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by Jeffery Deaver

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Jeffery Deaver
Action & Adventure
Chivers; Large Print edition (February 1, 2003)
483 pages
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Jeffery Deaver Mistress of Justice AUTHOR'S NOTE Two of my most heartfelt beliefs about writing suspense fiction are these: First, it's a craft – a skill that can be learned and refined and improved with practice. In rereading the first version of this book, which I wrote thirt. Читать онлайн Mistress of Justice.

Jeffery Deaver is the international bestselling author of more than thirty-five novels, three collections of short stories, and a nonfiction law book. His first novel featuring Lincoln Rhyme, The Bone Collector, was made into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

Mistress of Justice (1992).

Deaver at the Waterstones bookstore in England, 2012. Mistress of Justice (1992).

Jeffery Deaver has a richly deserve reputation as one of the top authors of his generation.

Only 9 left in stock (more on the way). Only 19 left in stock (more on the way). Jeffery Deaver has a richly deserve reputation as one of the top authors of his generation. When you read this novel, you will feel that you are inside the story, and interacting with all of the many incredible characters.

Jeffery Deaver is the award-winning author of two collections of short stories and 29 internationally bestselling novels, including the latest James Bond novel Carte Blanche. He is best known for his Lincoln Rhyme thrillers, which include the number one bestsellers The Vanished Man, The Twelfth Card and The Cold Moon, as well as The Bone Collector which was made into a feature film starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. The first Kathryn Dance novel, The Sleeping Doll, was published in 2007 to enormous acclaim

Jeffery Deaver's first novel, out in unabridged audio for the first time.

Jeffery Deaver's first novel, out in unabridged audio for the first time. and his career as well only to find that as she delves deeper and deeper into what goes on behind closed doors at Hubbard, White & Willis, she uncovers m. .

Taylor Lockwood, paralegal and part-time jazz musician, agrees to help Mitchell Reece, a young trial lawyer at the firm where she works, to find a multimillion-dollar promissory note that has been mysteriously stolen from the office.
  • Eigonn
One of Jeffery Deaver’s earlier books. According to the Forward in the book, Deaver tells his readers that he’s actually “rewritten” the book. He was satisfied with his original story, but experience must have told him that he could have done a bit better -maybe make it a tad more suspenseful, flesh out the characters, and incorporate elements to suck in the reader a bit more. Regardless, whatever he did worked. Although I never read the original version, this book has all the elements that make the story a great thriller.

Now, I THINK that this original book was written before the days of John Grisham. I mention this because this book is a “legal” thriller, and it might be tempting to say that Deaver ripped off a lot of lawyer factoids and legal legends from Grisham. Whenever we read a John Grisham book about the profession, we read about people who care more about making gobs of money than actually being a crusader for law. Everyone works hundreds of hours per week and learns the secrets of manipulating the legal process etc. etc. We get a bit of that here, but those who know Jeffery Deaver know that he’s a very thorough researcher of his subjects, and if the original book was written back in 1992, we can safely say that Deaver “got there first”.

Our protagonist is Taylor Lockwood. She’s a late-twenties, single paralegal working for one of those mega Wall Street firms where power and cocaine rule. The firm is about to undergo a major merger that will affect the way the firm does business, as well as probably sever some payroll. Strange things start happening, and one of the smarter young lawyers, Mitchell Reece, can feel that unscrupulous behavior is in the air. When a crucial document goes missing, Mitchell “hires” Taylor to play detective to uncover the facts.

Not sure if such a situation would ever happen in the real world, but give Mitchell credit. He hired the right person. Taylor is hard core, and plows right into her ‘assignment’. We also get to learn and understand more about Taylor. Her overly ambitious lawyer-father, her moonlighting as a jazz pianist, and her calm resilience of who she is despite swimming in a sea of piranhas. Had this been a true story, I doubt if anyone could have been as successful as Taylor – she moves from point A to point B throughout the story quite fast, but truth belongs in non-fiction.

This book is also a lot less ‘creepy’ than many of Deaver’s works. True, we meet some characters that make us shudder a bit, but unlike the Lincoln Rhyme books that deal with demented psychopaths with strange fetishes, this one is rather harmless in comparison.

Although this is one of his earlier works, it’s definitely Deaver. If you like the majority of Jeffery Deaver’s books, this one won’t disappoint. I’m somewhat curious, however, to know how this ‘revised’ version stacks up against the ‘original’.
  • Pipet
This thrilling and excellently written novel is about Taylor Lockwood, a paralegal in a well-known Wall Street law firm. At night she likes to play the piano, any where. Attorney Mitchell Reece asks her to help locate a stolen document which, if not found, could cost him the loss of a multi-million dollar case, as well as lose him his job. As she readily dives into the search, she finds secrets ... very damaging secrets. Great story, with a shocking ending. It's a mind bender which will keep you enthralled. Highly recommend.
  • Winawel
The ending was a total surprise. 3/4 of the way through, I thought everything was wrapped up, but then a twist was introduced. Again I thought it was wrapped up, but then another twist was brought in. Great writing. Highly recommend this book.
  • Kabei
This is as good as any of Mr. Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme books. Set during Wall Street's hey day this thriller mystery keeps you wondering until the very end and the drama is non-stop. The author says he wrote this book many years ago but wasn't satisfied with it in later years and completely reworked it. Kudos to Mr. Deaver because this is an excellent book.
  • Fesho
With the poorer and poorer quality of writing that is being published, it's always a great pleasure to read a book that is written for the reader to enjoy, not to just get the author's name in print or put money into the author's bank account. This book is well plotted, well edited, and well proofed. I do wish the characters had been better developed at the beginning. I had to hit the x-ray feature too many times. Thus the 4-star rating. Plus I figured out the culpret early on.
  • Painshade
Mr. Deaver introduces characters very well. But this book falls short in making them believable. Very disappointing as well as predictable.
  • Gagas
As a senior corporate and securities paralegal for a major law firm in the 1980’s, I can attest to the historical accuracy of this novel which made it an especially fun read for me. While I was never involved in a life and death case, I certainly participated in several intrigues of my own.
Not my favorite book of his. Too many characters and story lines going at once. Got a little confusing. Good twist at the end, but it was a slow read.