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Download SIMON & SCHUSTER CROSSWORD PUZZLE BOOK #189 (Simon & Schuster Crossword Puzzle Books) eBook

by John M. Samson

Download SIMON & SCHUSTER CROSSWORD PUZZLE BOOK #189 (Simon & Schuster Crossword Puzzle Books) eBook
John M. Samson
Puzzles & Games
Fireside (February 1, 1996)
64 pages
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I love all the books in this series. Each book offers 300 puzzles from quite a few different puzzle constructors, each with their own style.

In 1924, Simon & Schuster published its first title.

I own most of the Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle books . 3 people found this helpful.

Simon & Schuster celebrates ninety-five years of crossword puzzle . In 1924, Simon & Schuster published its first title, The Cross Word Puzzle Book.

Items related to SIMON & SCHUSTER CROSSWORD PUZZLE BOOK (Simon. Contains 50 ed puzzles.

In 1924, Simon & Schuster published its first title, The Cross Word Puzzle Book. Not only was it the publisher’s first release, it was the first collection of crossword puzzles ever printed.

Simon & Schuster published the first-ever crossword puzzle book back in 1924.

His crosswords have been published in leading magazines and newspapers across the country, including The New York Times.

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Clever clues, a variety of styles and sizes, and a level of difficulty that disriminating fans look for come together in the newest book of crosswords in this popular series. Contains 50 never-before-published puzzles. Spiral bound.
  • Orll
I'm working my way through these books, and always look forward to a new one. They are great for the intermediate crossworder or for when I don't want to think too much. Some are easy, some harder, some just fun. I like that the pages are perforated to tear out so that it is easier to do the puzzles on the left side in the first half, and the puzzles on the right side in the second half. I just wish there were fewer "quote" puzzles.
  • Alianyau
This is the 10th such book in the series I have purchased. I am a dedicated "Cruciverbalist" (Crossword nut) and this series, Edited by John Samson and published by Simon and Schuster, is my favorite. Challenging and fun!! Not for the beginner and not for the crossword snob who thinks the ONLY challenge comes from the NY Times Sunday puzzle. I'll be ordering #16 as soon as I finish the 300 puzzles in #15. Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #15
  • Nikobar
I own most of the Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle books ... and this is the most recent one I ordered. Up to now I have thoroughly enjoyed working them ... but I don't recommend buying this book. The puzzles aren't nearly as good as the later issues. Too many big words I never heard of and/or clues that don't make sense ... and the answers in the back of the book are HORRIBLE! They are so tiny it takes a magnifying glass to make them out. (and my eyesight isn't that bad)

Thankfully all the other books in this series have been hugely improved over this first one they issued. Buy the rest ... skip this one.
  • Biaemi
I am about halfway through this book. Some of the answers are arcane to the point that I have never heard or seen them, and I am an avid reader of all sorts of material. However most crossword books are too easy, so I still give 4 stars. I do not do the NYT or WSJ puzzles, for full disclosure. They are beyond me, frankl;y.
  • Fordrelis
Well, I like crosswords. I'm a college graduate, and am pretty well read. The only way I can get through these puzzles is to remember that the clues are either stupid, arcane, uncleverly twisted, or some kind of silly in-joke. I can't wait to go buy one that's for regular English speaking people who don't spend the rest of their day watching TV or attending way off-broadway theater.
  • Kefrannan
This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my Father, who is an avid lover of crossword puzzles. He enjoys crosswords that have a higher level of challenge and this was perfect! While searching for a book to get for him, it was important to me that I find one with enough content to keep him busy for a while - as he tends to go through them very quickly, as well as trying to avoid a book with puzzles he might have already done in the past. Crossword Puzzle books that are filled with new and challenging content are becoming harder and harder to find, so I was very happy to find this!

I have since purchased quite a few of the Simon & Schuster crossword puzzle books for him, and they always deliver! He has never been disappointed and often comments on how much he enjoys them! The larger print is great for him, and the variety in the range of difficulty is fantastic! I highly recommend this and other crossword puzzle books from Simon & Schuster!
  • Malara
This is the first in a series of cross-words that is challenging without being totally frustrating. They make one think, but are constructed such that if one keeps filling in parts, helps with the difficult word or words. Some of the responses that initially seems obscure, if one thinks about it, matches the clue--just not at first. Some of the words are soooo esoteric or the fact so vague that they irritate me, but it all helps keep my brain active and stretched. A great series of books and reasonably priced.
Great crossword puzzle book. This is my 4th in the series. Generally very clever puzzles, many with themes. Many of the clues have either multiple possible answers or double entendre's that make you dig for the right one. The puzzles tend to shy away from answers that would require a crossword puzzle dictionary, a friend with a PhD degree in some esoteric field or Google. After all, if a puzzle requires using any of the three former "help-mates", what would be the point of doing the puzzle in the first place? Nope, these many times require innovative and sometimes out of the box thinking. Yes there are a few clinkers but the vast majority of the 300 puzzles are enjoyable indeed. And if you do them in ink it adds that much more to the flavor. Enjoy!