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by Jules Verne

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Jules Verne
Action & Adventure
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It deals primarily with the issue of slavery, and the African slave trade by other Africans in particular

It deals primarily with the issue of slavery, and the African slave trade by other Africans in particular. Several adaptations were made, two Soviet and one Franco-Spanish. Themes explored in the novel include: The painful learning of adult life - the hero, Dick Sand, must assume command of a ship after the death of his captain. The discovery of entomology.

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Dick Sands, the Boy Captain’, from Jules Verne – the seventeenth book in the ‘Voyages Extraordinaires’ series . Dick Sands,a fifteen year old American orphan, is on board the whaling ship "Pilgrim", headed for San Francisco.

Dick Sands, the Boy Captain’, from Jules Verne – the seventeenth book in the ‘Voyages Extraordinaires’ series - is an epic tale of maritime adventure. This apprentice sailor, is learning how to be master of a ship some da. hat opportunity will arrive sooner than expected!Captain Hull had to put most of the rebellious crew on shore, in a New Zealand port.

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Dick Sand; or, a Captain at Fifteen by Jules Verne. DICK SAND; or, A captain at fifteen.

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Dick Sand was audens. At fifteen he already knew how to take a part, and to carry out to the end whatever his resolute spirit had decided upon. His manner, at once spirited and serious, attracted attention. He did not squander himself in words and gestures, as boys of his age generally do. Early, at a period of life when they seldom discuss the problems of existence, he had looked his miserable condition in the face, and he had promised "to make" himself. And he had made himself-being already almost a man at an age when others are still only children.

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About the book: Subtitle: A Captain at Fifteen Translator: George Munro. This ebook is usually downloaded with: A Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne A floating city and the blockade runners by Jules Verne The begum's fortune by Jules Verne The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne The fur country; or, Seventy degrees north latitude by Jules Verne Michael Strogoff Or, The Courier of the Czar by Jules Verne At the north pole, or, The adventures.

This edition of "Dick Sand - A Captain at Fifteen" includes the original picture illustrations that follow the story line. Unlike most of Jules Verne's other works, this novel, published in 1878, does not contain marvels or new inventions. Instead, it shows a stirring picture of Africa as found by explorers and scientists of the time. Dick Sand, a fifteen year old boy, wants to be ship captain someday. Aboard a whaling ship headed to San Francisco, he and the crew rescue five people and a dog, survivors from the wreck of another ship. After a whaling accident killed the captain and the rest of the crew, and being tricked into landing the ship at Africa, Dick must lead the survivors and find their way home. This coming of age story deals with the pressures of suddenly undertaking an adult responsibility, leadership, revenge, pain of betrayal, and confrontation of the unjustifiable rationale behind the slave trade, set against the stunning backdrop of the African wilderness.
  • Stick
I had never heard of this book! I found it fascinating and hard to put down once I started reading it! Great storyline and really informative. So much information about the horrible slave trade that the educational system in the US seems to have conveniently “forgotten” to teach its students. Regardless of that, it’s a great story!
  • Defolosk
One of the best Jules Verne books. I love when Verne covers historical topics through his 19th century point of view. This one ranks up there with North and South and other Verne books that cover historical events. Great look at the African slave trade industry in Africa.
  • Sinredeemer
Having this classic books on my kindle has been great. Re-reading them takes me back many times, and the feeling is even better!
  • Cezel
a classic book, can't go wrong with it
  • Nothing personal
Brought many childhood memories to read this again
  • Gogul
A brilliant adventure with twists and turns and vivid descriptions. Another Verne Classic. As a standard with Verne books, he was ahead of his time with this story.
  • Tygrafym
Very good book. Read it several times. You will nver go wrong with it, Plus it is free. What else can you ask for? + +