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by d leonard freeston

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d leonard freeston
Action & Adventure
Dundurn; 1st Edition edition (August 15, 2011)
456 pages
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The Sixth Extinction book. I just finished reading the book The Sixth Extinction by d. leonard freeston. I had trouble putting it down.

The Sixth Extinction book. This is a thriller about a Montreal cop who is trying to solve an international case involving endangered animals being abducted and collected by an ultra rich megalomaniac. The writing is clever and funny. I enjoyed the parts about the animals, especially the powerful lion named I-árishóni who has escaped and is tearing his way through a lake region in Ontario.

The Sixth Extinction. Jason Conrad, a man with the wealth of Bill Gates, decides to preserve for posterity the seeds of as many animal and plant species as possible in a vast and remote underground facility, taking the world's legitimate seed banks and frozen zoos to a whole new level. by: d leonard freeston. Reflowable eTextbooks do not maintain the layout of a traditional bound book. Print ISBN: 9781554889037, 1554889030. Reflowable eTextbooks may also contain embedded audio, video, or interactive components in addition to Bookshelf's standard study tools.

The Sixth Extinction - d leonard freeston. And the cause? The sixth extinction, Irina! It’s I who can best tell them that mankind is the root of all environmental evils. People have to know that the current extinction rate is between five and ten thousand times the normal background extinction rate, established after the great fifth extinction which closed the Cretaceous Period and sealed the fate of the dinosaurs -". Irina held up her hands, begging for mercy. Having faithfully attended every one of his appearances, she’d heard it all before.

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by D Leonard Freeston (Author). The writing is simply superb.

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THE SIXTH EXTINCTION by d leonard freeston.

The Sixth Extinction is also referred to as the Holocene Extinction – the Holocene epoch is a period of time from present to around 10,000 BCE . Map of the Wonderland Bunker.

The Sixth Extinction is also referred to as the Holocene Extinction – the Holocene epoch is a period of time from present to around 10,000 BCE – where a large number of extinctions span numerous plants and animals, including birds, amphibians, arthropods, and mammals. Four hundred biologists were interviewed in 1998 by New York’s American Museum of Natural History. Wonderland Map Zones.

The sixth extinction is likely to be mankind's most lasting legacy; as Kolbert o. .Africa under colonial domination, 1880-1935. Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future.

Jason Conrad, a man with the wealth of Bill Gates, decides to preserve for posterity the seeds of as many animal and plant species as possible in a vast and remote underground facility, taking the world’s legitimate seed banks and "frozen zoos" to a whole new level. Conrad’s secret doomsday complex, though, is staffed by a combination of environmental experts and mercenaries who will stop at nothing to achieve their once-noble ambitions.

After a fellow police officer is murdered and his award-winning German shepherd disappears, Montreal Sergeant-Detective Irina Drach and her young partner, Sergeant-Detective Hudson, connect the crime with a seed bank raid in Ardingly, England, and the kidnapping of a Triple Crown Thoroughbred named Zarathustra. Soon it becomes apparent that highly organized, ruthless abduction teams are raiding seed banks around the world, as well as scooping up the finest animal specimens from zoos, nature preserves, and the wild. Despite the global implications and ballooning media interest, however, Irina never forgets that her foremost aim is to solve the murder of a friend and fellow officer.

  • Landaron
This novel does more than show you what a sorry state the natural world is in. Brilliantly written, this epic, transcontinental thriller first glues you to your seat then forcefully ejects you from it as the action heats up. So many human threads, so many locales, such gripping and illuminating storytelling. It's a long book (over 400 pages) but I finished it in a single night. I laughed, I cried, and by the end I was deeply in love with the heroine, Sergent-Detective Irina Drach. Oh, and a magnificent African lion named I-arishóni.
  • Rindyt
could do without the sexual content and the language and would have been just fine
  • Waiso
This is an excellent thriller written by my brother-in-law. If you like this genre you'll enjoy this read guaranteed as you turn the pages nonstop.
  • felt boot
Freeston sure knows how to craft a tale. Lots of action. Lots of suspense. Lots of wit. Beginning in Montreal, the adventure/mystery takes lots of twists and turns. It's a page-turner and a most satisfying read. If you like DeMille, Hiassen or Dick Francis, you'll like this one. A lot.
  • Use_Death
Jason Conrad is richer than anyone else in the world, so when he decides to use his money to create an underground facility in which to collect and store prime samples of all plant and animal life in existence, to be used to restore life after any apocalyptic event, he’s got the means to do it. But it’s not too long before his operatives become murderers, killing the guardians of such specimens, and when their tactics include the murder of a fellow Montreal police officer in order to steal his superior K-9 dog, Sergeant- Detectives Irina Drach and her much younger partner Athol Hudson begin to investigate. It’s not for nothing that Hudson’s avocation is advocating for the environment, nor that Irina is the smartest police officer ever….There’s a lot to like about "The Sixth Extinction," by d leonard freeston, not least the ongoing story of a super-alpha lion stolen by Conrad’s people and throughout the book at large in the wilds of northern Ontario. Annoyances include the pretentious lower-case-only name the author goes by; but far more the subtle sexism throughout the book in that *every* male character is called either by his full name or his last name only, yet almost the only *female* in the book (the others are very minor), also the *lead* in the story, is only ever called by her first name. Also the constant dwelling on her eating junk food which apparently all the men think will someday make her fat and unappealing (but not yet, as she’s a goddess of the female form, apparently). That stuff REALLY pissed me off. I did like the story, though, and kept rooting for the lion, called by the Maasai I-arishoni, the Destroyer of Life. He was quite magnificent.
  • Hiylchis
May -September romance, selfless sacrifice, good verses evil, admirable megalomaniac bad guy and fast paced - what's not to like.