the book is marked this way, which completely ruined each challenge, since you cannot help but notice the big pen circles marked on each picture!!!
If you find something underlined on any book, as when you borrow it from a public library, it doesn't really matter, but with these picture puzzle books, when someone marks the pictures, it completely ruins the fun! If I had knew in advance, I never would have bought this copy.
Please, when you by this kind of books, use a crystal clear plastic sheet on top of the page, and mark the answers with one of those white board markers that can be erased with a dry cloth. That way, you keep track of your scores, but when you finish you do not ruin the game for the next person that uses the book!
  • Nalmetus
Picture puzzles are my thing and these are good ones. Also, the high-quality photos can be repurposed for making greeting cards, vision boards and other collage work.
This was a gift
  • Manazar
I buy these books for my 86-year old mother and she loves working the puzzles. However, she prefers the spiral bound books better provided by another publisher.
  • Honeirsil
  • terostr
What a great find in the doctors office. Had to get one for home. If you like finding details in pictures, don't pass this up. Fun for the whole family.
  • Winasana
I love puzzles and this book was very entertaining.
My son, age 10, loves these so much that I had to buy 2 of each. One for him to write in (to find the differences between the pictures) and one that he can keep and not mark up. Many of the pictures are rather difficult to solve - good for adults too!